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Friday, 19 August 2011

Celeb BB 2011: Day 1 VIDEOS

Watch the videos from Day 1 inside the Celebrity Big Brother house as housemates begin to settle in and open up to each other. Jedward make an impression and it seems Kerry Katona takes a liking to their hair!

Day 1: Tara's Balloon Philosophy

According to Tara, life is like a balloon - and Darryn is fascinated

Day 1: Kerry Does Her Hair Like Jedward

John, Edward and Kerry join forces to create... Jedka? Jerry?

Day 1: Vajazzle!

Amy gives the Housemates a Vajazzle tutorial, however they remain unconvinced.

Day 1: Paddy and Sally Discuss Gender

In a clash of intellectual heavyweights, Paddy and Sally discuss the correct way to address women.

Day 1: Housemates Discuss Jedward

In the garden, Darryn, Amy, Lucien, Tara and Bobby discuss all things Jedward - the hairspray, their drinking habits and their sexuality...

Day 1: Kerry's Diva Moment

Kerry has been given the first task of the series - to become the biggest diva the Big Brother house has ever seen. See how she's getting on

Day 1: Darryn Shakes His Tail Feather

Darryn describes his exotic hairstyle to his fellow housemates, but Amy is confused as to whether his feather came from a 'parrot bird' or an 'Essex bird'

Day 1: Tara 'What's A Tithead?'

In the first of many potential culture clashes, Tara is very confused by Kerry's use of the word 'tithead'

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