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Saturday, 2 August 2008

BB9: Day 59 - Sara Likes Stuart

Could this be a new love triangle in the Big Brother house? First we had Jen/Dale/Stu love triangle and Sylvia thrown in for good measure. Then we had the Luke and Bex romance and now we have a new love triangle forming in the BB9 house.

Over the past few days, Darnell and Sara had been getting closer and closer - as seen on this Blog but now Sara has confessed to Kathreya and Rachel that she fancies Stuart. As the girls sorted out the new sleeping arrangements in the Basic Bedroom, Sara dropped a heavy hint saying, "I might just jump in with Stu,"
"Do you like Stuart?" asked Rachel.
Sara said nothing and nodded.
"YEEEES!" screamed Rachel.
"Don't say it so loud," whispered Sara.

It wasn't long before Sara and Stuart were chatting in the garden about relationships - watch this space for developments.

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BB9: Day 59 - Rex and Nicole May Walk?

Twenty four hours ago it was all hugs and kisses between Rex and Nicole as the couple were reunited after eight weeks apart. Now the pressure is mounting on the couple. Nicole is having to live without her suitcase and will now spend a week in Hell while Rex lives in Heaven.

Nicole really wants to ask Rex about the press stories concerning his love flings but the rules do not permit her talking about such things while in the Big Brother house.

"There’s so much I want to say to you," she said, informing Rex that what she wanted to say was not "good". "I wanna ask you things, but I can’t," she said.Rex worried about Nicole’s behaviour towards him, saying: "You're being really grumpy towards me, you're not usually like that."She replied: "It's a very different situation we are in, it's hard for me."

Later when Rex found out he couldn't join Nicole in Hell, said he wanted to walk out of the BB9 house. The couple discussed options and Nicole broke down in tears as the pressure of being in the house took it's toll. Nicole said she wanted to walk because she wanted her suitcase but she didn't want Rex to walk.

Eventually Rex and Nicole settled back into their separate environments and enjoyed an evening with the other housemates while holding hands and kissing.

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BB9: Day 59 - Rachel Becomes Head of House

Rachel became the first female Head of House after winning the Alphabet Task today. Although Darnell was the quickest to recite the alphabet backwards on 51 seconds, he was not eligible to become Head of House.

Lisa and Sara will be getting their first taste of Heaven after spending three weeks in Hell. Michael and Kathreya will be together in Hell and promised to look after each other while Rachel joins Heaven.

Big Brother keeps it's evil streak by ensuring Rex and his girlfriend Nicole were separated. Nicole will have to knuckle down to a week in Hell while Rex spends his forth week in Heaven.

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BB9: Day 59 Head of House - Alphabet Task

The housemates were asked to recite the alphabet backwards as quickly as possible for this week's Head of House Task. If they make a mistake, Big Brother didn't tell them until they got to the end - at which point they had to start again from Z. Housemates had to keep reciting the alphabet backwards until they got it right. Housemates had to wear the Alphabet hat and warm up with facial expressions before starting the task.

The housemate who completes the Task in the shortest amount of time will be the winner and will be crowned the Head Of House. Rex and Nicole got into trouble with Big Brother before starting the task for saying they would fail the task on purpose so that they could be together in Hell.

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BB9: Day 59 VIDEO - Darnell and Lisa Argue

Darnell and Lisa had a heated discussion today as Lisa told Darnell that he had pushed her away this week during her time in Hell. He denied ever pushing her away saying, "I've never said anything but nice things about you."

He then went on to say that everyone that had left the house had left because they had wrong opinions of himself Kat and Rachel. "That's why I am still here and they have gone", Darnell told Lisa.

Lisa then confronted Darnell about being rude at times, watch the video below and see how Darnell reacts and talks Lisa down. Looks like Lisa will be the next housemate on the "Happy House" hit list...................

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BB9: Day 59 - Kat & Rachel Say They Will Be In Final

Kathreya and Rachel seemed in confident mood as they escaped eviction last night. The pair sat and worked out which housemates would be in the final seven - both of them were included in that list. Kat and Rachel indicated that Dale, Stuart, Sara and Lisa would all be evicted in the last four evictions before the final week.

Could it be they were telling each other who they will be voting for over the next four weeks? Check out their nominations on Tuesday.............

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BB9: Day 59 VIDEO - Nicole Jumps House Divide To Be With Rex

Rex's girlfriend Nicole jumped the Big Brother house divide after housemates told her she was a 'special prize' so could be shared between Heaven and Hell. Looking unsure, Nicole played with her hair as she pondered the opportunity to be with Rex.

Watch the C4 video below and see more details on tonight's highlights show on C4 at 9pm.

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Nicole was called into the Diary Room and told she must return to Hell and not cross the divide, Big Brother also refused to give her suitcase back and may keep it as punishment.

BB9: Day 59 - Lisa Leaves Big Brother (then returns!)

The addition of Nicole to the Big Brother house was the final straw for Lisa, who broke through a fire door to leave the Big Brother house. The live feed was cut and everyone was left guessing if Lisa would ever be seen again in BB9.

Thirty minutes later Lisa returned to the Big Brother house after a security guard stopped her leaving and a producer persuaded her to re-enter the house. She explained her actions, "I was missing Mario, I got jealous," she told Rachel, Kat and Sara in the B-block bedroom. She said she had been on a "roller coaster" of emotions and felt "totally out of control" in the house. "I don't like it, it's not me," she added.

Nicole sat and chatted to the beauty sales rep with the other girls, saying she felt "really bad" for making Lisa so upset that she felt she had to leave.
When Sara asked Lisa what it was like breaking the door down, she replied: "God, it felt good."

Lisa proceeded to have an in-depth conversation with Kat and Rachel about the effect the house was having on people, as well as addressing old issues to clear the air.

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BB9: Day 58 VIDEO - Luke's Best Bits

Luke was evicted from the Big Brother house and after speaking to Davina we got to watch his 'Best Bits' on screen. If you missed it, here is your chance to watch Luke's 'Best Bit's' again in the C4 video below:

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Friday, 1 August 2008

BB9: Day 58 - Nicole The 21st Big Brother Housemate

Here is the profile low down on the 21st housemate who entered the Big Brother house tonight from the Channel 4 website:

You already caught a glimpse of the week eight housemate when she lined up in the identity parade during the Cops and Robbers Task. But after weeks of hearing Rex talking about her, it's like we know her already.

So what is there to learn? Well, her name's Nicole and she's just 19 years old, which makes her the youngest housemate. A student by day, the blonde hails from Surrey and of course, she's Rex's better half.

Nicole enters the House, via the storeroom. She's the 57th of Big Brother's ever-changing special prizes - the 56 others were delivered as part of Rex's shopping order on Thursday. At least she didn't make it in as part of the basic budget.

Says Nicole: "I'm very, very, very excited to be going in. It's a great opportunity, a great challenge. I want to support Rex, I miss him so much and I really, really want to see him".

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BB9: Day 58 - Luke's Best Pictures

Luke was evicted from the Big Brother house tonight and here are some of his best pictures:
Rebecca and Luke share a kiss
Luke during the Time Task
Luke in Lycra during French Cycle Task
Luke showers in hell
Luke gets a ride from Dale

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BB9: Day 58 - Luke Evicted From Big Brother

Luke became the seventh person to be evicted from the Big Brother 9 house with 37% of the vote tonight as Davina McCall made the announcement to an excited house.

In a week of drama and excitement Luke was going to be up against house beefcake Dale in a battle The Sun dubbed "Mr Muscle v Mr Muscle". Events took a dramatic turn on Tuesday when Big Brother stripped Stuart of his title as 'Head of House' for talking about nominations. The two way race became a 9 housemate contest, but then Maysoon fell at the last hurdle as she walked out of the BB9 house Wednesday evening.

The bookies and BBBS Poll predicted that Luke Marsden would become the latest eviction victim and phone lines closed 22 hours earlier than normal but still the Wigan funny man lost and will now leave the house and be re-united with his funny other half, Rebecca Shiner.

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BB9: Day 58 - Housemates NOT Evicted

Big Brother surprised the housemates at 21:13 as Davina McCall announced that Mohamed and Rachel would not be facing eviction tonight. In a twist from previous weeks Davina told viewers she would be speaking to the BB9 house throughout the evening, letting them know who would NOT be facing eviction.

The next set of housemates escaping eviction were Stuart and Darnell. Luke congratulated Darnell and Stu. Darnell paced about with excitement at being spared but Stuart looked disappointed to still be in the house.

The third set of housemates that survived this weeks eviction were Kathreya and Dale, leaving Rex and Luke as the final two fighting it out for survival within the BB9 house.

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BB9: Day 58 - Rex's Girlfriend To Enter Big Brother House

Rex's girlfriend Nicole, is to enter the Big Brother house in an amazing twist. Davina McCall announced she would be going in later this evening if Rex is NOT evicted.

The news came in light of Maysoon's departure from the BB9 house on Wednesday night. Get ready for fireworks!

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BB9: Day 58 - Big Brother Pictures

Here are a selection of pictures from Day 58 in the Big Brother 9 house:

Darnell tries on a skirt and likes it

Lisa and Luke chat like old washer women

Rachel shocked by something trivial

Darnell and Sara getting romantic

Rex doesn't know how to wear sunglasses

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BB9: Day 58 Poll Result - The Housemate YOU Want Out Is....

The BBBS Poll has been running since Tuesday and the results are now in and counted, the housemate you have voted to evict from the Big Brother 9 house is................. LUKE!

After a close head to head battle with Mohamed earlier in the week, readers decided Luke should get the boot tonight. The Wigan lad had 45 votes (about 27%) and Mohamed was second on 30 votes (about 18%). Bookies have already made Luke the favourite to leave the BB9 house this week, following the departure of Rebecca Shiner last Friday.

The third housemate in the BBBS Poll you wanted evicted was a shocker - Kat , who is the favourite to win Big Brother. She beat Dale's 22 votes by one in a surprise twist to the usual voting habits of Big Brother fans. Could it be that viewers are beginning to turn on the 'winner' already? This is the first poll Dale has been unpopular, but the profile video story at the start of the week did him no favours.

Rex and Darnell got just over 8% of the vote each and continue to be popular with viewers, even though they are both quite forthright in their views. Rex had been making extra special effort to wind everyone up yet still manages to escape. Rachel and Maysoon have both been branded as "dull", but with just seven votes each neither would have been worried about leaving the Big Brother house this week. Just as well Maysoon decided to walk or she could have survived un-noticed for another month.

Interestingly, Stuart was the one housemate who constantly said he wanted to be evicted this week so that he could finally see his daughter. He received the least amount of votes and will have to stay another week in the BB9 house - You EVIL bunch of voters!

The new BBBS Poll is up and running on the right hand side of your screen, so vote now.
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BB9: Day 58 VIDEO - Lisa and Rex Argue

The Big Brother house watched in silence as Lisa stood up to Rex and told him what she thought of his constant sarcasm. Tensions had been rising since last night when Rex began moaning about the picture of BBPD Suspect #6 (the girl Lisa and Luke incorrectly identified as Rex's girlfriend).

Lisa was not in the mood for Rex and told him, "You're just sarcastic all the time. I have a joke with you, and you don't like it. That's the point." The pair then bickered back and forth as housemates looked on.

Watch the Channel 4 video below with Lisa and Rex in full flow.........

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BB9: Day 58 - Sara Given Nomination Pod Token

Sara will be allowed to use the Nomination Pod next week thanks to Darnell, who stole a token from the Shopping Budget delivery yesterday and gave it to her last night.

The token will also allow Sara to take a housemate of her choice into the nomination pod, she has chosen Rex ahead of Darnell.

Stuart said the Nomination Pod was there "to cause tension before nominations", and ended up causing housemates to discuss nominations outside the Pod, resulting in almost all the housemates facing the public vote this week.

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BB9: Day 58 - Token Allows Rex To Watch Video

Rex will be able to watch a housemates VT profile video after he opened one of Big Brother's Special Token envelopes today.
Darnell had found the surprise among the shopping but tucked it up his t-shirt, having read a note on the envelope which stated that it should not be opened until Friday.

Darnell was going to wait until the morning to open the envelope but Rex convinced him to fetch the token and open it since it was now past midnight. Rex got to read the treat, and said he wanted to watch his own profile video with Darnell watching along side him. Big Brother will allow Rex and Darnell to watch the video later.

Watch Rex's : Profile Video HERE

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BB9: Day 58 - Sara and Darnell Romance?

Sara and Darnell have been getting close this week and may well become the new Big Brother romance. It has been a rocky road for the pair but since Darnell confessed that he didn't actually have a girlfriend, Sara has been sharing more time with Darnell. The couple have fallen out in the past but had a heart to heart yesterday as they discussed how he takes things the wrong way. Sara told him, "You've got to stop being so paranoid, especially with me. It annoys me."

Following the discussion Sara told Big Brother that she really liked Darnell and he chatted to Kathreya and told her that he really liked Sara. Then they both hugged in the garden yesterday afternoon.

As Sara and Darnell shared time in the Diary Room together last night, housemates began to say the couple had been kissing in the Diary Room. "So what did you and Darnell get up to in the Diary Room then?" inquired Rex as the group dined."Darnell, they all think that we kissed!" gasped Sara. "Can you set the record straight, please?"

Darnell whooped and shouted "Yeah!" before quickly confirming that he had been "a gentleman"."You said you nearly kissed," accused Stuart, with the rest of the group voicing their agreement.But Sara claimed that the pair were merely "hugging", insisting: "We had our arms around each other, that was it!" Looks like we could be seeing more hugs in the coming days, unless Stuart gets in the way.................
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BB9: Big Brother Viewing Figures Day 54 - 57

Big Brother continues to keep the nation hooked to their screens as the British summer passes by 3 million (17%) still tuned in on Monday (Day 54) with 214,000 tuning in on C4+1. Big Brother's Little Brother went for an hour long special on Tuesday (Day 55) on E4 and had a respectable 406,000 tuning in as Rebecca returned home to Coventry and housemates awaited nomination news.

Wednesday's hot weather had an effect on all TV channels but Big Brother was joint top in the 9pm slot on 2.9m with another 476,000 watching an hour later on C4+1 as housemates continued with the Cops and Robbers Task.

Last night's viewing figures (Day 57) climbed back up to 3.1m (15%) in it's 9pm slot, matching ITV but another 299,000 viewers watched Big Brother an hour later on Channel 4+1.

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Thursday, 31 July 2008

BB9: Day 57 - Mohamed "Lazy & Greedy" Say Housemates

It's hard being Mohamed - getting up every morning and eating and then sleeping and doing as little as possible, according to some of the housemates. The conversation began as Rex complained that Mohamed had slept through the cleaning session."If Mohamed went, he could possibly get a cheer as the public are so happy he's left," Rex said. "He's such a lazy, greedy little pig."

Luke said Mohamed was on "borrowed time" and should be out of the house, while Dale noted that he was sleeping at the moment the lads were having the conversation in the garden. "He's such a lazy git," Rex declared. "A lazy, stinking git, actually. It's like having a pig in the house."

Mohamed shouldn't worry though, because it looks like he will be spared from eviction again this week. Not too sure how Mo will survive on the basic food rations, maybe he will eat one of the other housemates!

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BB9: Day 57 - Special Prizes Surprise Housemates

Housemates went into hyper mode as the shopping budget revealed Rex had ordered 57 special tokens. Included was a framed picture of the BBPD Identity Parade #6 - the woman Luke and Lisa thought was Rex's girlfriend, to which Rex told Luke it was a "f**king insult" as he threw the photograph down to the ground. A record token was also included as well as a box of vegetables to stop the housemates going hungry.

Big Brother took pity on the housemates and gave the house fish and meat, along with cereal and dried milk . Bread making ingredients were provided as well as a massage kit picked by Radio 1's Aled Jones and a inflatable globe of the world.

Housemates seemed happy with the 'ever changing prizes', only Rex was unhappy as the picture of the BBPD suspect continued to annoy him. As Luke apologised for not correctly identifying his girlfriend, Rex said his girlfriend would be "fuming" about their error. Dale happily wore a party hat and screamed in agony as Rex waxed his chest. How long before housemates start to go hungry?

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BB9: Day 57 - Eviction Phone Lines Close Early

The Big Brother eviction phone lines will close tonight at midnight, instead of the usual 21:49 on Friday. Many viewers will miss the opportunity to vote ahead of tomorrow's eviction programme.

With eight housemates up for the vote (Maysoon walked last night), it is important that the votes are counted and verified before Friday's eviction.


To Evict DALE Call 09016 16 16 02
To Evict
DARNELL Call 09016 16 16 03
To Evict
KATHREYA Call 09016 16 16 06
To Evict
LUKE Call 09016 16 16 08
To Evict
MOHAMED Call 09016 16 16 11
To Evict
RACHEL Call 09016 16 16 12
To Evict
REX Call 09016 16 16 14
To Evict
STUART Call 09016 16 16 17
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BB9: Day 57 - Luke Doesn't Want To Go Before Mohamed

All the housemates are worried they will be evicted but this afternoon Luke told Dale that he would be "annoyed" if he is evicted before Mohamed. He expressed his concern that he might be the one to leave. "If you're looking at airtime, I've spent the week in bed and crucified Rex's girlfriend, so that's me gone," he said as he explained about failing this weeks Identity Parade Task.

He added that he would worry he was "really hated" if he got the chop before Mohamed. Dale reassured him, saying: "It could be anyone. You just don't know." Luke said he was happy that Rebecca left to cheers last Friday, but he is the Bookies favourite to be evicted from the Big Brother house tomorrow, with Mohamed and

Meanwhile Rex branded Mohamed "a lazy, greedy, little pig", as he spent most of the afternoon trying to sleep on the sofa. Rex says if Mohamed gets evicted he might get a cheer as the public will be so pleased he's gone, adding it was like having a pig in the house.

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BB9: Day 57 - Rex Spends Budget On Tokens

Rex has taken his biggest gamble yet on Big Brother as he spent almost all of this weeks basic budget on tokens. Previously he was going to order just tins of tuna to annoy housemates but on a tight budget of just £77 pounds, changed his mind.

Speaking to Big Brother in the Diary Room as he delivered the shopping list, Rex explained his reasons why he had ordered 57 ever changing 'special offer' tokens. He said he wanted to see the housemates reactions and that on £77 for the week he couldn't order enough food for the house. Rex was also putting Big Brother to the test, saying if Big Brother liked him and wanted him to stay then they would deliver some good special prizes but if they wanted him out then BB would deliver "absolute rubbish" prizes and the housemates would kill him.

"I thought it makes better television than doing the normal shopping list, just to watch the housemates reaction", Rex laughed.

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BB9: Day 57 VIDEO - Housemates In Egg Fight

Housemates made their own entertainment during the evening and with the final night of luxury budget food, it was time to put the eggs to good use. With plenty of boxes of eggs left over from the week Darnell, Dale, Mo, Stuart and Rex decided to have an egg fight in the garden.

It had only been a week since Dale, Rex and Rebecca had been pelted with eggs but tonight the lads were not sitting targets. Mo and Rex hid behind the cop car and Darnell was lurking behind the safe as eggs began flying in all directions.

Channel 4 is the place to watch the full Big Brother show, but here is the video of the egg throwing:

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BB9: Day 57 PICTURES - Sara Licks Lisa's Brests!

If housemates had been worried all the fun would be gone from the house following Rebecca's eviction on Friday, then think again! A few glasses of wine later - Lisa and Sara were soon enjoying girl on girl action in the Big Brother house. Below are the pictures from the sauce licking episode, check out the topic below this for the video.

Sara licks sauce off Lisa's boobs
Sara has a feel of Lisa's breasts
Lisa gets all sticky
Sara licks Lisa while the lads look

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BB9: Day 57 VIDEO - Sara Licks Sauce Off Lisa's Boobs

Sara licked strawberry sauce off Lisa's boobs as the housemates enjoyed a bit of fun after drinking some wine. At first Lisa was pouring sauce into her mouth and then Dale had a go, but some spilt onto Lisa's chest. Rex suggested that Sara clean it off with her tongue."Lick it off her boobs." Luke was not sure he could watch, putting his hand over his face and peering through as Sara got on with the job.
First she grabbed Lisa's boobs and then licked off the sauce, to cheers from the BB9 lads and looks of surprise from Rachel and Luke. Dale pretended to run to the toilet and joked that he would be "back in a second" as he pretended to go and masturbate.
Afterwards Sara thought Mario might hate her for licking Lisa's breasts, but everyone seems to think she did a good clean up on Lisa!

Watch the video below of the moment Sara goes down on Lisa's boobs:

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BB9: Day 57 - Darnell Fails To Break Safe Open

Although the BB9 Robbers had failed to crack open the safe, Darnell was still curious to find out what was inside. As the safe sat in the garden Darnell continued to try and work out the combination.

Once he thought he had the combination, Big Brother reminded housemates that they were now forbidden from touching the safe. While Rachel and Kat tried to deter him, Darnell began to enter the combination. Big Brother called Darnell to the Diary Room and the housemates came running out to see what was happening. Big Brother asked one of the housemates to immediately stop him tampering with the safe. Eventually Darnell went to the Diary Room, asking Big Brother for the combination but his request went unanswered.

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BB9: Websites Massive Gains From Big Brother

The Guardian reports that Channel was the UK's fastest-growing website last month thanks to Big Brother, the latest comScore statistics show, recording a jump in traffic of more than 30% in June compared to May.

Attributed to interest in Big Brother, the figures show rising 32% from 3.54 million unique users in May to 4.66 million in June.

Meanwhile Big Brother Blog Squad has helped lift the 'robmacca' Blogs to new record highs since the launch of the latest Blog to be included alongside 'robmacca's entertainment news' and 'robmaccaEXTRA'. Traffic jumped almost 200% during June and visitor numbers have more than doubled during July and page hits broke the 30,000 barrier for the first time. Not bad for someone who has a full time job other than Blogging!

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BB9: Day 57 Eviction Poll - Luke & Mohamed Favourites To Go

As the BBBS Eviction Poll continues, Luke and Mohamed are currently head to head as favourites to become the next housemate evicted from the Big Brother house tomorrow.

The lead keeps changing between Mohamed and Luke but all indications are showing that one of them could be out at 10pm on Friday. If you have not voted in the Eviction Poll yet, do it now! Voting will end Friday before the Big Brother highlights begin and this poll looks set to be the most active yet. Don't forget to cast your phone vote all details can be found on the BB official website:

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

BB9: Day 56 VIDEO - Maysoon's Final Moments With Housemates

Maysoon walked out of the Big Brother house tonight, leaving via the Diary Room door, as she was called into the Diary Room she hugged housemates for one final goodbye. Watch the Channel 4 video below and view Maysoon's final moments in the BB9 house. Thursday nights BBLB and BB9 programme will have the full details.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 56 - Maysoon Walks Out of Big Brother House

Maysoon has walked out of the Big Brother 9 house after telling Big Brother she wanted to leave. She had spoken to Big Brother in the Diary Room last night, telling them she was not happy and wanted to leave but would sleep on it.

Maysoon had also chatted to Rachel and Kathreya last night saying she was missing family after Rex found out his girlfriend had been inside the house for an identity parade as part of the task.

The week had gone downhill for Maysoon since she ended up in Hell after failing in the Chilli Task on Saturday. Then on Sunday Heavenly housemates had seen her profile video, along with all the other Hell housemates profile videos. Rex had branded her a 'liar' and that she wasn't like her video. This upset Maysoon and may have been concerned how she was perceived on the outside.

"I'm happy with the month I did," she told Kat, Sara and Rachel in B Block before leaving. "I don't want to force it," she added.

Rachel, Kat and Sara said they didn't want Maysoon to leave, but trusted her to make her own mind up. "So you don't think you are going to regret leaving?" Rachel questioned. "It is better that someone who wants to leave should leave than someone who wants to stay," she concludes. Maysoon told them she was 100% sure that she wanted to leave.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 56 - Housemates Fail Cops and Robbers Task

The Cops and Robbers Task has resulted in a week of chick peas and a £1 a day budget for the twelve housemates after Big Brother twisted the Shopping Task.

The Cops had passed the steak out Task. Meanwhile Dale, Maysoon and Darnell learnt they'd failed miserably as safe-crackers, and Rachel, Sara and Kathreya were useless as counterfeiters.
Lisa and Luke heard they'd correctly identified Mohamed's brother, but the cheers stopped abruptly when they heard they'd not identified Rex's girlfriend correctly.

Then Big Brother revealed that those tasks were not counting towards the Shopping Task, the real task had been for a token to be stolen and the robber to go undetected. Dale and Maysoon had been correctly identified by the four Cops, Rachel initially screamed out in joy - soon to realise that the group had failed this weeks Shopping Task. Evil pure evil............

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 56 VIDEO - 'Cops' Interview Sara Over Stolen Token

As the Cops and Robbers Task took a new twist, Cops Rex and Stuart interviewed each of the housemates. When it came to Sara's interview, the pair decided to have a bit of a laugh as they tried to get the truth out of her about the stolen token. Would she crack and reveal it was Dale or would she remain strong?

If the Cops work out who took the token then housemates would have failed this weeks Shopping Task. If Dale bluffs the Cops then the Robbers have passed the task and a luxury food budget will be won for all.

Watch the Channel 4 video below to see how Sara coped under interrogation.................

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 56 - Mohamed Gets Covered In Milk

Mohamed ended up pouring milk over himself after losing out on a milk drinking competition between Stuart, Darnell, Maysoon and himself. Housemates decided to drink the 4 pint cartons of milk when they realised that Big Brother would empty the store cupboard later.

Darnell took and early lead, with Maysoon putting on a good early performance, then after some early spillage, Stuart pulled it back to win the contest. The loser was Mohamed and as a penalty had to pour the milk over himself. It wasn't long before a mini food fight started. Mo was covered in milk and flour - thanks to Sara's contribution.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 56 - Cops Interrogate Robbers To Solve Crime

It's not over until Big Brother says so - and as housemates waited for the announcement to find out if they had passed the Cops and Robbers Shopping Task.

A new element to the Task was added,Cops must interrogate Robbers to solve the crime committed late last night - a token was stolen while Cops were on a stake out.

The Cops (Mo, Rex, Stu and Michael) will interview each suspect and have just five minutes to question each Robber. All will be revealed soon..............

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 56 VIDEO - Robbers Fail To Crack Open Safe

Big Brother's Cops and Robbers Task continued with Darnell, Maysoon and Dale being called upon to crack three codes and break into the safe to steal the contents within one hour. The sums proved too difficult, especially without paper and a pen. No-one else was allowed to help the criminal trio.
Sum 1 3 x 17 - 24 + 78 x 9 ÷ 5 -- (13²) + (65 - 29) ÷ 4 + (4²) - (7 x 3) + (3²) + 99 -- (7²) - 49 =
Sum2 1396 x 2 ÷ 4 -- (12²) + 46 x 2 ÷ 40 x (5²) - (7 x 99) x 3 - (11²) x 5 - 219 =
Sum3 100 - 33 X 5 + 665 ÷ (5²) X 17 - 248 X 3 ÷ (4²) + 52 ÷ 7 + (273 - 217)=

Watch the C4 video below and watch Darnell, Dale and Maysoon as they try and crack the combination:

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 56 - Counterfeiters Complete Task

Rachel, Kathreya and Sara completed the Counterfeit Task earlier today as they attempted to counterfeit $100,000BB in less than one hour. The Robbers has to mark both sides of the notes and will find out in due course if their forgeries are up to standard.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 56 - Rachel Comes Alive Thanks To Rex

When she's not crying, Rachel certainly has become more lively in the house since Rex criticised her VT tape at the start of the week. Although initially Rachel was hurt and sought comfort from Kathreya and Big Brother in the Diary Room - she has now become stronger and said she had Rex to thank for that.

She said that the insults have helped her to become more like the bubbly character portrayed in her audition video. Rex told Rachel she had just found her feet in the house, Rachel replied: "Because of you."

Rex quickly moved on to tell Rachel that Maysoon has "no confidence and no personality."

When Rachel told him he'd said exactly the same thing about her, Rex said she'd improved but Maysoon was "hiding".
Rex said that despite being a model there had been a "week of sun but not one bikini" from Maysoon and she had only got in the pool twice, both times with "all her clothes on".

Responding to Rachel's accusation he was just trying to wind people up he said: "All I'm saying is I don't think she's being a 100% genuine in here."

He had already admitted he could be evicted by the public for "being horrible," but protested that he was the only housemate brave enough to bring up "harsh realities".

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 56 - Dale & Maysoon Steal Token

Just after 1am this morning Dale and Maysoon were given the task as Robbers to steal a token from the Heavenly side of the Big Brother house, without the steak out Cops noticing.

Maysoon screamed "rat" and Darnell jumped on to the ashtray in blind fear, this successfully distracted Rex, Mo and Stu - the on duty Cops. Dale climbed the divide and crawled along the ground to steal the token and hide it up his top, hiding it in the Hell toilet.

Dale and Maysoon then decided to hide it in a better place, with Maysoon saying, "We'll put the cushion by the side of my bed - no-one's gonna touch a cushion." With that the robbery was complete but will it remain safe or will their be a Cop raid in Hell?

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BB9: Day 56 - Cops and Robbers Task Pictures

As this weeks Shopping Task gets under way, the BB9 housemates are kitted out in their Cops and Robbers outfits, here are a selection of pictures featuring the housemates hard at work:

Darnell and Kat ready for a stick-up
Mohamed ready to snooze on the job
Robbers on the ground
Rex and Stu at the BB Steak out
Mo, Rex and Stu at the BBPD car

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