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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

BB10: Day 83 - Housemates Break Out

Big Brother got more than it bargained for as this DigitalSpy story revealed:

The contestants escaped the house and broke into the camera runs earlier today after Big Brother labelled them "boring".

As the group lounged on the sofas, it was announced that they would receive a treat if they did something entertaining.

The housemates then broke out of an exit in the garden and ran through the camera runs screaming.

They returned to the house following being reprimanded by Big Brother and Charlie admitted: "I didn't want to go back!"

"We've seen humans," said Siavash, referring to the camera operators.

While the group talked about their breakout, Marcus asked: "Where's our fucking reward?"

"I think we'll get a punishment actually, not a reward," Charlie replied.

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