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Sunday, 24 August 2008

BB9: Day 81 PICTURES - Lisa's Engagement Party

To celebrate a very special day in the Big Brother house - an engagement party was thrown for Lisa, and Mario was there in spirit to enjoy the festivities.
Mo got started on the canap├ęs. Darnell put a pink rose down in his top. Rex wolfed down some chocs and Lisa popped open the champers. Clink clink.
"First of all thanks for coming and supporting me today" Lisa began. "Here's a toast to mine and Mario's engagement. Wish Mario was here. Love you Mario."

Cardboard cut-out Mario looked on. And then Big Brother played "You Raise Me Up" which launched the housemates into a vocal assault and battery of the tune.
"This is so special, it means a lot," said Lisa. "Let's hold hands."
"Does anyone know the words," asked Mo poignantly.

Group photo
Lisa, Mario and Michael enjoy a drink together

Mario and Mikey reunited at last
Darnell, Lisa and Mario at the party
Lisa copies Mario's pose!

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