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Saturday, 7 June 2008

BB9: Day 3 - Big Brother 'Annoying Housemates' Poll

Which of the Big Brother 9 housemates are getting on your nerves? Has zany Kathreya got under your skin? Does Luke make you grit your teeth?

Vote now in the Big Brother Poll on the right hand side of this page and choose which housemates really annoy you.

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BB9: Day 3 Housemates Quiz Stephanie About Kissing

Big Brother housemates quizzed Stephanie about why she doesn't kiss Mario and then Darnell dares her to go and kiss Mario - watch the video below to find out if Stephanie kisses Mario.

BB9: Day 3 - Michael To Be Best Man At Wedding

Mario has chosen Michael to be his 'best man' for his 'wedding' to Stephanie tomorrow. "I'd be honoured," said Michael, "that would be such an honour." Pity he doesn't know the wedding is all phony!

Later on Alexandra, Jennifer, Lisa, Luke and Michael quizzed Mario about Stephanie's sleeping arrangements. "Because I'm so big I can't sleep straight in the bed," explained Mario referring only to his total body mass. "Even these beds are too small for me. Tonight she'll have to sleep in there... and tomorrow."
"Tomorrow night as well?" pondered Michael. "We can't have you parted on the wedding night."

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BB9: Day 3 - Rachel Gives Mohamed Relationship Tips

From DigitalSpy: By Catriona Wightman

Rachel and Mohamed bonded this evening as they discussed self-confidence and relationships.

Mohamed told Rachel that he was more flamboyant and crazy when he was younger and at university, but that he didn’t really talk to girls. He added that although university gave him social skills, it also made him more shy.

When Rachel asked why, Mohamed told her that when he talked to a girl he would be drunk, to which Rachel responded that he shouldn’t need alcohol to feel confident.

She went on to say that given the choice between a drunk man and a sober man, a girl would choose the latter, adding: "Once there was a drunk guy cracking on to me, and he dribbled all over my shoe - what a turn off! He was a nice person, but then he dribbled all over my shoe. It wasn’t going to happen!"

She told Mohamed: "You don’t need alcohol, you’ve got good social skills, you’ve got confidence. I think you’ll meet a girl when you least expect it. And enjoy being single. You’ll meet the one and she’ll shock you."

Rachel then warned Mohamed to be careful, saying that after Big Brother lots of women would probably want to be with him.

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BB9: Day 3 - The Big Brother Jail

Big Brother 9 promises to be a tough year for the 16 contestants, it's all about respect and discipline and rule breaking will eventually result in jail. BB9 has it's very own jail cell for housemates who take things too far.

Once the excitement has died down the housemates will begin turning on each other and rules WILL be broken as frustration sets in. Who will end up being sent to the BB jail? Time will tell.

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Friday, 6 June 2008

BB9: Day 2 Will The Secret Task Fail?

The Big Brother secret task is looking on the brink of failing after just 24 hours. Sylvia went into the bedroom to confront Stephanie about the wedding and relationship with Mario saying, "I have felt this whole thing was a Big Brother game... I think that it's not real. You guys have been acting, and it's all false. You guys are not in a relationship and you're not getting married."

Cracks are already appearing in the love triangle, Lisa is not happy, Stephanie just wants it all to end and Mario thinks it's his lucky day!

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BB9: Day 2 - Big Brother Wedding

Looks like we could be seeing another Big Brother wedding as Mario proposed to his pretend girlfriend Stephanie as part of their secret task. Watch the video below to see how the housemates reacted. The real girlfriend, Lisa will be far from happy!

Earlier in the afternoon,
Rebecca almost rumbled Mario and Stephanie when she asked the couple if they were going to have sex."No," said Stephanie and Mario, both at once and both a little too quickly.Luckily Mario was able to divert Rebecca easily by saying: "You're not allowed to wear your sunglasses indoors."

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BB9: Day 2 Wake Up Call Video

Big Brother 9: Day 2 -

The video below shows the reactions of the housemates as they are rudely awoken by the 09:30am alarm call, especially as many of the Big Brother 9 contestants were still chatting at 4am. Looks like this year's Big Brother will be very cruel - just the way we like it!

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BB9: Day 1 Best Picture

Big Brother 9 got off to a flying start and the picture above of Rebecca sums up the emotions of Day 1. She was genuinely excited about entering the house and screamed every time a new housemate was added. Rebecca has been described as the new Vicky Pollard but her energy is so infectious. Get ready for lots of emotional highs and lows during her Big Brother journey.

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BB9: Rebecca's Drunken Video

Big Brother 9 will be full of stories about housemates with 'secret' stories as friends from the past crawl out of the woodwork. Coventry's Rebecca Shiner is no exception, but the 21 year old who became the 13th housemate to enter this year's house could be unlucky.

The video below apparently captures her spinning around rather drunk - it could have been worse! The video has not been confirmed 100% - watch this space for more revelations!

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Sylvia Top Choice With The Men

Sylvia is already proving she is the BB9 'babe' as both Darnell and Mohamed voted her top in their 'Top 3 Girls' in a late night garden discussion. Rachel was also in their Top 3, being described as having a 'nice personality'. Darnell also has his eye on Jennifer, so watch this space for romances to blossom over the coming weeks........

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Who Will Win Big Brother 9?

Big Brother 9 got off to an interesting start as millions tuned into Channel 4 last night. Already blind Michael is emerging as a clear favourite, with albino Darnell hot on his heals. Within hours groups began to form as the 16 housemates sought to bond and build friendships that will be tried and tested in the coming days.

One of the most flamboyant characters in the house is Kathreya, who will be grabbing plenty of tabloid headlines during BB9. She could soon try the patience of the housemates with her zany personality but is bound to be kept in the house by the British public.

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BB9: Stephanie Confesses 'I want to get rich'

Stephanie confessed to Dale that she was using the Big Brother experience to get rich. The 19 year old student from Liverpool revealed her true intentions during a late night chat. During the heart to heart conversation, Dale said he was using the Big Brother exposure as a platform to greater things.

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Dennis: I'm Not Raging!

As Dennis put his dancing skills to use on the girls, he soon formed a harem of female housemates around himself. Within minutes, they were discussing who they fancied. Alexandra fancies all of Hanson, while Dennis likes dark haired men who are gay but straight acting. He then went on to point out he wasn't a raging gay - Ummmmmm yeah, OK!

Mohamed and Luke Get Told Off!

While the Big Brother housemates spent the night chatting and getting to know each, Mohamed and Luke were discussing the BB auditions.

Big Brother promptly told them off and warned them that discussing Big Brother auditions was not allowed. Oops!

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Tokens Divide Housemates

The introduction of house 'tokens' looks set to divide the 16 housemates and cause the first arguments in the BB9 house.
Sylvia took an early stand by declaring she would refuse to have a cold shower in the mornings, stating tokens would need to be used to buy hot water.

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Mario Becomes Big Daddy

Mario has already established himself as the 'Big Daddy' of the new Big Brother house - making sure he helped blind housemate Michael unpack and taking time to learn the names of all the housemates.

Could Lisa become the 'Big Mother'? Watch this space!

BB9 Lads Get Naked!

The housemates hadn't even finished unpacking and already Dale (pictured left), Darnell and Rex were proving they are not shy by stripping off to get into the pool.

The lads may have been a bit premature as they appeared to be rather cold with teeth chattering as they got to know each other.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

BB9: The First Pictures

Here are the first pictures of the Big Brother 9 housemates:

Kathreya and Rachel

Rebecca and Stepanie

Rex and Sylvia

Lisa and Luke

Michael and Mario

Mohamed and Dale

Alexandra and Jennifer

Dennis and Darnell

*Big Brother images from C4
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