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Saturday, 30 August 2008

BB9: Day 87 VIDEO - Darnell and Sara Flirt In Pool

This time last week Darnell didn't even want Sara's name mentioned in his presence and now the pair are back to flirting with each other. After sorting out their differences and agreeing to disagree, Sara and Darnell picked up where they left off and got into the Big Brother pool for some late night flirting.
Darnell swam around carrying a tipsy-looking Sara, who had her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. At one point Darnell put his head into the water to blow raspberries on Sara's stomach, making her shriek like a girl being chased in the playground. Big Brother then reminded them to keep the noise down.
"Bad, bad boy!" Sara whispered to a delighted Darnell. "Bad, bad boy! You've got to keep the noise down!"

There was then an intense moment when the pair held hands and looked deeply into each other's eyes, before stroking each other's faces meaningfully, with Sara murmuring, "Naughty boy..."

Half an hour later they were hopping into the bath together for more of the same.

Watch the C4 video below and watch the flirting for yourself.........

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BB9: POLL - Who Do YOU Want To Win Big Brother?

Big Brother 9 finishes next Friday and six housemates have the chance to win £100,000 by becoming the winner of BB9. It is an open race as different opinions pitch certain housemates to win but the public have the final say.

Readers of Big Brother Blog Squad have been correctly predicting which housemate would be evicted each week with amazing accuracy but can the BBBS readers vote for the winner of Big Brother 9?

Voting will remain open until Friday with a few more roller coaster rides before the final night so sway voters. Tuesday at 8pm Channel 4 will reveal two of the housemates who will be going home before Friday and Davina McCall will also be presenting the final week of Big Brothers Big Mouth.

Vote now on the Big Brother Blog Squad Poll on the right hand side of your screen!

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BB9: Day 86 - Lisa's Eviction Interview

The eleventh housemate to be evicted was Lisa and she finally got to meet Davina McCall and talk about aliens, who should win Big Brother and DNA. Here is the Big Brother interview between Lisa and Davina:
Davina: How are you feeling?

Lisa: Such an exciting week, I'm on cloud nine.

Davina: That was the best reception of the whole series.

Lisa: It was beautiful and it means a lot to me, so thank you. It means the world, it really does, thank you.

Davina: You received 4 nominations - it was Darnell, Kat, Rachel and Rex. Were you surprised by any of those?

Lisa: No... I knew it was going that way, nothing's come as a shock.

Davina: The pain of the nominations was relatively short-lived because then you and Sara had the excitement of the game. You both now have £25,000 - what was that like when you realised it was for real, it was happening?

Lisa: I couldn't believe it, I thought there was a twist. It was a fantastic feeling.

Davina: And was there ever a temptation when you thought, £50,000, should I just take it?

Lisa: Never, it was just share. I tell you now, I've got a good heart, I couldn't do that to someone, I couldn't live with that, I'd never dream of it Davina.

Davina: Did you imagine what it would have been like if you'd have been sat opposite someone you didn't trust? Who do you think would have taken [all £50,000]?

Lisa: Rex, Darnell, Mohamed possibly. I think Kathreya would have shared and Rachel, and Mikey definitely. Mikey said to me he would have shared but I think the lads are gamblers and takers, and it shows the way they grab the food and drink in the House.

Davina: The House was pretty strange yesterday. Do you think winning that cash had anything to do with it? Was there any jealousy?

Lisa: A lot of jealousy. Darnell said, "ooo, that's a quarter of the winning prize and you're not even in the final" and that it's going to cause a little bit of jealousy.

Davina:Rex was pretty tough on Sara in particular yesterday. Mikey was there and he valiantly stood up for her. You were sat next to Sara, why didn't you say anything?

Lisa: I don't remember too much about it. I've had a go at Rex before about the way he speaks to people... but Sara can stick up for herself, she's very outspoken.

Davina: What do you make of Rex and Darnell's behaviour towards Sarah then?

Lisa: Well, Rex tried it on little bit with me trying to be bossy and since I've had a word with him, he's not done it.

Davina: But what about Darnell? You interestingly brought up the thought that he might have feelings for her and that it might stem from that.

Lisa: Yes, but she's not aware of that. She says 'Oh really'. I had a chat with her a few weeks ago and I said 'just be aware of how the lads are treating you and are dealing with you because they just want to press your buttons'.

Davina:Let's get on to more pleasant things. Let's talk about the proposal. What was it like?

Lisa: It was weird, it was a total shock. We were talking about [how Mario and I met] and then someone says he's in the Garden and it was uncanny, it was like people sense things. That happens in the House a lot, you can sense certain things. It was like a movie, it was wonderful, it was worth waiting for, 40...

Davina: You're made some amazing claims in the House. I want you to tell me, true or false. You've seen aliens?

Lisa: I thought I had. I think so yeah. I thought I saw a little green man and aliens landing in the field.

Davina: Out of body experience.

Lisa: I believe very much.

Davina: You once ate a hot dog that contained 20 sausages.

Lisa: Oh yes, that was at a nightclub.

Davina: Your mate discovered DNA.

Lisa: Yes she did.

Davina: Amazing. I need to read your book, you must write a book. Now... why do you think Rachel's evil?

Lisa: I wouldn't say evil, she's a really sweet girl but in the first few weeks it was me, Rachel and Mario, and she followed us everywhere, and she was flirting, it was obvious. Maybe it's just insecurity, you're in a small space. You get paranoid.

Davina: Who do you want to win?

Lisa: Mikey

Davina: Just before I show you your best bits, hold that, it's a cheque for £25,000.

Lisa: (Cheers) I've loved it, I've loved it!

(Enter Mario for a hug...)

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BB9 Day 86 VIDEO - Lisa's Best Bits

Here is the video featuring Lisa's 'Best Bits' from the Big Brother house, as seen on her during her Eviction Interview with Davina McCall on Channel 4. It features Lisa during her highs and lows within BB9:

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Friday, 29 August 2008

BB9: Day 86 VIDEO - Lisa Evicted

Lisa was evicted from Big Brother in the closest battle of the series and the best reception from the crowd. She had grown in popularity throughout the series and came out of her shell when Mario was evicted. Watch the video below from Channel 4 of the moment Davina McCall spoke to the house:

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BB9: Day 86 PICTURES - Lisa's Best Pics

Lisa was voted out of the Big Brother house tonight after a massive 86 days in the BB9 house. It was a fantastic week for Lisa with Mario proposing on Sunday and Lisa winning £25,000 on Wednesday night in the Las Vegas Task during the Face To Face Nominations.

It has been an amazing 86 days for Lisa, who grew in popularity and withstood being an outsider to entertain the nation with her funny stories. Trying to select pictures of Lisa was easy, it was narrowing it down that was difficult. Here are a selection of Lisa's best pictures from her Big Brother experience:
Lisa and Mario cross-dress for Mo's birthday
Sara licks sauce off Lisa's boobs
Lisa bored as the Statue of Liberty
Living dead during Thriller Task
Practicing card trick for Vegas Task
Topless for fake tan - being caught by Luke
Lisa as a puppet
Lisa during Cake Task
Wins £25,000 during Prisoners Dilemma
Having trouble with her shorts

Lisa the Hairdresser
Lisa's boobs were focus of attention
Throwing feather during BB Games
Engagement party
Clock Task

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BB9: Day 86 - Lisa Evicted From Big Brother

Lisa became the 11th housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house in the closest eviction battle of the series. Sara and Lisa had been good friends during the series as the pair were thrown together because they were outside the main 'group'.

With 52.6% of the vote, Lisa was evicted from the Big Brother house with the loudest cheers of the series and the best eviction reception. Once again the BBBS Poll predicted the outcome. Readers of Big Brother Blog Squad voted Lisa out with 54%, mirroring the actual result.

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BB9: Day 86 - Sara v Lisa Eviction Poll Update

The BBBS Eviction Poll has just a few hours of voting time left and all indications show that Sara will survive tonight's eviction as Lisa has been getting between 55 - 60 % of the vote in this closely fought eviction battle.

Whoever survives tonight will be in the final week and could win another £100,000 to become the winner of BB9. But will it be late comer Sara who makes it to the final or long suffering Lisa - vote now!

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BB9: Day 86 - Sara and Darnell Patch Things Up

The relationship between Darnell and Sara has never been straight forward and probably never will be. One day they are flirting and having fun, the next day they can't stand the sight of each other as they argue.
Recently Darnell had given Sara a hard time as the pair avoided each other and tensions were still high after Darnell nominated Sara in the Face To Face Nomination on Wednesday.
Sara and Darnell spent time talking about their issues with each other and in general, they cleared the air between themselves and got back to the way they were before they fell out. Sara told Darnell, "Let people get close to you. I really want to be your friend. If you call me at three in the morning, I'll be there."
Meanwhile Darnell explained, "I hate being different." but Sara told it to him straight, "I just think you feel sorry for yourself." She tried to comfort and support him while telling him to "stop with your fucking issues".

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 86 - Kat Feels The Pressure

Housemates are really feeling the pressure of being in the Big Brother house as the final week arrives. Yesterday Darnell wanted to walk, Rex was feeling down and now Kathreya just feels lost. Sitting on the floor she chatted to Darnell about her feelings and fears as the Big Brother Final approaches.
Both housemates feared what the public think of them and Kat was upset at the lack of trust the remaining housemates had in her. Watch the C4 video below and catch a tearful Kat in action:

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BB9: Day 85 - Michael Regrets Nomination

It's been an eventful day in the Big Brother house since Lisa and Sara went up for eviction following the Face To Face Nominations, and then sharing £50,000.

Michael had a change of heart about his nomination of Sara and told Big Brother his reasons. "I did nominate Sara," said Mikey, "I wasn't sure. It was between Darnell and Sara. I don't like the way Darnell has been treating Sara this week. He's been calling her names."

"I feel sorry for voting for Sara because she's done absolutely nothing to me," said Mikey, "what clinched it was that she wasn't an original housemate."

"On reflection," Mikey said, "I should've nominated Darnell. I feel like everyone's getting at Sara because she won the twenty five grand."

A bit too late now Mikey.................

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BB9: Day 85 - Rex Feels Down

Once upon a time Rex was the housemate everyone seemed to exclude. Alexandra disliked him, Dale and Stuart gave him a hard time in the early days. Even Rebecca and Lisa had strong words to say about Rex.

Then Rex became the cool housemate, the one who spoke his mind and ruled the house with his brand of sarcasm. Always going on about his girlfriend and being miserable, until she entered the house. It was all about Nicole for the next three weeks, the other housemates didn't get a look in.

Last week Nicole got evicted and we got the miserable Rex back, now full of sarcasm again and expecting to pick up where he left off. But have the public forgotten?

Seems Rex was missing Nicole and feeling down after his arguments with Michael so spoke to Big Brother in the Diary Room.

"I'm missing Nicole, and general thoughts of how she's doing after she left here. She didn't get a very good reception when she left. I'm just worried about things to do with her, and just feeling generally really depressed in here. I'm really fed up", he told a listening Big Brother.

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BB9: Day 85 - Mikey v Rex

It's going to be a battle til the end as Rex and Mikey's hate/hate relationship continues to cause friction between the two housemates. The pair have exchanged strong words on many occasions and clashed with their strong personalities but this afternoon Michael got the upper hand over Rex as he laid into the Chef.
"You were blaming Sara if Darnell goes," Mikey accused Rex, referring to Rex winding up Sara earlier today and making her feel guilty for Darnell's rumoured exit. "You kept on going on in your usual way grinding her down, harping on about it."

Rex was furious: "You don't want anyone to like me, because you're a jealous little man," he retorted. "You can't take the fact that people like me. That makes you a very pathetic man and I feel sorry for you, honestly. You should think about the things you say."
But Michael shot back: "You don't realise you're a control freak and bullying everybody," he told the chef, who promptly left the room.

"Rex will never accept any responsibility," Mikey fumed to Lisa, who agreed with him. "Classic bully," he went on.
Rex stormed back in: "I'd prefer it if you didn't talk to me or mention my name, if that's how you're going on," he railed. "It's pathetic!"

Michael then branded Rex "selfish" and "materialistic", and asked, "Why do you think I've nominated you six times, Rex?"
As the final week approaches expect the gloves to be off and a bit of a knuckle fight between Rex and Michael.........

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 85 - Darnell Almost Walks Out

Darnell spent an hour in the Diary Room today and told Big Brother he wanted to leave. The other house mates thought he was going as he had put his pictures in his pocket ready to walk.

Why someone would walk out of the Big Brother house with just 8 days left is a bit of a mystery, maybe I'm becoming as cynical as Darnell here because I can't help but feel a final game plan being unleashed. He knows he has made the final and has a chance of winning, but tells the house he wants to leave. Gets sympathy as he tells everyone how much of a fool he is or how he doesn't have anything on the outside.

Later in the day Darnell patched things up with Sara, even after all his harsh words over the past week. The pair had a good heart to heart but Sara was still cautious about their friendship after the comments Darnell had made previously.

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Thursday, 28 August 2008

BB9: Nicole's Eviction Viewing Figures

Nicole became the most unpopular housemate ever to be voted off Big Brother, she drew a respectable audience watching the highlights show on Channel 4. With 3.8 million and an 18% share between 9pm and 10pm, viewing figures were up 300,000 on the previous eviction with Stuart.

Meanwhile, Nicole's eviction interview with Davina McCall pulled in 3.1 million and a 19% share as viewers watched Rex's girlfriend defend her time in the Big Brother house.

Saturday's Big Brother, featuring Nicole's final day in the house was watched by 2.3 million viewers and an 11% share, with an extra 315,000 watching on Channel 4 +1. The programme usually dips Saturday night and the Bank Holiday weekend continued with fewer viewers on Sunday (2.6m/ 11% with 334,000 watching on C4 +1.) than the previous week.

Bank Holiday Monday 25th August - 2.8 million viewers and a 15% share between 10pm and 11.05pm, with an extra 203,000 watching on Channel 4 +1.

Tuesday (Day 83) - 3.2 million viewers and an 18% share to Channel 4 from 10pm, with another 174,000 tuning in to the show on Channel 4 +1

Wednesday (Day 84)- 3.4 million viewers and a 14% share watched the surprise live task. Another 321,000 watched later on Channel 4 +1.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 85 - Kat Upset Mohamed Nominated Rachel

The Face To Face Nominations had a strong effect on certain housemates and Kathreya was one of them. Although she was not even nominated by any of the housemates, she was annoyed that Mohamed voted for Rachel.

Two weeks ago Kat and Mo ended up in the BB Jail for talking about nominations as Kat confronted Mohamed over a comment he made about "tripping up" people in order to make the final. Mo had told Kat he would not trip up Rachel or herself.

As the pair were in the Luxury Bedroom, Mohamed shouted out, "Kathreya's upset I nominated Rachel."

"No, I'm not," Kathreya shot back. "I'm upset that you lied to me."

Mohamed shrugged: "I did tell her I might trip somebody."

"Yeah," retorted Kathreya, "and you said, for the people who are your friends, you will never trip them."

"She upset me," Mohamed explained, "So I had to trip her."

Seems like you can't trust your friends in the Big Brother house.................

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BB9: Day 85 - Rex Calls Darnell A Backstabber

Rex branded Darnell a 'backstabber' after he confessed to nominating Nicole last week. Big Brother permitted housemates to discuss previous nominations after last nights Face To Face Nominations.

"That's not cool, dude," Rex replied. "Arsehole."

Darnell explained that he had done it for the good of the house, adding that he had felt guilty about it ever since. He said he had also felt bad that Mohamed had taken the blame but pointed out that he wasn't allowed to say anything.

"I'm very disappointed in you, dude," Rex sighed. "I never thought that. That's proper stabbed in the back. Backstabber."

He went on to ask what Nicole had done to Darnell to deserve it, but Darnell insisted that it wasn't about that and repeated that he had liked her but knew he had to do it for the group.

"That's a really low blow," Rex claimed. "I expected more."

Later, as Darnell attempted to speak to him, Rex told him: "I'm not even talking to you. I don't care."

*BB official website: and DigitalSpy

BB9: Day 85 POLL - Who Should Be Evicted - Sara or Lisa?

Time to vote once again in the BBBS Eviction Poll.......... Who should be evicted - Sara or Lisa? In what must be a difficult decision, the public will be forced to split up the two friends as the final approaches.

Will Sara get the sympathy vote after being picked on by Darnell and Rex? Could the newly engaged Lisa do the impossible and make it to the final? YOU decide by voting in the BBBS Poll and by dialing the Channel 4 numbers for the official vote line. Most weeks the BBBS Poll have correctly predicted the outcome, so will the readers get it right again this week or will it be too close to call?

Have you had enough of Lisa's craziness and wild stories, does she get under your skin or are you sick of Sara's constant flirting in the BB9 house? Is it time to end Sara's constant tears by voting her out of the Big Brother house or is it time to reunite Lisa with Mario?

Vote now and check out the results here on Big Brother Blog Squad, Friday evening before the eviction on Channel 4.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 85 - Lisa and Sara Each Win £25,000

Minutes after the housemates voted Lisa and Sara to face this weeks public vote, the two girls were in the Task Room winning £25,000 each. In a genuine display of sisterhood both Sara and Lisa agreed to share the £50,000 rather than cheat the other one out of the money.

Big Brother set up the Task Room as a game show with the lovable two sum playing 'Prisoners Dilemma' and the housemates glued to the plasma TV screen, watching their every move. Both could have lied but decided to remain true to their word and share the money, but only one housemate can survive eviction tomorrow.

Who goes, YOU decide!

*BB official website:

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

BB9: Day 84 - Lisa and Sara Play Prisoners Dilemma

Lisa and Sara were called to the Task Room and told they were going to have the chance to win £50,000 in a Prisoners Dilemma game. They would have to choose to Take or Share. If both choose Share - they will get £25,000 each. If one Shares and one Takes then the one who picked Take will have £50,000 and the one who picked Share will go with nothing.

As the rest of the housemates looked on as they watched from the TV screen in the Living Area. Lisa and Sara then had one minute to discuss which block they would pick but did not have to tell the truth. Both said they would share within a few seconds.

Lisa and Sara both remained true to their word and chose to share the £50,000, and would leave with £25,000 each. The girls hugged and Lisa gave Sara a piggy back telling the cameras they were both genuine.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 84 - Sara and Lisa Nominated For Eviction

Sara and Lisa will face the public vote after housemates nominated them in a live face to face nomination showdown. Each housemate had just one minute to write the two names down and then had to stand up and turn their card over and say who they had nominated.

Only Mohamed was exempt because he is Head of House and already into the final next week.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 84 - Face To Face Nominations Revealed

Face to face nominations happened live on Channel 4 as housemates wrote down the names of the two housemates they wished to nominate and then Big Brother made each housemate stand up and reveal their nominations.

Here are the results:

Darnell - Sara and Lisa
Kathreya - Lisa and Sara
Lisa - Rex and Rachel
Michael - Rex and Sara
Mohamed - Sara and Michael
Rachel - Lisa and Rex
Rex - Sara and Lisa
Sara - Rachel and Darnell
Lisa and Sara will face the public vote this week as housemates were told they were free to discuss previous nominations because this was the final week for nominations.
*BB official website:

BB9: Day 84 - New Vegas Task Revealed

Head of House Mohamed was called to the Diary Room to collect the second part of this weeks Shopping Task as part of the Las Vegas Task.

"For the second part of this week's shopping Task, housemates must gamble away the total of £280 on the slot machines. In order to pass, housemates will have two hours in which to gamble away all £280 and any winnings they accrue. Big Brother will provide housemates with £280 in 10p coins."

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 84 VIDEO - Vegas Task Result

Housemates have been living it up Viva Las Vegas style as Big Brother splashed out for the final Shopping Task. On Day 83, housemates put on a stunning performance and passed part one but would they succeed for the Slot Machine Task?
A luxury budget was at stake and housemates had everything to gamble but would their luck run out? Watch the C4 video below and find out the results:

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 84 - Darnell Turns on Lisa

So far this week, Darnell has fallen out with Sara and Kathreya and next up was Lisa, after they had a conversation about Michael's blindness.

Darnell was talking to Sara and Lisa about the difficulties Michael has faced in the House, and warned them that he thinks congratulating Michael on his performance in Tasks could be seen as patronising.

"Even with the Michael Jackson Task, whenever he'd do something you guys would go 'That's amazing!'," he told them animatedly. "That's not helping, dude. People with disabilities, they wanna be able to do it to the best of their ability. They don't wanna be told that things are amazing. We're all on TV and we don't wanna look like ****s."

"I don't think anyone said 'You're amazing'," objected Sara. "We said 'You're doing well'."

But Darnell didn't want to debate. "Trust me, it's on camera," he concluded dismissively, getting up.

"You're always right," Lisa told him sarcastically as he walked away.

"Yeah," he grunted over his shoulder.

Lisa turned to Sara. "What is the matter with him?"

"I don't know. Who knows," murmured Sara. "Just shut up and don't say anything. It's the best way."

"But then it's like, he's always saying 'Oh it's on camera, it's on camera.' Yeah, exactly - it's on camera what nice people we are! Nice, caring people. There should be more like that in the world. Might be a better place!" Lisa concluded proudly.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 84 - Mikey Rants About Rex

Michael was not a happy housemate after Rex's late night talking kept the Scottish housemate awake, causing him to rant.

For ****'s sake. I didn't get any ******* sleep. That's why I'm tired today, because inconsiderate people were chatting at the top of their voice for about a ******* hour. Why the **** could they not just go to the ********** living room? I'm absolutely furious at him," he spat, referring to Rex. "He's one of the most inconsiderate people I've ever met. It was at the top of his voice!"

Sara, Lisa and Kathreya all tried to be sympathetic but Rex had better watch out - Mikey is about...............

*BB official website:

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

BB9: Day 83 - Vegas Task Result

Housemates have passed tonight's part of the Las Vegas Task, following Kat and Sara's magic act and Darnell and Mikey's singing efforts.

The good news is this means they have won a Luxury Shopping Budget for the final week in the Big Brother house.

The bad news? Well, they'll find that out when Part Two of the Las Vegas Task continues tomorrow.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 83 PICTURES - Vegas Task

This weeks Shopping Task has been to perform tricks and entertainment for the Vegas Task. The final eight housemates got into the Viva Las Vegas spirit and had fun, so here are some pictures from today. Click the image below to see the bigger picture:

The last eight housemates
Darnell and Mikey
Mo is King!
Lisa with card trick
Sara and Kat grinning

Elton John and Kiki Dee?
Lisa in Vegas uniform
Mo watched Rex getting out of straight jacket

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 83 VIDEO - Vegas Task Magic Show

There is a touch of magic in the Big Brother house with the Viva Las Vegas Task. Kat and Sara united to put on a magic show for the other housemates, watch the C4 video below "it's magic!"

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 83 - Kat and Sara Discuss Silent Darnell

Kat has really been feeling the wrath of Darnell as he continued throughout the day refusing to talk to her. In the garden Kat chatted to Sara about the situation, "Darnell's been funny with me today," she told Sara.

"Really?" Sara frowned.

"Yeah," Kat replied gloomily. "I tried to talk to him a few times but he doesn't want to talk. I don't know why."

"Was it because we were chatting last night?" asked Sara. "Because I don't know why that would be a problem. He'll come around though, he does it all the time."

"I tried to talk to him, and we just answered and talked, but we didn't have a conversation," Kat continued. "He said he didn't want to talk to me. I don't understand."

"He'll be talking soon," Sara consoled her. "You just don't know when it's over, do you? You never know."

"I wanna know," Kathreya insisted. But it looks like she will have to wait until Darnell is ready to talk. He already made it clear previously that he didn't approve of Kat being friends with Sara.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 83 - Darnell Goes Silent On Kathreya

Darnell has gone silent on Kathreya and just does not want to talk to her about it.

"Do you want to talk to me?" she asked plaintively in the bedroom, as Darnell made his bed.
"Not really," Darnell replied politely.
"Why not?" Kathreya asked.
"'Cause I'm just gonna be chillin' until I go home," he explained.

But Kathreya wouldn't let it lie. "Why don't you want to talk to me?" she repeated. "We're friends."
"Because there's nothing to say," Darnell replied firmly.

Still not taking the hint, Kathreya asked, "Why you act funny for?"

She then questioned whether he realised he had upset her yesterday and wanted to know if she had done something wrong. Darnell, however, just walked out of the room leaving a confused Kat to mutter, "Very rude."

*BB official website:
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