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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Celeb Big Brother VIDEOS: Housemates Reflect

Day 21 had the housemates reflecting (and bitching) as their time in the Big Brother house draws to a close. Watch the Channel 5 videos below and tune in from 9pm tonight to find out who will become the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2011.

Day 21 - Housemates Talk About Bobby

Amy, Darryn and Paddy discuss 'Best Housemate' winner Bobby in the bedroom before lights out.

Day 21 - The Last Supper

The housemates enjoy a slap up three course meal courtesy of Chef Big Brother. The mood turns sentimental as the housemates reminisce over their time in the Big Brother House.

Day 21 - Paddy's Tantastic Tutorial

Amy gives Paddy a masterclass in the art of the fake tan, much to Darryn's amusement.

Day 21 - Jedward The Plumbers

Jedward showcase another of their endless talents.... plumbing!

Day 21- The Jedward Awards

Edward dishes out his Big Brother Housemate Awards.

Day 21 - Paddy And Darryn's Bromance

Forget Amy and Lucien - Darryn and Paddy reveal their feelings for each other.

Day 21 - The Jedward Workout

Jedward get into shape ahead of the finale, sharing a cross-trainer, lifting tiny weights and vibrating...

Day 21 - Back To Reality

Kerry, Jedward, Bobby and Lucien reflect on their time in the house, and contemplate returning to the outside world...

Day 21 - The Last Day

Housemates are informed of Big Brother's plans for the finale...

Day 21 - Kerry's Perfect Man

Following last night's antics, Kerry details her favourite features of her male housemates...

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