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Monday, 29 August 2011

Celeb BB: Kerry and Lucien Romance?

Kerry and the lovely Lucien seem to be getting on pretty well, they giggle, they flirt and they confide in each other. Hell, they even snuggle together; just what friends do or is there something more between the two?

Early this afternoon, in the Garden Kerry declared “I am who am I am, you can like it or lump it” to which Lucien replied “I like you the way you are.”

Later on the two cosied-up in bed together and Kerry joked that the Jedbabies were hers. Darryn replied “Mumbles, you could play the Daddy.” Lucien responded by laughing uncomfortably.

After making a cup of tea before bed the pair shared a kiss on the lips! Back in the bedroom Paddy teased Lucien referring to him as “My Man”, which Lucien seemed to enjoy. A few minutes later Paddy jokingly shouted to Kerry “Don’t let him blow in your ear no more!” A smiling Kerry replied, ‘I’ll let him blow in my ear anytime he wants!’ This had Paddy and the rest of the room in hysterics. Realising how she her comment had come across she shouted to Paddy “Shut your Festering gob!” Paddy joked back “You don’t like that, do you?” A sheepish Kerry continued giggling. Essex girl Amy piped up “Awkward.” The whole room ruptured into laughter once more.

Lucien and Kerry; pure friendship or do their giggles convey something more….?

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