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Monday, 12 September 2011

Celebrity Big Brother Viewing Figures - Final Three Days

The final of Celebrity Big Brother ended the series somewhere in the middle of it's series peak, summing up the return to Channel 5. While the network did well in relaunching the reality TV series, viewing figures rested just over the 2m mark. Here are the final three nights viewing figures for the series:

Day 22 (Thur 8th Sept) - Channel 5 had 2.9 million viewers (13.8%) tuning in for the final show from 9pm as the last seven housemates were evicted one by one. Paddy Doherty was crowned the winner, as seem by almost 3m viewers and Jedward shockingly kicked out in third place.
Day 21 (Wed 7th Sept) - Celebrity Big Brother continued to attract 2.11m (11.2%) viewers, and Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side won 186,000 (2%) on 5* from 11pm. Viewers saw the lads do a striptease for Kerry's birthday and the Big Pizza Run Task ending in a food fight!

Day 20 (Tues 6th Sept) - Celebrity Big Brother had 2m (10.7%) viewers at it's usual 10pm slot, beating Shameless on Channel 4 (1.45m/ 193k C4+1) as the Lucien and Amy 'romance' came to a close.

More Big Brother viewing figures: HERE

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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Celebrity Big Brother: Paddy Doherty Wins Big Brother

Many thought he could actually win Celebrity Big Brother and although he was the outsider, Paddy Doherty became the winner in many people's eyes because he remained 100% real throughout the 22 days inside the house. He was predicted to finish third but you could never tell how viewers would vote and Paddy finished ahead of Jedward and runner-up Kerry Katona.

VIDEO: Paddy Wins Celebrity Big Brother

Paddy often seemed out of place in the house yet he managed to survive nomination as he spoke his mind, even while Big Brother put him through the various tasks such as a chef and Toto the dog in the Wizard of Oz Task. Paddy may have found it hard living in a house instead of a caravan but Paddy proved to be the rock inside the house. A shock win but well deserving!

VIDEO: Paddy's Best Bit's

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Celebrity Big Brother: Housemate In Second Place - Kerry Katona

There was one housemate that would have really loved to have won Celebrity Big Brother, Kerry Katona was indeed that housemate. She had so much to prove while in the house and appeared to be making amends for the mistakes she had made in her life. Throughout her time in the house, she mothered Jedward and sometimes smothered Lucien but she was always entertaining!

VIDEO: Kerry's Best Bits

Kerry celebrated her birthday inside the house and enjoyed several stripteases from the housemates and viewers were moved to tears when Kerry received a message from her daughter at home. She was thrown into action on the first night as Big Brother told her she had to become the biggest diva in the house - she failed the task but survived eviction. Celebrity Big Brother proved Kerry is a winner in viewers eyes, even though she was this year's runner-up!

VIDEO: Kerry's Eviction

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Celebrity Big Brother: Jedward In Eviction Shocker

Jedward caused the biggest shock of the night as the twins failed to win Celebrity Big Brother - even though fans and bookies predicted they would be crowned the winners.

VIDEO: Jedward's Eviction 

John and Edward kept viewers entertained for 22 days and won many new fans, even those who didn't like them, couldn't help but laugh at their style. They were truly in their own little world and it was like watching the Jedward Show. They dressed as babies, went punk rock and did a trolley dash for the shopping task - Jedward were Celebrity Big Brother and a favourite with viewers and housemates!

VIDEO: Jedward's Best Bits

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Celebrity Big Brother: Housemate In Fourth Place - Amy Childs

Just missing out on being in the final three, it was time to say 'taxi for Essex' as Amy Childs was voted out of the Celebrity Big Brother final. Amy remained a popular housemate during her time in the house and endured being plopped on by a blackbird during the Wizard of Oz Task. Romance was a talking point for viewers, as well as her massive....... rollers!

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Celebrity Big Brother: Housemate In Fifth Place - Lucien Laviscount

He seemed to have spent most of his time topless in the Celebrity Big Brother House but viewers finally voted Lucien Laviscount out of the house. The 19 year-old certainly had a roller coaster of a ride emotionally, having to deal with the attention from Kerry and the rejection from Amy. Viewers remember his tearful conversation with Darryn after the first nominations.

VIDEO: Lucien's Best Bits

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Celebrity Big Brother: Housemate In Sixth Place - Darryn Lyons

He might have been the daddy in the house, but viewers finally gave Mr Paparazzi the boot from the Big brother house as Darryn Lyons finished in sixth place on Celebrity Big Brother.

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Celebrity Big Brother: Housemate In Seventh Place - Bobby Sabel

The first housemate to leave the Celebrity Big Brother house during the final was Bobby Sabel - as predicted by the bookies (and the loud chants of the crowds!)

For the first few days people hardly noticed Bobby was in the house but after Sweatgate, Bobby came into his own and became a housemate.

VIDEO: Bobby's Eviction

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PICTURES: Celebrity Big Brother Awards

Day 21 saw the Big Brother Awards and here are several pictures of the award winners .....

 Best Couple - Amy and Lucien
 Best Housemate - Bobby
 Funniest Housemate - Paddy
Most Annoying Housemate - Jedward

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Celeb Big Brother VIDEOS: Housemates Reflect

Day 21 had the housemates reflecting (and bitching) as their time in the Big Brother house draws to a close. Watch the Channel 5 videos below and tune in from 9pm tonight to find out who will become the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2011.

Day 21 - Housemates Talk About Bobby

Amy, Darryn and Paddy discuss 'Best Housemate' winner Bobby in the bedroom before lights out.

Day 21 - The Last Supper

The housemates enjoy a slap up three course meal courtesy of Chef Big Brother. The mood turns sentimental as the housemates reminisce over their time in the Big Brother House.

Day 21 - Paddy's Tantastic Tutorial

Amy gives Paddy a masterclass in the art of the fake tan, much to Darryn's amusement.

Day 21 - Jedward The Plumbers

Jedward showcase another of their endless talents.... plumbing!

Day 21- The Jedward Awards

Edward dishes out his Big Brother Housemate Awards.

Day 21 - Paddy And Darryn's Bromance

Forget Amy and Lucien - Darryn and Paddy reveal their feelings for each other.

Day 21 - The Jedward Workout

Jedward get into shape ahead of the finale, sharing a cross-trainer, lifting tiny weights and vibrating...

Day 21 - Back To Reality

Kerry, Jedward, Bobby and Lucien reflect on their time in the house, and contemplate returning to the outside world...

Day 21 - The Last Day

Housemates are informed of Big Brother's plans for the finale...

Day 21 - Kerry's Perfect Man

Following last night's antics, Kerry details her favourite features of her male housemates...

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