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Friday, 2 September 2011

Celeb BB VIDEOS: Day 15 - Shop Til You Drop Task

Here are a selection of Celebrity Big Brother videos from Day 15, and Jedward are up to mischief once again.....

Day 15:  Shopping Task Part 3 - Jedward Leave The Big Brother House

Big Brother call John and Edward to the Diary Room just ahead of their departure - they are heading out to the shops!

Day 15: Shopping Task Part Two - Alley Tumble

Jedward, Bobby and Kerry go head to head in the second part of the supermarket task.

Day 15 - Jedward Redecorate The Garden

Jedward get up to their usual tricks and find toilet rolls and cling film will decorate the Big Brother garden quite nicely!

Day 15 - Jedward Bring Home The Bacon

In the early hours of this morning John and Edward returned to the House with this week's shopping.

Day 15 - Carry A Bag

As part of this week's shopping task, housemates compete to see who can hold up two bags of shopping for the longest time.

Day 15 - Kerry And Darryn Talk Evictions

Darryn and Kerry reflect upon the events of last night and their time in the House in general.

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