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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

BB11: Laura Requests To Leave Big Brother 11

Day 49: Laura became the latest housemate to feel the strain of living in the Big Brother house, after just one weekend inside the BB11 house. The Stratford-Upon-Avon girl spoke in the Diary Room about her nerves and not being able to be herself inside the house.

Requesting in the Diary Room to leave, Big Brother began to get things ready for her departure. It was other housemates such as Corin and Josie who persuaded Laura to stay. Ben told her to stay at least until Friday so she could experience a whole week inside the Big Brother house.

"I've had it a few times but it does go," Josie added. "I know this sounds weird, Laura, but I'm glad you've got it as well. I won't have Davina. I'll have men in white coats waiting for me."

"You came all the way up here against six people all because you wanted to come in and then two days later you're going," Corin said.

"This isn’t bad, this is to have a good time - feel the highs, feel the lows."

Laura was convinced to stay and was soon getting involved with the Save and Replace Task.

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