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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Celeb BB 2011 - Big Brother's Big Beard Speaks Out

We thought it had left our TV screens for good, but Channel 5 gave Big Brother an early resurrection and critics were standing close by, ready to slate the new format.

Celebrity Big Brother 2011 launched this week and almost six million viewers tuned in at the highest peak. A glamorous new set in London and the Ultimate Big Brother housemate Brian Dowling ensured CBB got off to an excellent start. The house is amazing and the mixture of housemates will make for compulsive viewing for around two million people each evening.

While Big Brother's Little Brother (BBLB) and Big Brother's Big Mouth are no longer with us, Channel 5 have been wise enough to introduce Emma Willis as the host of Big Brother's Bit On The Side. With former Big Brother housemates and it's own unique style, the programme follows on from where BBBM left off.

Channel 5 may find it hard to match the success of Channel 4 with Big Brother, but by the hairs of my chinney chin chin, I'm well impressed!

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Celeb BB 2011: Day 2 VIDEOS

Here are all the official Channel 5 Celebrity Big Brother videos from Day 2, including the fallout from Kerry Katona's live nominations. Darryn celebrates his birthday inside the house and the girls get hot and steamy!

Day 2 - Darryn's Birthday Song

Half of Jedward (John) joins forces with Tara to produce a special song for Darryn's birthday.

Day 2 - Darryn's Birthday

As it's Darryn's birthday housemates are treated to a party in The Garden.

Day 2 - Sally Thinks She's Going

Kerry apologises to a distressed Sally, who's convinced that she'll be evicted.

Day 2 - Nominations - The Fallout

The Housemates react as Kerry returns from her live nominations.

Day 2 - The Diva Votes Are In

The Housemates have been called to the garden to vote on who they think is the biggest diva. The Housemates still did not know that Kerry had a secret task, and the outcome of the vote will have an effect later.

Day 2 - Hot Gossip

Kerry and Amy have a girly chat in the sauna. The main topics of conversation - boys and their fellow housemates.

Day 2 - Tongues And Thumbs

Kerry and Tara show off their party tricks to the other housemates.

Day 2 - Amy Plans A Makeover

Amy tells Jedward that she's going to make them look 'more Essex'. We look forward to seeing the boys' new look in future!

Day 2 - Jedward's Early Morning Swim

Just 5 minutes after being woken up by Big Brother, Jedward decided to brave the cold and go for a swim in the pool to wake themselves up.

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Celeb BB: Day 2 - Three Housemates Face First Eviction Vote

Day 2 - Failing the first task in the new Celebrity Big Brother house, Kerry Katona was told by Big Brother that she would face the public vote. Then she had to nominate two other housemates to join her in the eviction vote. It was clearly an uncomfortable moment for the former Atomic Kitten singer as she held her head in her hands and eventually nominated Bobby Sabel (Model) and Sally Bercow (Speakers Wife) - claiming she had the least in common with these two housemates.

Kerry failed the Diva Task after housemates voted Jedward the biggest house divas, even though Kerry had tried to win housemates over by throwing tantrums over not having cigarettes. Big Brother wants viewers to VOTE TO SAVE the nominated housemate instead of voting to evict them.

Has Kerry picked the two 'least' famous housemates to save her own skin?

*BB official website:

Friday, 19 August 2011

Celeb BB 2011: Day 1 - Brian Dowling At Big Brother Launch

From the picture above, it looks like Celebrity Big Brother host, Brian Dowling has a knife in his back at the launch show last night. I'm sure a few critics will be standing at the ready!

Meanwhile Channel 5 will be more than happy with the launch of Big Brother, as viewing figures are expected to be much higher than normal for the station. Keep checking back on this blog for regular viewing figure updates during the series.

*BB official website:

Celeb BB 2011: Day 1 VIDEOS

Watch the videos from Day 1 inside the Celebrity Big Brother house as housemates begin to settle in and open up to each other. Jedward make an impression and it seems Kerry Katona takes a liking to their hair!

Day 1: Tara's Balloon Philosophy

According to Tara, life is like a balloon - and Darryn is fascinated

Day 1: Kerry Does Her Hair Like Jedward

John, Edward and Kerry join forces to create... Jedka? Jerry?

Day 1: Vajazzle!

Amy gives the Housemates a Vajazzle tutorial, however they remain unconvinced.

Day 1: Paddy and Sally Discuss Gender

In a clash of intellectual heavyweights, Paddy and Sally discuss the correct way to address women.

Day 1: Housemates Discuss Jedward

In the garden, Darryn, Amy, Lucien, Tara and Bobby discuss all things Jedward - the hairspray, their drinking habits and their sexuality...

Day 1: Kerry's Diva Moment

Kerry has been given the first task of the series - to become the biggest diva the Big Brother house has ever seen. See how she's getting on

Day 1: Darryn Shakes His Tail Feather

Darryn describes his exotic hairstyle to his fellow housemates, but Amy is confused as to whether his feather came from a 'parrot bird' or an 'Essex bird'

Day 1: Tara 'What's A Tithead?'

In the first of many potential culture clashes, Tara is very confused by Kerry's use of the word 'tithead'

*BB official website:

Celeb BB 2011: Massive Viewing Figures For Channel 5's Big Brother Launch

Channel 5 were ecstatic about the successful launch of Celebrity Big Brother after viewing figures gave the network one of it's best ever results. The programme aired at 9pm with ultimate Big Brother housemate, Brian Dowling hosting the show.

Celebrity Big Brother was watched by 5.1m viewers (21.9%) and easily beat off the competition, becoming Channel 5's highest audience outside of film/sport programmes. Last year Channel 4 had 5.5m viewers for the Celebrity Big Brother launch (including time shift), so the 5m on Channel 5 is very impressive. As the launch came to a close, 6m viewers tuned in to find out which celebrities had entered the Big Brother house. The new spin-off show Big Brother's Bit On The Side, hosted by Emma Willis, was watched by 1.8m (13.2%) of viewers from 10.30pm.

Big Brother helped give Channel 5 a peak-time share of 9.8% between 6pm and 10.30pm - higher than BBC 2 and Channel 4. The next three weeks are expected to lift C5's audience share, if Celebrity Big Brother can maintain an audience of over 2m on a weekday, then critics will be silenced.

*BB official website:

PICTURES: Celebrity Big Brother 2011 Housemates

Here are the pictures of all the housemates that entered the 2011 Celebrity Big Brother house, which launched on Channel Five on Thursday 18th August.

 Amy Childs (The Only Way Is Essex)

 Bobby Sabel (Model)

 Darryn Lyons (Celebrity guru)

 Jedward (X Factor)
 Kerry Katona (Atomic Kitten)
 Lucien Laviscount (Model/Actor)
 Paddy Doherty (My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding)
Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff (Baywatch, former wife of David Hasselhoff)
 Sally Bercow (Wife of Speaker of the House of Commons)
Tara Reid (Actress)

*BB official website:

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Big Brother - Official UK Websites

The UK Big Brother NEW Official Websites:

Channel 5

This is the official Big Brother website for Channel 5. You’ll be able to watch the latest episodes of the show and get the latest news from the house here.


Facebook will be the place to find all the housemate profiles and where to get the latest Big Brother news, photos and clips when the show starts.


Channel 5 also be tweeting the latest comings and goings from the house. - if you’re a super fan and want to keep up with the action in the house live as it happens - if you want to find out the key news items each day, we’ll be tweeting 4-5 times a day


The latest video clips will be posted to Channel 5's dedicated Big Brother YouTube channel. Full episodes of the shows will be available on catch up through the Demand 5 YouTube channel.


*BB official website:

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Big Brother Viewing Figures - Channel 4

Here are the average viewing figures for each of the Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother series shown on Channel 4. The new series begins on Channel 5 with the launch of Celebrity Big Brother 2011 on Thursday 18th August 2011, although it is expected viewing figures will be much lower than Channel 4, fans are expected to stick with the reality programme.

Big Brother

Average viewers per series (share)
Series one – 4.7m (26.3%); series two – 4.6m (25.0%); series three – 5.8m (27.7%); series four – 4.6m (22.3%); series five – 5.1m (24.4%); series six – 4.5m (24.1%); series seven – 4.7m (22.0%); series eight – 3.8m (17.8%); series nine – 3.6m (15.6%); series 10 – 2.4m (10.8%); series 11 – 2.9m (13.7%); Ultimate BB – 3.1m (14.8%)

Celebrity Big Brother

Series one – 5.1m (20.0%); series two – 4.4m (19.1%); series three – 4.2m (16.9%); series four – 5.0m (20.1%); series five – 4.6m (18.2%); series six – 3.4m (14.1%); series seven – 3.7m (14.9%)

Source: Channel 4

*BB official website:
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