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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Celebrity Big Brother: Voting Opens For Final

The final seven housemates remain in the Celebrity Big Brother house, but by next Thursday night a winner will be crowned. So far three of the girls have been evicted, leaving just Amy Childs and Kerry Katona to fly the flag for the girls. Will it be a battle between Jedward and Kerry or will Paddy Doherty get the shock of his life on Thursday?

Maybe viewers will fall for the good looks of Lucien or Amy? In a bizarre twist of fate, viewers could always vote for rank outsiders Bobby and Darryn!

To vote to for the housemate you want to win Celebrity Big Brother, call:

Amy - 090 16 16 17 01
Amy Childs

Bobby - 090 16 16 17 02
Bobby Sabel

Darryn - 090 16 16 17 03
Darryn Lyons

Jedward - 090 16 16 17 04

Kerry - 090 16 16 17 05
Kerry Katona

Lucien - 090 16 16 17 06
Lucien Laviscount

Paddy - 090 16 16 17 07
Paddy Doherty

Calls cost 36p from a BT landline.  Calls from other networks may vary and from mobiles will cost considerably more. 
Big Brother voting terms and conditions here.
Voting closes in Thursday 8th September's Final show.

*BB official website:

Celebrity Big Brother VIDEOS: Day 16 - Amy Childs Dirty Dancing

An eventful Day 16 on Celebrity Big Brother from Jedward's late night trolley dash to Amy and Lucien's Dirty Dancing .... oh yes and another eviction took place! Here are the Channel 5 videos:

Day 16: Amy And Lucien Do Some Dirty Dancing

Housemates are celebrating surviving eviction. Lucien and Amy try some dirty dancing .

Day 16: Tara Reid Evicted

Brian Dowling reveals who stays and who goes during eviction #3

Day 16 - Jedward's Trolley Dash

With just 5 minutes to get a weeks worth of shopping for the house Jedward traverse the aisles of a popular budget supermarket.

Day 16: Lucien and Kerry's Eviction Predictions

Lucien and Kerry discuss which of the 4 nominated housemates may be evicted tonight.

Day 16: Darryn Moans About Food

Mr Paparazzi complains about the food situation to anybody who will listen.

*BB official website:

Celebrity Big Brother: Third Housemate Evicted

Day 16 - With less than a week to go before the Celebrity Big Brother Final, the third housemate was evicted during a four way eviction vote. American Pie actress, Tara Reid received the least votes, becoming the third female housemate to be evicted during this series. She just lost out to Bobby Sabel in the public vote, with Lucian Laviscount and Darryn Lyons getting the most votes during the 'Vote To Save'.

She later told Emma Willis on Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side that she was surprised that Darryn Lyons had not been evicted ahead of her.

VIDEO: Tara Reid Eviction From Celebrity Big Brother

VIDEO: Tara's Best Bits

*BB official website:

Friday, 2 September 2011

Cele BB: Jedward Leave House For Supermarket Trolley Dash

Day 16: Having won the Shop Til You Drop Task, John and Edward were called into the Diary Room just before midnight by Big Brother. They were then whisked off to a supermarket in London to take part in a real life trolley dash! They were given five minutes to collect orders from their other housemates before they left. The most notable requests were Paddy’s shoe polish, Amy’s biscuits and Kerry’s menthol cigarettes.

Jedward were given two runs in the supermarket to collect as much as possible. In the first run, John collected £303.46 worth of shopping, with items such as 41lb of bananas, 11 large jars of coffee, 2 legs of frozen lamb and a lot of sweets. We’re not convinced that Darryn will be pleased with that: coffee infused lamb anyone?

In the second run, Edward collected £200.48 worth of shopping, including 16 boxes of organic eggs, 17 boxes of blueberries and 10 punnets of red grapes. It’s reassuring to know that the housemates will be getting at least two of their five a day over the coming week: that is if they enjoy blueberries, anyway.

Jedward returned to the House with their £503.94 worth of shopping in 2 trolleys and woke up the House to show off their successful shop. At least it wasn't £500 worth of hair gel!

*BB official website:

Celeb BB VIDEOS: Day 15 - Shop Til You Drop Task

Here are a selection of Celebrity Big Brother videos from Day 15, and Jedward are up to mischief once again.....

Day 15:  Shopping Task Part 3 - Jedward Leave The Big Brother House

Big Brother call John and Edward to the Diary Room just ahead of their departure - they are heading out to the shops!

Day 15: Shopping Task Part Two - Alley Tumble

Jedward, Bobby and Kerry go head to head in the second part of the supermarket task.

Day 15 - Jedward Redecorate The Garden

Jedward get up to their usual tricks and find toilet rolls and cling film will decorate the Big Brother garden quite nicely!

Day 15 - Jedward Bring Home The Bacon

In the early hours of this morning John and Edward returned to the House with this week's shopping.

Day 15 - Carry A Bag

As part of this week's shopping task, housemates compete to see who can hold up two bags of shopping for the longest time.

Day 15 - Kerry And Darryn Talk Evictions

Darryn and Kerry reflect upon the events of last night and their time in the House in general.

*BB official website:

Celeb BB: Latest Bookies Eviction Odds

Day 16 - Will Tara Reid become the third Celebrity Big Brother housemate to be evicted tonight? According to the latest bookies odds at Paddy Power, the American actress is on evens for eviction. Viewers are voting to save the housemate of their choice, but with four housemates facing the vote - it looks like Tara's time may be up.

Paddy Power eviction odds currently stand at:

Tara Reid evens

Bobby Sabel 11/8

Darryn Lyons 4/1

Lucien Laviscount 40/1

But anything can happen, as we've seen so far during this series of Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5. Expect a few more twists and turns during the final week and don't be surprised if either Bobby or Darryn are evicted tonight. Tune into Channel 5 at 9pm for the latest updates from the Big Brother house!

*BB official website:

Celeb BB PICTURES: Trolley Derby

Day 15 and part two of the Shop Till You Drop Task - Jedward, Kerry and Bobby went through to the Alley Rumble. The Rumble will put the four housemates in two teams which will compete against each other. Within each team, one housemate must sit in a shopping trolley, and the other must stand behind it. Jedward must make a team, so the competition will pit the twins against Kerry and Bobby.

The housemate who is pushing each trolley must push it into a group of ‘BB noodles’. The objective is to get as many of the ‘noodles’ into a pyramid as possible. The winner will be the team that gets the most noodles into the pyramid.

The winning team will bag themselves the chance to choose the shopping for the rest of the housemates - tune into Channel 5 tonight at 9pm to find out what happened.

*BB official website:

Celebrity Big Brother Viewing Figures: Day 12 - 15

After two weeks of Celebrity Big Brother, viewing figures have settled down to just over two million viewers each night. Here are this weeks viewing figures:

Day 15 (Thurs 1st Sept) - The final day in the Celebrity Big Brother house by Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff was watched by 2.1m (10.8%) at 10pm on Channel 5, still beating Channel 4 in the same slot. Meanwhile Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side at 11pm had an impressive 574,000 (5.7%) viewers.

Day 14 (Wed 31st Aug) - A surprise eviction at the earlier time of 9pm only raised viewing figures slightly for Channel 5. The choice between Darryn Lyons and Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff during Celebrity Big Brother Live Eviction resulted in an audience of 2.4m (9.8%). It still managed to beat Channel 4 by 100,000 but has now dipped below 10% audience share.

Day 13 (Tues 30th Aug) - Celebrity Big Brother with 2.28m (12%) in the 10pm slot, still managed to beat Shameless on it's return to Channel 4 (1.8m exclud C4+1). Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side took 233k (2.3%) on 5* from 11pm

Day 12 (Mon 29th Aug) - Celebrity Big Brother had 2.14m (11.3%) viewers, only BBC1 News had more viewers at 10pm. Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side was watched by 632,000 (6.0%) viewers at 11pm on Channel 5.

*BB official website:

Celeb BB: Shop Till You Drop Task

Day 15: The shopping task this week will see Housemates competing against each other in the most epic shopping task to date .... they will literally shop ‘til they drop.

The housemates were called into the garden to take part in the first part of the Task a ‘Carry-a-bag’ competition test of ‘strength’. They were each asked to take two carrier bags filled with cotton wool from stand on a circular disc. They were then instructed to raise their arms to their sides to horizontal level, holding a shopping bag in each hand. There were a few moments of panic when an uninvited wasp decided to briefly settle on Amy’s bag but other than that the eager housemates got off to a strong start.

Rules were simple, if one or both of a housemate’s arms drop down to their side, they will be eliminated by Big Brother. The garden was transformed into a series of grunts and strains as the housemates tried to hold aloft the bags of shopping. Amy was first to drop her arms followed by Tara, Darryn, Paddy and Lucien.

Looking remarkably unaffected by the Task; Jedward, Bobby and Kerry managed to hold their bags of shopping at arms length for the longest amount of time and as a result were the winners of this part of the Task.

*BB official website:

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Celebrity Big Brother POLL: Which Housemate Will Walkout First?

The latest Big Brother poll asks 'Which Housemate Will Walk Out Of The Big Brother House?' Two weeks into Celebrity Big Brother and a few housemates are starting to go stir crazy (we admit a few were a little crazy in the first place!). As the pressures mount, one or more housemates will try and make an exit from the house.

Choose from the remaining housemates (below) and vote on our poll (see right hand side of your screen):

Bobby Sabel
Lucien Laviscount
Darryn Lyons
Amy Childs
Paddy Doherty
Tara Reid
Kerry Katona

*BB official website:

Celeb BB VIDEO: Lucien And Amy Swim Together

Day 15: Even though it was a bit cold, Lucien and Amy opted to have a late night swim in the Big Brother pool. As the Channel 5 video above shows, Lucien seemed to enjoy watching Amy swim - which might have stopped him from shrivelling up while in the water!

*BB official website:

Celeb BB PICTURES: Jedward Go Punk

Jedward decided to try and recreate the punk era by bringing a little anarchy to the Big Brother House. Edward, who was suffering from the lack of hair drying equipment, joined John in dressing up as ‘punks’ sporting a tight ponytail cocked up high on his head and set about creating some Jedward styled mayhem in the House.

After a pillow fight in the Garden with Lucien and Bobby, where Jedward threw Lucien’s scarf into the swimming pool, it was time to set their sights on bigger things. A bottle of washing up liquid, two chairs into the pool and some tomato soup flicking later Jedward’s batteries showed no sign of running flat, much to the other housemate’s annoyance. The bedroom was where Jedward decided to end their punk antics pulling the covers from the beds and generally messing up the housemate’s boudoir.

After a telling off from Kerry, Paddy and Amy – Jedward decided to apologise for their punk behaviour and remake all the beds and tidy up the clothes from the floor.

*BB official website:

Celeb BB VIDEOS: Day 14 - Kerry Gets A Message From Home

Day 14 had a restless Jedward and an emotional Kerry as housemates were surprised by the secret eviction (see previous post). Here are the videos from Celebrity Big Brother ......

Day 14: Kerry's Message From Home

Kerry has been called to the Diary Room as it's her daughter's 10th birthday, Big Brother provided a birthday cake with 10 candles in it and told Kerry she could win 1 minute on the phone for every candle she blew out in a single breath.

Day 14: Jedward Pillow Fight

The Jedward boys fancy causing some mischief so they start a pillow fight with Bobby and Lucien.

Day 14: Restless Edward

Edward dresses up as a bat and tries to wake up the sleepy you do!

Day 14: Have I Been A Good Housemate

Darryn asks Paddy what his opinion of him is during their morning work out.

Day 14: Darryn And Tara Clear The Air

Darryn and Tara have an early morning chat in the Garden in an attempt to put their differences behind them.

*BB official website:

Celeb BB: Four Housemates Face Eviction

Day 15: In another twist on Celebrity Big Brother, newly evicted housemate Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff had to name four housemates she would SAVE from eviction on Friday. It meant that Bobby Sabel, Darryn Lyons, Lucien Laviscount and Tara Reid would face the public vote.

Housemates watched on the big screen as Brian Dowling asked Pamela to name the saved housemates, the studio audience shouted various names and some are concerned that Pamela may have been influenced by the 'popular' names being called out. Viewers will now vote to SAVE either Bobby, Lucien, Tara or Darryn on Friday. So far two females have been voted out of the Celebrity Big Brother house, but with three males up for eviction on Friday it looks like that will even out a little.

VIDEO: Nominations Live

*BB official website:

Celeb BB: Secret Eviction Result

Day 14: The second eviction took place during the live show on Channel 5 last night. Viewers voted to save Darryn Lyons (Mr Paparazzi) and evicted the ex-wife of The Hoff - Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff. Pam left the house to a mixture of cheers and boos as Katy Perry's 'Hot 'n' Cold' played in the background. Bookies had predicted Pamela would be the next housemate to be evicted, but will Darryn survive Friday's eviction?

VIDEO: Pamela's Eviction

VIDEO: Pamela's Best Bits

*BB official website:

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Celeb BB PICTURES: Double Trouble Task

The latest task 'Double Trouble' produced some interesting pictures of the housemates as they dressed up and became twins - but watch out, Jedward are about to mess things up!

 Bobby as Pamela
Lucien checks out his abs 
 Lucien as Darryn
 Twins Pamela
 Tara as Amy
Nice set of twins!
Kerry as Paddy

*BB official website:

Celeb BB VIDEOS: Day 13 - Housemates Twin Up

Today's task had the Big Brother housemates double up and impersonate each other. Jedward quizzed the twins and some housemates would end up getting rather messy - what do you expect when Jedward are involved?!

Day 13 - Pamela's British Accent

Pamela tries out an English accent - Lucien and Bobby are not impressed.

Day 13 - Housemates Impersonate Marcus Bentley

Amy, Kerry and Jedward take turns to impersonate Big Brother voice over extraordinaire Marcus Bentley...

Day 13 - Darryn's Message For His Girlfriend

Darryn takes advantage of some alone time in the garden to let his better half know he's thinking of her.

Day 13 - Double Trouble - The Final

In the final of the Double Trouble task, Head Twins Jedward picked Amara and Perry to compete for the title of Best Twins. Jedward then tested the other housemates' "Twintuition" by touching one of the pair with an implement.

Day 13 - Amara Strike A Pose!

Tara practices her Amy impression in front of the mirror, making everyone else well jeal.

Day 13 - Jedward Interrogate Perry

As part of the Double Trouble task, Jedward test Kerry's knowledge of Paddy.

Day 13 - Darryn And Kerry Cuddle

Darryn and Kerry share a stinky embrace - even after a shower, Kerry still smells of garlic!

*BB official website:

POLL: Which Was Your Favourite Series Of Big Brother? - The Results

Our poll asked, 'Which was your favourite series of Big Brother?' and people voted throughout the year, but it was BB11 that came top because most people voted after the last series ended. Josie Gibson was a firm favourite right from the start, winning 37% of the vote (down from 40%+ before Celebrity Big Brother started on C5).

BB7 with Pete Bennett and BB5 with Nadia Almada were 2nd and 3rd, as voters seemed to love the events from those series. Brian Dowling's BB2 was surprisingly near the bottom of the poll, even though he was crowned 'Ultimate Housemate' last year. Here are your results:

BB1 when Craig Philips won 10 (7%)

BB2 when Brain Dowling won 6 (4%)

BB3 when Kate Lawler won 10 (7%)

BB4 when Cameron Stout 4 (2%)

BB5 when Nadia Almada won 12 (8%)

BB6 when Anthony Hutton won 8 (5%)

BB7 when Pete Bennett won 15 (10%)

BB8 when Brian Belo won 6 (4%)

BB9 when Rachel Rice won 6 (4%)

BB10 when Sophie Reade won 9 (6%)

BB11 when Josie Gibson won 52 (37%)

Votes: 138

*BB official website:

Celeb BB: Double Trouble Task Revealed

Day 13: Big Brother thought it was about time that the Housemates got to know each other a little better, and we mean really get to grips with what it’s like in one another’s shoes.... quite literally.

The task will see our celebrities learning what it’s like to have a double by being paired up with one of their fellow Housemates and turned into identical twins! Not only that, they will literally be joined together by their wrists to ensure they are linked at all times.

The housemates must copy and mimic the characteristics of their dominant twin in order to impress Jedward, who will then decide which 2 pairs of twins are the most alike. The chosen 4 will be blindfolded, sat back to back, and their ‘twin tuition’ will be tested by Big Brother.

The pairings will be as follows:

Perry – Paddy and Kerry (Kerry dressed as Paddy)

Darluc – Darryn and Lucien (Lucien dressed as Darryn)

Amara – Amy and Tara (Taradressed as Amy)

Pambob – Pamela and Bobby (Bobby dressed as Pamela)

Jedward, already being expert twins, will be given the all-important role of ‘Head Twins’ and will monitor the others to ensure they are carrying out all assigned twin duties to the highest standard. Additionally they will be given a choice of items to carry out their tests – A fish, a custard pie, a feather duster and an inflatable hammer.

Will there be some matches made in heaven, or will there be a case of just one too many peas in a pod?

The all-round winning set of twins will be highly rewarded by Big Brother with a very special treat…

*BB official website:

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Celeb BB: Fright Night Task Results

Day 12 Had the housemates attempting to eat disgusting garlic dishes in order to win tickets to watch Fright Night 3D in Big Brother’s new task room cinema. The results were:

Tara vs. Amy: Garlic Smothies – Tara won

Darryn vs. Bobby: Garlic Cereal – Bobby won

Paddy vs. Lucien: Garlic Ice Cream – Paddy won

Pamela vs. Kerry: Garlic Chocolates – Pamela won

John vs. Edward: Garlic Jelly – John won

Stars Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Anton Yelchin went into the house to deliver the results and the golden tickets. They also had one extra golden ticket to give away, but in order for a housemate to win it, they had to attempt to eat a garlic kebab skewer. Unable to contemplate spending the evening apart from his brother, Edward took on the challenge. He didn’t manage to eat all the garlic, but the actors appreciated his effort and gave him the ticket anyway.

Christopher and Anton took the winning housemates into the cinema room, introduced their new movie and said their goodbyes. The housemates then sat down to watch the movie with our six lucky channel 5 competition winners who were all at the back of the cinema dressed as skeletons, along with Jamie from Bit On The Side. Pamela throughout the film looked like she was trying to fold into a crease of the chair, whilst Jedward next to her were having a hair-raising experience.

Those lucky contest winners got to get scared witless along with the Big Brother Idols, not sure if this was a Trick or a Treat but everyone left with smiles on their faces.

*BB official website:

Celeb BB: Housemates Punished By Big Brother AGAIN!

Day 13: The housemates learned a valuable message today - Big Brother doesn’t take rule breaking lightly. At 2pm today all housemates were called into the Living Room. Big Brother announced that under no circumstances were nominations ever to be discussed, a few raised eyebrows in the Living Room gave the first indication that this rule hadn’t been taken seriously enough.

Firstly, Big Brother named and shamed the culprits by repeating word for word a conversation between Lucien and Darryn. In the conversation Lucien implied that he had nominated Darryn for eviction and felt remorseful. Having heard the conversation a shocked Lucien buried his head in his hands.

Darryn and Lucien weren’t the only rule breakers though; Pamela and Tara were also caught out for speaking about nominations. Big Brother, narrated the entire conversation between the two forcing the tense housemates to listen.

As punishment Big Brother announced that the hot water would be turned off until further notice and the power supply to hairdryers and strengtheners would be stopped. How will some of the housemates cope with these restrictions? Will they be frustrated with those who were silly enough to try and fool Big Brother?

*BB official website:

Celeb BB PICTURES - Fright Night Task

Day 12 - Here are the housemate pictures from the Fright Night Task, let's just say they felt a bit sick afterwards!

 Amy Childs and the garlic smoothie
 Bobby Sabel licks his garlic cereal bowl
 Darryn Lyons eats his garlic cereal
 Jedward are not fans of garlic
 Edward feels sick
 Kerry Katona puts her mind into it
 Lucien Laviscount loses his top!
 Paddy Doherty is not enjoying the task
 Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff chews some garlic chocolates
Tara Reid drinks up the garlic smoothie

*BB official website:
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