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Saturday, 13 June 2009

BB10: Day 10 VIDEO - Kris and Dogface Rapped By Big Brother

Here is the video of Dogface and Kris in the Diary Room being quizzed by Big Brother about the possibility their romance is fake. Dogface had told Saffia in a previous conversation she preferred black men - so the question raised was "Does Kris look like Usher?"

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BB10: Day 10 - Housemates Warned Over Fake Romance

Questions have been raised over the sincerity of the romance between Kris and Dogface (Sophie), as things have heated up between the BB10 housemates. This afternoon Big Brother decided it was time to talk to the pair in a bid to find out if their romance was fake or not.....

"Are you familiar with the Rules of the Big Brother House?" asked Big Brother after Dogface and Kris sat down.

"Yeah?" answered Kris nervously.

"Big Brother would like to refer you to page 22 of the Rules – the Rule regarding fake romances?"

"Yeah?" Kris answered again.

"Fake romances will not be tolerated in the Big Brother House," Big Brother reminded them, before reading out a detailed account of a conversation Dogface had had with Saffia.

"Dogface, last Sunday at 2.54pm, in a conversation with Saffia, you said 'I want some blokes in here'. Saffia said 'we need some more men, 'cause you see with just Charlie and Kris – they're beautiful, but they're like brothers'."

"Dogface," continued Big Brother, "you said 'they're not really my type'. Saffia said 'what's your type?' Dogface, you said 'I don't know, I like skinny guys with tattoos, but I really like black men'. Saffia said 'who would be your perfect man – someone like Usher?' Dogface, you said 'yeah, someone like that, really nice.'"

"Dogface," asked Big Brother, "what have you got to say for yourself?"

"It's private," protested Dogface.

"Dogface," asked Big Brother, "does Kris resemble the multi-platinum selling R&B artist Usher in any way?"

Big Brother then turned to Kris: "Is there anything you'd like to say to Big Brother?"

"No," said Kris, playing along. "I'm very upset with you at the minute, 'cause you've bruised my ego, making me think I should get a tattoo and learn some dance routines."

"And get better-looking," added Dogface with a coy giggle.

"That's not possible," replied Kris.

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BB10: Day 10 PICTURES - Housemates Sunbathe

As the sun beamed down on the Big Brother 10 housemates, they took full advantage by stripping off to sunbathe..........

Dogface gives a good view!

Karly relaxing

Dogface soaks up the sun

BB10 housemates enjoy the sunshine

Rodrigo and Angel sunbathe together

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BB10: Day 10 - Sree In Hot Pants!

Just what was Sree thinking when he put on these hot pants and short top?

A few hours earlier the 25 year-old Business Student had been ready to leave the BB10 house , but now he is back to his strange self as he walked around the house in what can only be described as a fashion disaster!

Maybe Siavash should have given him a few fashion tips...........

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BB10: Day 10 - New Housemate To Enter Big Brother House?

Could a new housemate be added to the Big Brother 10 house? Davina McCall hinted that someone could be going into the BB10 house following the departure of Saffia on Thursday night.

Big Brother bosses will be eager to add a bit of spice to the house since firebrand Sophia was voted out, and will want to avoid any possibility the house becomes 'nice' and safe.

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Friday, 12 June 2009

BB10: Day 9 - Sophia Evicted - The Video

Here is the video of the moment Davina McCall announced Sophia had been evicted from the Big Brother 10 house. The video also captures her reactions and the crows response as she leaves the house.

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BB10: Day 9 - Sophia Evicted From Big Brother House

The first Big Brother housemate to be evicted by the public vote was Sophia, as Freddie (Halfwit) survived eviction. Sophia was the bookies favourite to leave as she had a turbulent first week inside the BB10 house, and eventually got 91.2% of the public vote.

The pint-sized Sophia was not afraid to tell other housemates what she thought of them and this was made clear when she broke the rules. Big Brother told the whole house what Sophia had said about Saffia - leading to further arguments and the eventual departure of Saffia last night.

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BB10: PICTURES Day 9 - Dogface & Kris In Pool

Sophie (Dogface) had the full attention of Kris in the Big Brother pool today as housemates enjoyed the summer sun. Even Marcus tried to get in on the action, but it was Dogface and Kris who got tongues wagging. The romance has been growing and it is only a matter of time before things move on to the next level...........

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BB10: Big Brother Viewing Figures - Day 7 & 8

As the tensions between the Big Brother 10 housemates started to rise, so did the viewing figures for Day 7 of the latest series. Wednesday's programme showed the nominations and 2.14m were watching on Channel 4.

Thursday (Day 8) was a fun packed in the highlights programme at 10pm, with hilarious results in the Laser Task and the arguments following Big Brother telling housemates off for talking about nominations. Yet TV ratings slipped to their lowest yet - just 1.89m (10.9%), and this is without serious competition from ITV or BBC1, who both show the news at 10pm.

Has the withdrawal of the live feed during the day had an adverse effect on Big Brother viewers? Time will tell.............

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BB10: VIDEO Day 9 - The First Big Brother 10 Kiss

The first proper kiss took place today in the Big Brother 10 house and the video below captured the moment. Kris and Sophie (Dogface) were getting intimate as they discussed belly buttons and a few awkward moments later the pair managed a quick kiss.

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BB10: PICTURES - Saffia Leaves Big Brother 10

Saffia lasted just eight days in the Big Brother 10 house before she'd had enough of the flirting and bitching. Here are the final pictures as she spoke to Big Brother in the Diary Room, then told housemates she was leaving. The final picture has Saffia having one last look at the BB10 house before she left via the Diary Room door.

The full story is on Channel 4 tonight........

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BB10: Day 9 - Will Sree Be Next To Walk Out?

The pressure is mounting and Sree seems to be the latest Big Brother 10 housemate to feel the strain. Late into the night he confessed to Charlie that he wanted to leave the BB10 house.

Earlier Sree and Cairon had been engaged in a heated debate about religious beliefs, morals and values, the results had both housemates at loggerheads. Sree was unhappy that Cairon swore at him and disrespected his parents, speaking with Charlie for over an hour about his feelings.

Charlie told Sree to sleep on it to which Sree replied, "If I wake up with a fresh head tomorrow I will stay. If people like me, I will be in this house." But that hope was short lived as Sree was woken up this morning by the sound of a loud gong, thanks to the lads.

It seems that groups are being created and Sree will need to find his place within a group or face isolation.

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BB10: Day 9 - Nominations - How Each Housemate Voted

Here is how each BB10 housemate voted in the nominations this week. Charlie found it hard to nominate anyone, while Sophia had no problem nominating. In the meantime, Saffia has walked out since nominations.......

Angel nominated Dogface and Sophia
Cairon nominated Sree and Charlie
Charlie nominated Sophia and Halfwit
Dogface nominated Charlie and Sree
Halfwit nominated Sree and Lisa
Karly nominated Halfwit and Marcus
Kris nominated Halfwit and Sophia
Lisa nominated Halfwit and Karly
Marcus nominated Lisa and Sree
Noirin nominated Halfwit and Sophia
Rodrigo nominated Cairon and Siavash
Saffia nominated Sophia and Marcus
Siavash nominated Charlie and Halfwit
Sophia nominated Saffia and Noirin
Sree nominated Sophia and Marcus

Halfwit and Sophia face the public vote but who will go? Find out tonight 9pm C4.

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BB10: Day 9 - Kid British To Appear On BBBM

Kid British will be appearing on Big Brother's Big Mouth with Davina McCall tonight at 11:05pm. The lads who are big fans of Big Brother will be chatting about housemates and will be performing their next single, 'Our House Is Dadless'.
Checkout Kid British at:

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BB10: Day 9 POLL - Which Housemates Do You Dislike?

The results of the first BB10 Big Brother Blog Squad poll have been counted and we can reveal which housemate YOU dislike the most after nine days in the house......................

Siavash had the most votes as you decided he annoyed you the most, nominated housemate Sophia 2nd along with the now departed Saffia and Russian boxer Angel.

Sree and Cairon were next followed by Dogface (Sophie). The most popular housemate was Rodrigo, who had no votes in the public poll, Lisa was second favourite with just 2 votes.

Vote now in the new poll at the top right hand side of this page >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

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Thursday, 11 June 2009

BB10 VIDEO: Day 8 - Saffia & Sophia Argue

Tempers are being tested in the Big Brother 10 house and no-one knows that more than Saffia and Sophia. Saffia has had the day from hell - first she had to put on a brave face when rejected by Kris, then told she was boring by Sophia.

It led to an argument between the two housemates, as seen in this C4 video below. Eventually poor Saffia broke down in tears, telling Lisa she wanted to walkout of the Big Brother house. At 8:20pm she walked out of the Big Brother house after telling Big Brother she wanted to leave.

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BB10: Day 8 - Saffia Leaves Big Brother

At 8:20pm, Saffia walked out of the Big Brother 10 house after having the day from hell. Branded as "boring" by Sophia, snubbed by Kris and then involved in an argument with Sophia - the 27 year-old beauty consultant just had enough.

She went into the Diary Room and spoke with Big Brother requesting to leave the house. Full details will be shown on Channel 4, during the Eviction Show.

Maybe Saffia broke a nail or something?! Bye Bye love..........

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BB10: Day 8 - Housemates Talk About Nominations

Big Brother punished the BB10 housemates for talking about nominations as Marcus, Sree and Sophia being the main culprits. Although housemates know talking about nominations is forbidden, they couldn't resist telling each other who they hadn't voted for in a bid to build friendships.

Here is how the official website described the event:

Marcus knew he was for the high jump, after Big Brother had already called him to the Diary Room for disciplining. As Big Brother read out that Marcus had told Halfwit he’d not nominated him yesterday, Marcus shrugged.

Then Big Brother revealed Sree had done exactly the same thing.

“We didn’t know about that one,” laughed Sophia. Don’t talk too soon, love. Big Brother’s about to drop a bombshell.

“Yesterday at 11.41pm in a conversation with Siavash, Sophia said, ‘If I don’t go I’ll tell you this, I’m voting for the leader every week, do you know what I mean?’” said Big Brother.

Sophia looked confused, and Saffia let out a knowing laugh. But Big Brother had more of Sophia’s conversation to read out: “‘She needs to go, she needs to go. There’s nothing exciting about her. Without Charlie and thingy, where is she?’”

There were a few shocked gasps. “Why did you say that?” asked Charlie as everyone realised Sophia had been talking about Saffia.

“Because that’s how I felt,” replied Sophia.

“So if Charlie wasn’t here, I’d be boring?” Saffia challenged her, as everyone else looked on.

“Yeah I think you’re boring,” replied Sophia.

“Fine, take 'em away,” shrugged Saffia.

“She said she’s going to vote for you every week,” said Charlie to Saffia.

“She can. Fine I knew that,” she replied.

Big Brother then told housemates this week’s shopping items would be doubled in price as a punishment.

“That’s not cool,” said Siavash. “So, the game has started.”

Watch the video: HERE

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 8 - Pic of the Day

Best picture of the day from BB10 has to be Saffia putting on her make-up this morning as she tried to put on a brave face as housemate Kris has moved his affections away from her. He was flirting with Dogface and jumping into her bed.

Saffia was livid and moaned to Lisa and Noirin saying, “I mean, don’t flirt with me if you’re going to jump into bed with someone else.”

It's the EYES, the scary EYES!
*BB official website:

BB10: Day 8 - Girls Compare Nipple Sizes

The BB10 girls were busy checking nipple sizes late into the night, much to the delight of the male housemates (and Lisa of course!).

Here is how Digitalspy described the story:

The girls were complaining about the temperature of the room, prompting Noirin to remark: "I'm smuggling a few peanuts." She then told those in the bedroom that she had large, pointy nipples, giving Lisa a look to prove her point.

"They are big, Jesus," said Lisa, who in turn showed the Dubliner hers.

Marcus leapt out of bed over to Noirin, but she would not let him see. "Don't be like that," he said, to which Lisa told him to 'stop perving'.

She told him: "I wouldn't perve even though she's stunning. She had the guts to show me her nipples and I'm a lesbian.

"It's all about respect," she added.

Noirin then went on to tell Lisa, Marcus and Siavash that her party trick was to hang coat hangers on her nipples because they were so big. "But I'd never do it in here," she said, as Marcus told her: "If I thought I might get a look, I'd stay up all night."

He then joked he was going to the Diary Room to ask for coat hangers, but instead got called in for a telling off about discussing nominations.

*BB official website:

BB10: POLL - Which Housemates Do You Dislike So Far?

Last chance to vote as we try and find out 'Which housemates do you dislike so far?' Is it Angel or Sree? Kris or Sophie? Voting ends later this evening...........

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BB10: Day 8 - Bookies Say Sophia Will Be Evicted

The bookies have spoken and predict the first Big Brother 10 housemate to be evicted will be 26 year-old Sophia. The outspoken pint sized housemate received six nominations and faces the public vote, alongside posh housemate, Freddie Fisher (Halfwit).

Latest odds have Sophia at 1/5 and Freddie at 3/1. According to Ladbrokes Saffia appears to be the most unpopular housemate at the moment, no-one had placed a bet on her in 24 hours!

BB10: VIDEO Day 7 - Housemates Massage Each Other

Big Brother housemates are either rubbing each other up the wrong way or rubbing each other down, massage style. First we had Cairon getting a massage in the shower from Sophie and now everyone is at it.............

In the video below Kris massages Dogface, Kris also confessed that he probably would pull someone in the house after a few drinks.

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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

BB10: Big Brother 10 Viewing Figures - Day 5 and 6

Not even a week has passed and already viewing figures for Big Brother 10 have taken a tumble. Just two million made the effort to tune in last night, that was 12% of the available audience. Over on C4+1 another 183,000 watched the latest highlights from BB10.

Monday's Big Brother dipped below two million with just 1.8m viewers (11%) and 164,000 on Channel 4+1.

Fans of the show have been angered by Channel 4's decision not to show constant live feed via the red button, opting instead to make the live feed available from 11pm until 5am.

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 7 - Big Brother Nominations

The first Big Brother 10 nominations reveal that two housemates received six votes, and according to The Sun - Halfwit and Sophia will face the public vote this week.

Find who nominated who on the BB10 show at 10pm on C4.

*BB official website:

BB10 VIDEO: Day 7 - Housemates Spoon In Bed

Housemates are starting to feel a little frisky inside the Big Brotheer 10 house and resort too spooning each other in bed as the video below shows:

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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

BB10: Day 6 - Big Brother Latest Betting Odds

Here are the latest Big Brother 10 odds as to who will win the show, Brazilian Rodrigo is currently the bookies favourite to win BB10:

Rodrigo 7/2
Charlie 7/1
Freddie 7/1
Cairon 8/1
Kris 8/1
Noirin 12/1
Siavash 12/1
Angel 14/1
Lisa 14/1
Sophie 14/1
Sophia 16/1
Sree 16/1
Marcus 20/1
Karly 25/1
Saffia 40/1

*BB official website:

BB10 PICTURES: Day 6 - Cairon and Sophie In The Shower

As these pictures reveal, Cairon and Sophie know how to have a good time in the shower. Thankfully Cairon managed to stay calm during the massage.....

*BB official website:

BB10 VIDEO: Day 5 - Bra Talk

Carion got an eye full as Dogface reveals her bra size and gives him a demonstration of how to put a bra on, as seen in the video below:

Bra Talk

*BB official website:

Monday, 8 June 2009

BB10: Big Brother 10 Viewing Figures

Big Brother 10 has started off with lower viewing figures as Thursday's launch show was watched by almost 5m viewers in the 9pm slot. A total of 4.8m saw the non-housemates enter the BB10 house. C4+1 had a further 293,000 viewers, adding to the main channels 22% audience share. The viewing figures were 400,000 (24% share) down on the launch of BB9.

Saturday's highlights show saw 1.9m (9%) and 365,000 tuned in on catch up C4+1 as non-housemates sought to become housemates ahead of Sunday's live eviction.

Sunday night (June 7) had 1.8m viewers watching the live eviction at 10pm with 186,000 tuning in on C4+1.

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Sunday, 7 June 2009

BB10: Day 4 - First Big Brother Eviction Revealed

Beinazir became the first person to be evicted from the Big Brother 10 house after failing to become a housemate by the public. The other five contestants that were up for eviction have been voted into BB10 as housemates.

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 4 - Live Eviction

Big Brother 10 has it's first eviction tonight but who will go - Will it be Angel, Beinazir, Marcus, Siavash, Sophia or Sree? Tune in at 22:00 on Channel 4 for the live show.

*BB official website:
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