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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Celeb BB: Day 10 - Big Brother Big Cook-Off Task Results

Today the Housemates’ culinary skills were put to the test in an exciting, if not slightly intimidating, task ‘Big Brother’s Big Cook Off’. Celebrity chef extraordinaire Marco Pierre White was drafted into the Big Brother House to give the our celebs a cooking lesson of a lifetime, creating one of his signature dishes.

First Marco prepared and cooked a dish of sea bass with ginger and spring onions in the garden, giving the housemates the opportunity to make a mental note on ingredient amounts and cooking times. The Housemates were then gathered into the Task Room where 5 coloured kitchen stations had been set up, corresponding to each team’s coloured headbands. Here they made their ‘masterpieces’ as Marco looked on, until it was time for the dishes to be judged by the big man himself.

After an intense tasting session leaving the Housemates quaking in their chef hats, Marco announced Tara and Lucien as the winners of the task, awarding them with a posh nosh dinner later this evening. The losing ticket went to Jedward who will be responsible for the washing up as a punishment. Just to put a dash of salt in the wounds and all that.

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