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Monday, 5 September 2011

Celeb Big Brother VIDEOS: Celebrity Battle Of The Bands Task

Big Brother revealed the Celebrity Battle of the Bands on Day 17 and housemates revealed a little too much for the videos......

Day 17 - Lucien Wants To Snog The Face Off Amy

Lucien reveals his plans for Amy, but she's not so keen...

Day 17 - The Girl Band Get The Money Shots!

The Big Brother Girlband; KELA get some sexy cutaways for the music video task.

Day 17 - The Boy Band Get Oiled Up And Ballsy

You'd think that they'd all done this before as the boy band shoot their music video. How many six packs can you spot?

Day 17 - Celebrity Battle Of The Bands Task

Big Brother reveals the new Task to the housemates 'Celebrity Battle of the Bands'.

Day 17 - Darryn Quizzes Lucien About Amy

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