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Saturday, 29 August 2009

BB10: POLL - Who Would You Evict Next?

The results of our latest POLL are in and you let us know who should be evicted from the Big Brother house. No mercy was shown to the two aliens from this weeks Future BB House Task - you voted Lisa and David as the housemates that should be evicted next.

Marcus and Charlie were joint third, although Marcus was evicted from Big Brother last night. Rodrigo and Sophie were inseparable, but it was Siavash who you wanted to keep in the BB10 house the most.

Our latest POLL at the top of this page asks, 'Who do you want to win Big Brother 10?', voting will be going on all week, although there will be an eviction on Tuesday night. Get voting folks and let us know who deserves to be crowned the winner of BB10.

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BB10 Day 86 VIDEO - Marcus Is Evicted

With 64% of the public vote, Marcus was evicted from the Big Brother house, becoming the twelfth housemate to be voted out. Watch the C4 video of the moment Davina McCall revealed the news to the BB10 house:

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BB10: Big Brother Viewing Figures Day 76 - 85

As news that Big Brother was not being renewed broke, this weeks ratings stayed around the 2 million mark. Bea's eviction on Day 79 was watched by the same amount as Freddie's a week earlier.

Day 85 (Thur 27 Aug) - 2.1 million viewers (12% share), plus another 117,000 viewers on C4+1

Day 84 (Wed 26 Aug) - 2.1 million viewers (9% share) watched as Lisa and David went on a trip to London.

Day 83 (Tue 25 Aug) - 1.9 million viewers (8% share) with 333,000 watching on Channel 4 +1 an hour later as the nominations were revealed.

Day 82 (Mon 24 Aug) - 1.9 million (11% share) plus 72,000 on Channel 4+1

Day 81 (Sun 23 Aug) - 1.68m (10.3%) watched life without Bea.

Day 80 (Sat 22 Aug) - 1.4 million viewers (7% share), with a further 240,000 on Channel 4 +1 a

Day 79 (Fri 21 Aug) - The highlights show attracted 2.4 million viewers and a 12% share, with a further 120,000 on Channel 4 +1. The second episode featuring newly evicted Bea had 2.2 million (13%) viewers, with a further 122,000 on Channel 4 +1 as Bea was grilled by Davina McCall.

Day 78 (Thur 20 Aug) - 2.1 million viewers and a 12% share, with a further 179,000 on digital catchup service Channel 4 +1 an hour later.

Day 77 (Wed 19 Aug) - 2 million and 9% share, with another 477,000 tuning in an hour later on digital catchup service Channel 4 +1 as Bea continued to moan.

Day 76 (Tue 18 Aug) - 2.1 million viewers and a 10% share. A further 397,000 watched on Channel 4+1 an hour later.

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Friday, 28 August 2009

BB10: Day 86 - Latest Housemate Evicted From Big Brother

Davina McCall broke the news to housemates that the latest housemate to be evicted was Marcus. Lisa told him, "No swearing." Marcus was happy with the news and said, "Thank goodness for that."

He was greeted by a mixture of boos and cheers as Davina waited to meet him as he shook hands with fans. Marcus was evicted with 64% of the public vote.

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BB10: Extra Eviction Announced

Next Friday looks like being a five-way battle in the most open Big Brother final ever with no outright winner easily predicted. Either Marcus or Siavash will be evicted and then an extra eviction is planned for Tuesday night, as reported on Digital Spy.

After nominating early on Sunday, one of the housemates will be evicted midweek after votes from the public.

Tuesday's show will run from 8pm to 9pm, with the eviction and subsequent interview at 10pm to 10:35pm.

Friday's final will continue as planned, starting at 8:30pm.

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BB10: Day 86 - Sophie Not Heard Of Obama

Sophie has already proved this week that she needs to brush up on her geography skills but slipped to the bottom of the class when she confessed that she did not know who Barack Obama was.

Worst still, the blond housemate was unable to pronounce his name as she was chatting to Marcus and Siavash about celebrities.

I wonder if she'll recognise Davina McCall when she meets her next week?

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BB10: Day 86 - Housemates Play Truth Or Dare

A game of Truth or Dare kept the housemates entertained and when Charlie picked a dare, it was Siavash who said, "have a ten second snog with Rodrigo."

"No", was the quick response from Rodrigo, with a smile on his face. But soon got into it as Charlie planted a kiss on his lips for a long ten second kiss that was counted out by Siavash.

When Siavash picked a dare, David suggested that he should brush his teeth with chilli for a minute. A screaming Siavash had to endure more chilli after Charlie told him there wasn't enough on the toothbrush.

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BB10: Day 86 - Siavash Tries To Escape Again!

After a few drinks, Siavash attempted another escape from the Big Brother house, but was foiled by the all seeing BB eye. While housemates were in the garden hoping to cause enough distraction, Siavash planned to open the door that led to the camera run.

Big Brother were not going to have a repeat escape and when he opened the door someone was already waiting and promptly closed the door again.

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BB10: Day 85 - Housemates Need Maths Lesson!

David and Sophie are not the brightest light bulbs in the Big Brother house, yet they are highly entertaining. When Big Brother delivered this weeks shopping, they also left the Prize Fund cheque.

"Twenty grand?" said Sophie as David held it up in the air.

"They've given the mystery prize as £20,000, as well as Siavash's, innit," said Lisa.

"It's a good idea," added David.

The housemates then turned their attention to the shopping, until Marcus spotted an important detail.

"It's £20, not £20,000," he said.

After a brief silence, David burst out laughing and said: "It's what? I thought it was £20,000!"

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BB10: Day 85 VIDEO - Siavash Gets A New Look

Siavash emerges from the Diary Room with a brand new look, as Big Brother kit him out with a different set of clothes, after giving him £10,000 for his suitcase. From now on Siavash has to wear the clothes given to him by Big Brother.

Watch the video below and marvel at Siavash's new look:

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Thursday, 27 August 2009

BB10: Day 85 - Marcus Offered £15,000 For Ponytail

Big Brother offered Marcus a chance to add money to the Prize Fund after the £100,000 was taken away for trying to escape the BB10 house earlier this week.

"Big Brother has called you to the Diary Room to give you the opportunity to win some money towards the winner's prize fund," Big Brother told Marcus as he sprawled in the Chair. "Big Brother will add £10,000 to the prize fund if you allow one of your fellow housemates to cut off your ponytail."

"I knew it," laughed Siavash from the Living Area where the housemates were watching the episode unfold on the Plasma Screen.

"**** off," shouted Marcus, rather predictably.

"Is that your final answer Marcus?" asked Big Brother politely.

"Yes," replied Marcus, "cram it up your scabby, fat ****!" he added rudely.

"Big Brother is prepared to up the offer to £11,000. How does that sound?" asked Big Brother.

"****. It's not going to happen, so why don't you just open the door," Marcus sighed.

Big Brother tried to offer £13,000…

"How about £1,000,000 and a popular German sports car," Marcus asked.

Big Brother reached £15,000, but Marcus was having none of it.

"I'll say this now and I want you to listen very carefully so there's no mix-up," said Marcus, "you can go and get ******"

Some of the housemates laughed, some were quite shocked…

"He's terrible," commented Lisa. "Poor Big Brother having to listen to that!"

"Do you always speak like that in the Diary Room?" David asked Marcus as he returned to the Garden.

"Yeah, I think they're used to it by now," said Marcus as he stretched out in the Garden again.

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BB10: Day 85 - Siavash Gets A New Look

He sacrificed all his clothes and put on the new outfit provided by Big Brother so that £10,000 would be put into the Prize Fund. Just as well Siavash has a sense of humour because he will have to wear a leotard and stilettos for the rest of his stay in the BB10 house. Every housemate will face a challenge for money and Marcus is about to be offered £15,000 to cut off his ponytail - will he do it?
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BB10: Day 85 - No More Clothes For Siavash

OK, not technically true but Siavash will not be wearing any of his own clothes until he leaves the Big Brother house after Big Brother gave Siavash the opportunity to win a whopping £10,000 to put back in the prize fund. To win the money he had to pack up all his accessories and clothes into his suitcase and return them to Big Brother.

Once he had returned his case, Big Brother provided Siavash with an outfit which he must wear until he leaves the Big Brother House.

If he completes this seemingly innocent Task, £10,000 will be added to the Prize Fund.

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 85 VIDEO - Nominations Revealed

Here is the video of the housemates as they find out who has been nominated this week. Big Brother decided to keep them waiting longer than normal, and Siavash finds out his scheme didn't work out quite as planned.......

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 85 Marcus And Sophie Argue

It's the final Shopping List but that didn't stop Marcus and Sophie having an argument about hair extensions.

"I think that's a **** take. I'm not being nasty to you Sophie, but you've already had two already," said Marcus.

"Yeah, but you get all this food that I don't even eat," Sophie replied, trying not to lose her temper. "You got loads of cereal last week that nobody ate."

"I'm leaving next Friday, so what's the problem with all the food?" Sophie added.

"It's not about the food," said a tetchy Marcus, "it's about always wanting stuff. You've already had two and that would be £16," he added as he mentally totted up in his head how much Sophie's hair had cost.

"It's the same as the tobacco really," Lisa chipped in.

"Yeah, but you've had all the tobacco," Marcus shot back at her. "What have me, Charlie and Rodrigo had?"

"Alright then," said Lisa crossly, "split the money evenly and we'll all have what we want."

Eventually Marcus relented and the hair extensions were added to the list and peace was temporarily restored. Well, at least until Sophie was out of earshot.

"It's just a **** take putting them hair extensions on," railed Marcus to Charlie and Rodrigo in an attempt to rally support. "You're not going to be able to get any alcohol," he added forebodingly.

"We'll get tokens and we can exchange them for alcohol," Rodrigo reminded him.

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BB10: Day 84 - Rodrigo And David Argue

Rodrigo in yet another argument is not hard to believe, but this time it was David who bore the brunt of the Brazilians anger, Rodrigo was called to the Diary Room just before he was due to take a turn on the energy-generating bikes. Returning some time later, he asked David, "How many minutes David?"

"You're too late, mate," replied David, who had seemingly already taken Rodrigo's place and was pedalling away.

"Yeah but I was in the Diary Room," explained Rodrigo.

"If they try and keep you talking, just try and get out," David said tetchily. "We've got a group Task."

Rodrigo looked irritated. "No, I can't try to get out," he replied. "When they call us, we have to talk to them. So don't tell me what I should do."

"Just try and make it quick!" said an exasperated David. "Oh, whatever."

Rodrigo stalked off inside, but two minutes later returned and tried to rope Lisa in as adjudicator.

"When they call us in the Diary Room, we have to talk to them," he explained, in a voice loud enough for David to hear. "David came to me and said, 'You should have left before'."

But David wasn't having any of it. "I didn't say that at all!" he objected. "I just said try to be quick!"

What happened next was difficult to follow, because the pair were angrily shouting over each other.

"I will not try to be quick!" yelled Rodrigo. "When they call us in there you have to be respectful, so don't tell me you have a Task to do!"

"Whatever," replied David.

"Don't tell me!" snapped Rodrigo.

"Whatever," repeated David.

"Don't tell me!" repeated Rodrigo.

"Whatever," barked David, and on and on they went.

"Oh shut up David!" shouted Rodrigo, storming off and drawing an end to the argument.

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BB10: Day 84 VIDEO - Rodrigo And Sophie Robot Dance

Dressed as robots and re-creating Daft Punk's Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Sophie and Rodrigo perform the dance as part of the Future BB House Task. Watch the video below and see how well they perform together......

*BB official website:

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

BB10: Day 84 - No Prize Money For Escaping House

Big Brother has punished housemates for breaking out of the BB10 house yesterday by taking away the £100,000 prize money. The news was delivered to the shocked housemates as they gathered on the sofa's.

Earlier Big Brother had told the housemates they were boring and they needed to entertain Big Brother, prompting the housemates to escape from the house via the camera run. While Big Brother applauded the housemates for being entertaining, they went on to tell housemates that they had broken the BB rules and would be punished.

However, housemates will have opportunity to change losing the £100,000 over the remaining last ten days.
*BB official website:

BB10: Day 84 - Marcus Calls Housemates Fake

Marcus got straight to the point and told Big Brother that some of the housemates are fake and proved it by saying, "They might say they don't give a **** but I think every one of them is thinking about the money."

"I've had fleeting thoughts about it," he admitted. "You can't help it, this close to the end. But I think they've all pretty much worked out how they're going to spend it."

Working himself up into a frenzy of expletive-ridden badmouthing, he continued, "Such tactical voting this week, I can't believe it. What a bunch of lying ******** out there, they really are. I don't give a **** if I go on Friday 'cause I'd rather go, in all honesty, to get away from them. They're just a bunch of bull ********. I'll just be what I want to be, and **** them. I'm bored of this transparent behaviour. Fake ********."

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 83 VIDEO - The Great Escape

Watch as housemates escaped from the Big Brother house after being branded as 'boring'. Siavash, Charlie, Sophie, Marcus and Rodrigo ran around the camera run as chaos erupted with security helpless to stop the housemates. Siavash managed to get outdoors and see the stage area while Marcus climbed into the loft area - Now who's boring?

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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

BB10: Day 83 - Aliens Visit London

Lisa and David were dressed as Aliens for this weeks Shopping Task and got to spend the day out and about in London.

They've been to three landmarks - Tower Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral and the Houses of Parliament.

To pass their part of the Task they were instructed to get a photo of themselves taken by another tourist on the disposable cameras given to them by Big Brother. However, they were not allowed to talk to anyone except for each other, and they only had 10 minutes at each landmark.

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 83 - Housemates Break Out

Big Brother got more than it bargained for as this DigitalSpy story revealed:

The contestants escaped the house and broke into the camera runs earlier today after Big Brother labelled them "boring".

As the group lounged on the sofas, it was announced that they would receive a treat if they did something entertaining.

The housemates then broke out of an exit in the garden and ran through the camera runs screaming.

They returned to the house following being reprimanded by Big Brother and Charlie admitted: "I didn't want to go back!"

"We've seen humans," said Siavash, referring to the camera operators.

While the group talked about their breakout, Marcus asked: "Where's our fucking reward?"

"I think we'll get a punishment actually, not a reward," Charlie replied.

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 83 - Friends Face Each Other In Eviction

This week two friends face each other against the public vote in Big Brother's eviction vote after housemates nominated Marcus and Siavash.

The pair have shared in their love for Noirin and in their rebellions, but now one of them will be evicted on Friday. Marcus has become the new Halfwit, surviving the public vote week after week but it looks like his time in the Big Brother house is coming to an end.

Siavash has been one of the most popular housemates and has never had to face the public vote in a 1 on 1 battle, but housemates finally had enough of his nomination rebellion and now he will face the public vote. Bookies predict that Marcus will be evicted on Friday, but at least it means the two remaining female housemates (Sophie and Lisa) have a better chance of making the final.

*BB official website:

BB10: POLL - Who Would You Evict Next?

There is a bit of a battle going on in this weeks Big Brother Blog Squad Poll. You have been voting for David, Marcus and Lisa as the next person YOU would evict from the BB10 house.

Do you agree with those who have voted so far or would you like to see the back of Siavash or does dopey Sophie need to go? Is Charlie fake, causing you to stand him no more? Does Rodrigo's tantrums get up your nose?

Vote NOW at the top of this page, results will be available on Friday.

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Monday, 24 August 2009

BB10: Day 82 VIDEO - Sophie's Geography Quiz

Sophie proves she is bottom of the class when it comes to geography, but Big Brother gave her a chance to prove she was no dunce. She had to identify seven countries in order to win music for the house.

Watch the C4 video and see how Sophie does in this little test.

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 82 - Nominations Twist

It's nomination time and Big Brother is not going to put up with the rebellion of previous weeks. Two housemates were called to the Diary Room, as Charlie and Sophie entered the room, the rest of the housemates watched.

Big Brother informed the house that anyone who failed to nominate, both Charlie and Sophie would automatically receive a nomination. Question remains - will Siavash nominate or not?

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 82 VIDEO - Housemates Wax Eyebrows

It started with Sophie and ended with Siavash, but the idea of waxing eyebrows was always going to end in tears. Watch the two housemates apply a wax strip to their eyebrows.....

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 82 VIDEO - David Gags In Diary Room

The Teeth Brushing Task proved hard for David as this C4 video shows. The poor housemate had to brush his teeth with Bishop's cheese for one minute and to Big Brother's satisfaction. He's struggling, He's gagging - but will he make the minute?

Watch below to find out how David did in the Task........

*BB official website:

Sunday, 23 August 2009

BB10: Day 81 - Teeth Brushing Task

The Teeth Brushing Task is not straight forward as housemates found out that each housemate who manages to brush their teeth for the whole minute will receive one token, if all the housemates manage to complete the Task then the gang will receive some of their favourite music played into the House later on today.

So, what are these horrible foods? Prepare the sick bucket and see below.

Terrible Toothpastes:

DAVID will brush his teeth with Stinking Bishop Cheese
SIAVASH will brush his teeth with Shrimp paste
SOPHIE will brush her teeth with Pickled Cat Fish
CHARLIE will brush his teeth with Marmite
MARCUS will brush his teeth with Stinky Tofu
RODRIGO will brush his teeth with Sweet and Sour Octopus
LISA will brush her teeth with Chilli Paste

Come back tomorrow for one of the videos of a housemate trying to complete the Task.

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 81 VIDEO - Oil Wrestling Final

It's the Wrestle Mania Final and Charlie (in tight speedos) and Siavash battle it out, covered in oil and a few million eyes on them. Watch the video as the pair grab each other as they try and push the other out of the pool. Who wins? Watch and find out!

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 81 - Sophie "I'll Nominate Marcus"

Sophie told Siavash that she would nominate Marcus this week after a row over stolen booze rumbled on today. Housemates helped themselves to Marcus' alcohol and Sophie was in the firing line.

"It was not my idea," Sophie railed to Siavash in the Bedroom.

"Someone else gives the idea, you come and do it and you get the blame," Siavash said, reminding her of the facts

"Marcus is a ******* ****. He wouldn't dare say anything to anyone else," spat Sophie. "I hardly ever drank it and I didn't open it."

"Yeah, you didn't drink it and you didn't open it, but you took it, so you get the blame for it," said Siavash, trying to get Sophie to take responsibility.

"He should say something to us all, 'cause we all drank. He never says anything to a bloke at all, 'cause he's scared. He only says stuff to girls," she whined.

"Come on Sophie, it's not like that," replied Siavash, but Marcus was beyond redemption in Sophie's eyes.

"He's a **** and I'll ******* well nominate him on Monday," she decided.

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 80 PICTURES - Wrestle Mania

Housemates got oiled up for the Wrestle Mania Task, battling it out in the Big Brother garden. Let's get ready to rumble..............

*BB official website:
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