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Saturday, 31 July 2010

BB11: Sam Given Secret Task

Day 53: Sam only arrived in the Big Brother house last night and already he has caused a stir - jumping on Josie and John James bed while they were enjoying some 'quality time' and generally winding up several of the housemates.

But Big Brother had a few ticks up their sleeve for the newbie and set him a Secret Task - if he wanted his suitcase, he would have to wear the four outfits Big Brother had provided in the suitcase. If he manages to convince the housemates the flamboyant outfits are his own, then he will get his suitcase back, if he doesn't he will be forced to wear such outfits like the pink tracksuit above.
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BB11 VIDEO: Ben Is Evicted From Big Brother

Day 53: Here is the moment Ben found out he had been evicted from the Big Brother house and John James found out he was safe. Davina McCall revealed the results to the BB11 house as Ben was shown the front door after fifty two days inside the house.

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BB11 PICTURE: Naked Hunk Takes Shower

Day 53: Housemates were left goggle eyed as a sexy hunk joined them in the bathroom, stripping off and taking a shower while the Big Brother housemates tried to ignore him as part of the Ignore The Obvious Task.

Rachel brushed her teeth and managed a sneaky peak while Mario was the most excited, with Corin a very close second as the hunk showered and then dried himself off. Viewers of Big Brother even caught a glimpse of his manhood during the Task.

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Friday, 30 July 2010

BB11: Latest Housemate To Be Evicted From Big Brother Is....

Day 52: The Big Brother house was a crazy place to be tonight as Davina McCall and Jedward went into the house and yet another housemate joined BB11. It was a close battle between Dave and Ben, but it was Ben who got the most votes in the public vote with 52%. Dave and Andrew were told they were safe from eviction after Davina left the house. Josie was worried that John James would be evicted after he went head to head with Ben.

Ben became unpopular with some of the housemates and annoyed the public with his lack-lustre effort in the Ignore The Obvious Task. The question remains - what will Mario do now his former best friend in the house has gone?

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BB11: Bookies Latest Eviction Prediction

Day 52: The very latest bookies prediction for the sixth eviction from the Big Brother house appears to be pointing too the end of the road for posh Ben.

Earlier this week it was Dave who was the clear favourite for eviction but as events in the BB11 house unfolded, Ben became the loser in the public eye as housemates turned against him.

The very latest odds from Paddy Power have the four housemates on:

Ben 4/9

Dave 13/8

Andrew 12/1

John James 33/1

The bookmakers believe it will be a close call between Dave and Ben as viewers have the final say during the live show tonight. Meanwhile Corin is the current favourite to win the final series with John James and Josie also in contention.

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BB11: New Housemate To Enter Big Brother

Day 52: One housemate will be evicted and another housemate will enter the Big Brother 11 house tonight. After Laura quit in near record time earlier this week, housemate hopeful was given his big break after not being picked by the housemates last Friday.

He promised to shake things up in the house after branding the other housemates boring, but will he find himself isolated quickly once he is inside the BB11 house?

Jedward and Davina McCall will spend some time in the Big Brother house this evening as part of the 'Ignore The Obvious' Task.

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BB11 VIDEO: John James Warns Andrew

Day 52: John James took Andrew aside in the Nest and had a few words with him about his feelings for Josie, as this Big Brother video shows. Things had been a little awkward after Andrew revealed his attraction to Josie during his drunken antics in the house. Will the situation get better or worse between the pair?

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Thursday, 29 July 2010

BB11 PICTURES: Tourists Invade Big Brother House

Day 51: A large group of Asian Tourists invaded the Big Brother house and the housemates had to ignore them as they snapped away with their cameras. Running around the house and garden, the excited tourists posed next to the housemates. But John James and JJ found it hard not to react - will the housemates pass the Ignore The Obvious Task, find out soon......


Josie and John James

Mario and John James under pressure

Have JJ and John James incurred a fail?

Poor Rachel can't even brush her teeth in peace


No rest for the Dave!

Not so cosy for Ben and Mario

JJ and John James

Ben carries on moaning

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BB11: Davina McCall To Enter Big Brother House

Day 51: Housemates will see Davina McCall from inside the house during Friday night's eviction. As part of this week's hilarious 'Ignore The Obvious' Shopping Task, Davina will enter the Big Brother house as she presents the show at 9pm.

Also joining her in the garden will be Jedward, who will be performing their new single. The housemates must ignore all that is going on if they are to win money for their Shopping budget. They have so far seen a stripper postman, Mario's granddad as Santa, a brass band, Dave and Steve's wives enjoying tea in the garden, Marcus Bentley (the voice of Big Brother) narrating, tourists taking pictures, gorillas running around, zombies and an estate agent showing people around the Big Brother house!

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BB11: Big Brother Viewing Figures - Day 42 - 49

Two housemates walked and three new housemates entered the Big Brother house as BB11 viewing figures continued to keep over 2 million fans happy each night on Channel 4. Year on year, the viewing figures have improved almost every night and a fitting end to the long running reality programme.

Day 49 (Tue 27 July) - As John James broke free through the fire exit was seen by 2.4 million (13.7%).

Day 48 (Mon 26 July) - The John James/Josie saga continued to entertain 2.35 million (12.8%) and another 126,000 (1.3%) on C4+1

Day 47 (Sun 25 July) - The three new housemates adjusted to life in the BB11 house with 2.21million viewers (8.6%) and 310,000 (1.6%) on C4+1.

Day 46 (Sat 24 July) - The usual Saturday night dip meant that just 1.68 million (7.9%) viewers tuned in.

Day 45 (Fri 23 July) - No eviction but three new housemates and an interview with walker Caoimhe was watched by 2.3 million (10.9%) (+1 222,000 1.3%) and 2.54m (15.7%), +1: 237,000 2.5%) at 9pm and 10.30pm.

Day 44 (Thu 22 July) - BB High Task attracted 2.4m (13.3%) for Channel 4 between 10pm and 11.10pm. The programme took an additional 184,000 (1.9%) as housemates performed their musical number 'Don't Stop Believing'

Day 43 (Wed 21 July) - Andrew Stone (Pineapple Studios) was busy in the BB11 house trying to lead the housemates for BB High Task and 2.43m (13.7%) tuned in between 10pm and 11.10pm. A further 229,000 (2.5%) watched the show on Channel 4 +1.

Day 42 (Tue 20 July) - Tensions high and Caoimhe walking out had 2.41m (13.6%) viewers between 10pm and 11.10pm, and 246k 000 (2.7%).

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BB11: John James Bitches About Housemates

Day 51: Big Brother is set to punish the housemates after John James and Josie broke the rules by having a private conversation in the garden while leaving their microphones in the bedroom. Big Brother called them to the Diary Room, warning them that Big Brother was no fool and because of their actions the housemates would be punished.

John James had a rant with Josie and Dave, saying everything in the House is being 'over dramatised' . He explained how he hates the fact that Corin keeps on asking Andrew if he is ok about being up for eviction every 5 minutes. 'There's 3 other people' up too you know' he added.

He then complained how all the housemates made far too big a deal about Laura leaving the House. 'She was only in here 5 minutes and everybody is acting like she was their best friend' he exclaimed.

John James then turned the focus of his rant to Ben. 'All Benjy ever does nowadays is complain and he's always in a mood too. He keeps on saying he's going to leave if he doesn't get any sleep but never does'.

In a brilliantly catchy sign off to this particular gripe the Aussie heartthrob said 'If you can't hack it, get your jacket'.

Finally, perhaps slightly surprisingly, John James turned on his good friend Mario. 'Mario's getting really stroppy lately when he doesn't get his own way, like when he didn't get the lead in the music video'. 'I never realised how much of a glory hogger he was and how much he loves the limelight'

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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

BB11 POLL: Which Housemate Has The Best Body?

Day 50: Our Big Brother Poll this week asks 'Which Housemate Has The Best Body'? We've even provided pictures to give you a helping hand. Vote at the top right hand side of this website and results will be revealed later on Sunday. If you are struggling between JJ and John James or Josie and Rachel - then vote for both of them ..... you are spoilt for choice!


Ben Mario





John James




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BB11: Postman Strips During Ignore The Obvious Task

Day 50: A stripping postman entered the Big Brother house as part of this weeks Shopping Task called Ignore The Obvious. Not only a semi naked postman to contend with but a brass band, Mario's granddad dressed as Santa, Ben's friend as a toilet attendant - meaning the housemates will have their work cut out for themselves.

Big Brother deems reacting as:

Pointing, laughing, gasping, gawking, smirking, screaming. jumping, running away, eyebrow raising, closing of eyes, flinching, crying, covering of face, burying heads in hands or interacting with the event in any way.

They are also not permitted to discuss the events with their fellow housemates.

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BB11: Laura Quits House After Five Days

Day 50: Another housemate bites the dust as newest housemate Laura from Stratford-Upon-Avon quit the BB11 house in less than a week. The 20 year-old was picked by the housemates to enter the house with two others on Friday night, but by Sunday was finding the whole experience too much and threatened to leave Big Brother.

After being persuaded to stick with it, Laura promised not to ask to leave again but this morning she left the house via the Diary Room - unknown to all the remaining housemates. She had been worried about the crowd reaction to her arrival on Friday as they booed her and became more concerned about how her boyfriend was reacting to the things she revealed prior to entering the BB11 house.

The news will come as a disappointment to housemates who were hoping Laura would become more involved in the house and overcome the lows.

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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

BB11 POLL: Your Favourite New Housemate

Day 49: We asked you which new housemate was your favourite recently and over 70% of you picked boxing hunk JJ as your choice, leaving Laura and Jo far behind with less than 30% of the votes split equally between them.

JJ has caught the attention of Corin and the viewers as he walked around topless in the Big Brother garden on Saturday. Will opinions change over the coming days? Of course they will!

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BB11: Laura Requests To Leave Big Brother 11

Day 49: Laura became the latest housemate to feel the strain of living in the Big Brother house, after just one weekend inside the BB11 house. The Stratford-Upon-Avon girl spoke in the Diary Room about her nerves and not being able to be herself inside the house.

Requesting in the Diary Room to leave, Big Brother began to get things ready for her departure. It was other housemates such as Corin and Josie who persuaded Laura to stay. Ben told her to stay at least until Friday so she could experience a whole week inside the Big Brother house.

"I've had it a few times but it does go," Josie added. "I know this sounds weird, Laura, but I'm glad you've got it as well. I won't have Davina. I'll have men in white coats waiting for me."

"You came all the way up here against six people all because you wanted to come in and then two days later you're going," Corin said.

"This isn’t bad, this is to have a good time - feel the highs, feel the lows."

Laura was convinced to stay and was soon getting involved with the Save and Replace Task.

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BB11: John James Finally Kisses Josie

Day 49: A dramatic 24 hours in the house for John James ended with some under the covers confessions and the long awaited kiss between himself and Josie. Hours earlier John James had left the BB11 house as emotions ran high between the pair but now the Australian and Bristolian have sorted out their feelings.

Josie confided in Corin this morning saying, "I promised him I wouldn’t talk about it to anyone but I've got the biggest mouth in Bristol," Josie began. "I am in state of shock 'cause he said he's been acting like that 'cause he feels the same way.

"He wants to speak about it on the outside 'cause he wants to see if its real or not, if I'm real."

Corin asked if there has been any further proof when the two were cuddled up in bed, before letting out a loud scream after Josie revealed that they kissed.

"It was a long kiss on the lips," Josie described. "He said, 'I told you what I was like with girls - shy around girls'.

The two went to the garden for a cigarette but the conversation soon turned to the new house romance.

"I said to John James, 'How long have you been feeling like this?'. Then he said, 'Always, but I've been trying to deny it'," Josie revealed.

Corin joked that John James had taken his time to confess this and that there would now be a lot of "sexual tension" in the house.

However Josie continued: "He said this environment isn't real and he don’t reckon my feelings are real. Maybe they're not 'cause you're in an environment...

"I wonder if things will be the same outside. How can things be the same Cor? I'm a Bristolian and he's an Australian."

"Whatever's going to happen will happen," her friend replied.

*Story from: DigitalSpy
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BB11: Nomination Latest - Steve Saved From Eviction

Day 49: Four housemates were involved with this week's Save And Replace Task to try and save themselves from eviction. Steve came out victorious as Corin caught his bouquet of flowers, and had to select another housemate to replace him.

Steve made the difficult decision to replace himself with Andrew, meaning it will be an all male public vote this week as Andrew joins Ben, Dave and John James facing eviction.

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Monday, 26 July 2010

BB11: Four Housemates Nominated For Eviction

Day 48: Four housemates have been nominated for eviction, with Dave automatically facing the public vote after breaking rules again when he spoke to Ben about nominations.

The housemates up for eviction will have a chance to save themselves on Tuesday during the 'Save And Replace' Task. Looks like we could be having an all male eviction night on Friday, with Dave being the bookies favourite to go..........

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BB11: John James Leaves Big Brother By Fire Exit

Day 48: Dramatic events took place in the Big Brother house as John James finally cracked and had enough of the house, escaping via the fire exit as emotions ran high. The popular housemate could take the situation with Josie no more. The pair had fallen out earlier after comparing the pair to Shabby and Caoimhe, upsetting Josie in the process.

At 15:20 John James opened the fire exit after a conversation with Josie under the bed covers turned bad as she became upset at John James words, not even allowing him to discuss or apologise about the choice of words. He decided to leave via the Mole Hole door in the garden but Big Brother were waiting on the other side and managed to persuade him to discuss the matter further in the Diary Room.

He re-entered the Big Brother house and apologised to Josie for upsetting her earlier. Watch this space for more news...............

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Sunday, 25 July 2010

BB11: Mario In A Mood At Party

Day 47: Last night Big Brother gave the housemates a party but Mario was not in the party mood as he sulked away from the housemates, opting for a shower instead. Soon after Mario could be heard crying in the toilet out of camera view as he became the latest housemate to feel the Big Brother blues.

The departure of friends like Ife and Sunshine and the arrival of six new housemates in recent weeks took it's toll on the former Mole. He even declined alcohol during the party as he told housemates he was not in the right emotional state.

Some housemates suspected the reason for his mood was because the friendship between himself and Ben had become strained of late, although Mario denied this later when questioned by Ben. Speaking in the bathroom, Mario told Rachel, "I just feel like everything's just become so predictable in here, everything's become a pattern. I'm having the exact same conversations over and over... It's got nothing to do with other people."

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BB11: Steve Considers Leaving Big Brother House

Day 47: Steve became the latest housemate to consider quitting the Big Brother house this weekend as the pressure of living in the house without contact with his family became too much yesterday.

He told Mario and Jo that he wanted to leave because he was missing his family, the pair quickly tried to talk him out of leaving BB11.

Later, he told Andrew, Ben and David how he had been feeling. Steve said: "When I woke up this morning, I was ready to roll in there and say, 'Right, I'm going home'.

"I just got up, had this mental block and was like, 'I've done what I wanted to do, I've done my eight weeks, I want to go'. But I'm not going to."

Ben said that he was happy that the 41-year-old had decided to stay, but added: "You know that no-one would think ill of you. We all respect you a great deal." Steve said that the main issue was that he was missing his wife and children.

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