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Saturday, 3 January 2009

CBB6: Day 2 - Task Twister

The first task in the Celeb Big Brother 6 house has already been twisted by Big Brother, with Terry as Head of House, secretly watching their behaviour throughout the Ego Task, and has to decide which housemate has the most inflated ego. And the housemate he selects will be secretly nominated for eviction.

The credits were decided democratically - so Terry has to shoot a little 20-seconds to-camera piece from each housemate to accompany their credit. "Let your personality shine," advised Terry.

And still there's more. Cos they've been very good celebrities, they also won two tokens. But one has been swiftly swiped back cos Latoya snuck into Terry's private quarters earlier today, which is a rule break. This Task has been working on so many levels. Who knew?

So when it's all done and dusted who will Terry choose - you'll have to watch Sunday night's show to find out.

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CBB6: Day 2 VIDEO - Conflicting Ego

As the Celeb Big Brother housemates got to grips with their first Task, the ego alert was triggered as the mix of personalities flowed. Who will get their name up in lights during tomorrow's rolling credits?
Watch this Channel 4 video and watch the conversation:

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CBB6: Day 2 TASK - Ego Task

For the first time ever, and for one show only, the CBB housemates will appear in the closing credits of an episode of Celebrity Big Brother. For today's Task housemates have to decide between themselves who should receive which credit.

One housemate will receive a starring credit, two will receive a 'co-starring' credit, two will receive a 'featuring' credit, three housemates will receive an 'extras' credit and three poor housemates will receive no credit at all.

Once they've decided, Head of House Terry will then be given a camera to film the credited housemates in a 'closing credits style' way, which will be broadcast at the end of tomorrow's Celebrity Big Brother episode.

So who'll be the diva, who'll be the leading man? And will there be any more twists to this tale of egos? We'll just have to wait and see..........

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CBB6: Day 2 - Terry Made Head of House

Terry Christian became the first Celebrity Head of House because he was the last housemate to select a bed. He was rewarded with a separate luxury bedroom, with constant hot water. He will also be immune from nomination next week. Terry will be the housemate nominating for the public vote for Fridays first eviction.

Big Brother continued to reward Terry for his chivalrously - Ben Adams presented him with a late night cup of cocoa and cookies. But Terry was less than impressed saying, "I don't like milky drinks."

"Well I'm not taking it back," said Ben, shoving the offerings through the door of the Luxury Bedroom.

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Friday, 2 January 2009

Celeb BB6: Day1 - POLL - Who Do You Want To Win Celeb BB6?

This weeks poll on Big Brother Blog Squad asks "Who Do You Want To Win Celeb BB6?"
Eleven celebrities have entered the Big Brother house but only one housemate can win the crown. Who would YOU like to win? Vote now in the poll .................

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Celeb BB6: Housemates Pictures

Here are the pictures of the Celebrity Big Brother 6 Housemates:

Ulrika Johnson, Terry Christian, Michelle Heaton

Coolio, Verne Troyer, Tommy Sheridan

Tina Malone, Mutya, Lucy Pinder

La Toya Jackson, Ben Adams

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Celeb BB6: Who Is In The Celebrity Big Brother House?

Who is in the Celebrity Big Brother 6 house? Here is the full list:

1. La Toya Jackson (Michael Jackson's sister)
2. Mutya (ex-Sugababes)
3. Verne Troyer (Mimi Me from Austin Powers)
4. Tommy Sheridan (Scottish Socialist)
5. Lucy Pinder (Glamour Girl)
6. Ben Adams (ex- A1)
7. Tina Malone(Shameless)
8. Coolio (Rapper)
9. Michelle Heaton (ex- Liberty X)
10. Terry Christian (The Word)
11. Ulrika Johnson

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Celebrity Big Brother 6

Celebrity Big Brother is back for a sixth series and Big Brother Blog Squad will be bringing you the news, videos, pictures and gossip.

Keep checking back for updates throughout the series.

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