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Saturday, 26 July 2008

BB9: Big Brothers Big Beard Speaks Out!

Big Brothers Big Mouth Speaks Out:

"Rebecca has been evicted from the Big Brother house and now the questions are being asked, 'How will the remaining housemates entertain us?' 'Will viewers switch off now the biggest character has gone?'. It seems that the voting public never learns, first they vote all the women out then they vote all the interesting characters out of the house."

"BB9 stands at an important crossroads, if Big Brother bosses fail to ignite the remaining housemates - viewers will switch off. Who wants to watch a bunch of 'nice' people being nice to each other 24/7? We are sadists and like them to bicker and bitch as well as have a romance so we can split them up later. That is the nature of the beast. With Rebecca gone, her friends inside the Big Brother house will be feeling venerable. Luke, Dale and Stuart will be easy targets for the picking who might find it hard to survive a public vote against Maysoon, Rachel or Kathreya. Simply because the public will vote out anyone who has something to say."

"Rex and Dale were correct when they told Maysoon she was indecisive and dull. People that avoid any confrontation or express opinion go undetected and the danger can be we'll end up with a Big Brother house that gets along lovely but is as dull as f**k to watch! It's time the public woke up and started voting tactically instead of on personality."

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BB9: Day 51 VIDEO - Rebecca's Best Bits

Rebecca Shiner was evicted from the Big Brother house last night, giving an interesting interview with Davina McCall. Shouting "Down with Cookie Power" in a reference to Kathreya and she branded Mohamed a "slug". During Bex's 51 days in the BB9 house she gave us so much entertainment so watch this Channel 4 video below and see her 'Best Bits':

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Friday, 25 July 2008

BB9: POLL - 'Biggest Game Players' Final Day

BBBS readers have been voting since Tuesday to decide which Big Brother 9 housemates are the 'Biggest Game Players'. The poll ends today. If you have not voted yet, this will be your final chance to influence the final outcome. Will Luke be crowned or will one of the other housemates steal his crown to become the 'Biggest Game Player' in the BB9 house?

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BB9: Day 51 VIDEO - Rebecca Evicted From BB9

Catch the moment Davina McCall announced to the BB9 house that Rebecca Shiner had become the sixth housemate to be evicted in the video below.

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BB9: Day 51 - Rebecca's Best Pictures

Rebecca has been evicted from the Big Brother 9 house and here are a selection of pictures to celebrate her best bits during her 51 days in the house, we salute you Bex!

An excited Rebecca screams her way into Big Brother

Truth or Dare game has Rebecca getting her boobs out

A drunken kiss between Bex and Luke starts an unusual romance

Day 50 and Rebecca puts a pillow on her head to entertain

During the Zoo Task, Bex wipes the Diary Room seat with her wet bottom

Rebecca gets fit during the French Cycling Task while living in Hell
Rebecca gets her breasts out doing star jumps

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BB9: Day 51 - Rebecca Evicted From Big Brother House

Rebecca Shiner became the sixth person to be evicted from the Big Brother house. As expected the public voted yet another girl out of the BB9 series with Coventry's Bex going head to head with popular housemate Darnell and previous eviction winner Mohamed. Rebecca wore a leopard dress and her make up was applied by Lisa while earlier in the evening housemates heard chants of "Get Bex out". Previously Rebecca received 23% of the public vote when she went up against Mario but had 65.4% of the vote this week.

Fans will no longer see the flirtatious relationship between Luke and Rebecca, the house will be quieter without her but at least it could signal the end of food fights. Davina McCall announced the results on Channel 4 with an expected audience of over 3m tuning in.

Lisa later commented that Rebecca had plenty of cheers as she left the house and was a popular character. She told Michael that she reminded her of Vicky Pollard as they discussed her eviction. Michael said that Rebecca was "the last of that group" - Dennis, Jen, Sylvia forming parts of that group. Lisa replied that Rebecca had "got in with the wrong crowd".

Previous BB9 evictions:

Week 1 - Stephanie was evicted with 48% of the vote

Week 3 - Sylvia was evicted with 90% of the vote

Week 4 - Jennifer was evicted with 89% of the vote

Week 5 - Mario was evicted with 77% of the vote

Week 6 - Belinda was evicted with 65% of the vote

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BB9: Day 51 - Stuart and Luke Fear Group Will Turn on Them

Stuart and Luke both agreed that if Rebecca gets evicted then the rest of the Big Brother house would turn against the group. Stuart told Luke he had enjoyed his time in the Heavenly side of the house and would sooner stay there with people he liked.

The pair feared being nominated if Rebecca gets evicted. They said that if Rebecca stays then she would be "feared" by the house and become stronger. Luke said he thought Mohamed would be evicted, but Stuart thinks Darnell would go. Meanwhile in the garden Michael told Rachel that he thought Rebecca would be staying because she beat Mario.

Yet only a miracle will save Bex now as voting comes to a close. So far four out of five evictions in BB9 have been for female housemates and tonight it looks like Rebecca will become the fifth girl to be evicted, with Mohamed second and Darnell third. But you can never tell until Davina McCall reveals the news.

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BB9: Day 51 - Mohamed Does Nothing!

It could be Mohamed's last day and he treated it as any other by doing erm........... nothing! In fact Mo has been so quiet this week even Kathreya was forced to ask him if he was OK.

Each nominated housemate reacts differently - Rebecca has been getting her boobs out every five minutes, Darnell has been talking non-stop about possible eviction but Mohamed has carried on eating and drinking and more eating as nothing was happening. His quietness may be his game plan to avoid eviction and stay off the screen this week.

We might not even notice if Mohamed leaves the Big Brother house tonight.....................
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BB9: Day 51 PICTURES - Rex, Dale and Bex Get Pelted With Eggs

Rex, Dale and Rebecca stood in the garden to get a pelting of eggs, delivered by Hell housemates and Stuart. Luke provided the commentary saying that the Head of House Dale was covered in yolk. It was all part of an afternoon of entertainment created by the BB9 housemates.
Bex went topless but was soon sent running with egg on her face as eggs began flying everywhere. Rex covered his crotch but remained confident, while a splattered Dale covered his privates and face with Tupperware containers. Let's just say that the windows might need a clean today!

Here are a selection of pictures from DigitalSpy/C4:

Bex,Rex and Dale cover up
Bex covers face, Rex and Dale cover crotch
Egg-citing stuff
Rex and Dale covered in eggs

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 51 - Darnell's Naked Shower In Garden

Darnell stripped off and gave Big Brother housemates an eyeful, of course it is nothing to do with the possible eviction tonight!

The Hell housemate was taking a shower in the garden but decided to do a 'Bex' and strip off in a last hour bid to remain in the BB9 house. "What are you doing, man?" asked a perturbed Mo.
"Oh my gosh, are you naked?" squealed Rachel. "Tell me when you're not naked anymore. Oh, Darnell!"

"Ha! Did I ruin it for you?" laughed Darnell.
"No, I just don't want to see you naked, that's all," said Rachel, turning away.

Kathreya kept staring and seemed to be enjoying herself. "Oh my God!" she yelled.
"Yup. That's a sight to wake up to, isn't it?" said Darnell proudly. "I had to get in there man. It could be my last night."
Good move Darnell....................people might forget the Head of House arguments now!

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 51 - Eviction Time - Mo,Bex or Darnell?

It's eviction time again in the Big Brother house and it's a three housemate race. Unlike previous weeks where it was 'easy' to tell who the public would evict, tonight's eviction will reflect feelings now and not from six days ago. The arguments between Dale and Mo have long been forgotten and Darnell's disastrous leadership as Head of House is but a distant memory. Bex may well become the easy victim due to her constant snogging and boob showing .

The public have the power to end a dream or continue the tale, so get voting for the housemate YOU want out of the BB9 house. Davina McCall will announce the results just before 10pm - will the bookies prediction of Rebecca going, be correct?

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 51 - Luke Confesses Feelings To Rebecca

Alone in the Luxury Bedroom, Luke confessed to Rebecca his true feelings for her. Seeing her kiss Mohamed for a 'joke' had hurt him and he didn't think he would feel the way he did.

Luke admitted that when he first kissed Rebecca, it had been just a joke but now his feelings were very different. He told her he didn't want to spoil what could be her last night in the house and said that they should just be friends. Rebecca tried to ease the pain by telling Luke that she was just having fun by kissing Mo. "I can't even stand him!", she said in defence of her actions but the damage was already done as a stunned Luke repeated his sadness over and over.

In cryptic words the most unlikely Big Brother couple tried to communicate their feelings for each other, each time another housemate would enter the room. Eventually they joined the rest of the house as Rebecca looks set to face eviction - unless a miracle takes place tonight.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 51 VIDEO - Mo and Bex Snog!

Watch the C4 video below of the moment Mohamed and Rebecca kiss during a 'Pass The Orange' game, a shocked house look on but Luke is far from happy. Close to tears he tells housemates he feels sick...........

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 51 - Mo and Bex Kiss!

It was a game of 'Pass The Orange' that went wrong - Mo dropped the orange and after refusing the forfeit of having a drink, Rebecca said "You've got to snog me." Shocked housemates gasped and Rex filmed the snog as the pair got down to their drunken kiss.

All the house joined in perfect union, "oh my god" as Luke looked on in horror as Rebecca kissed Mohamed. His reply was "I feel really sick" before retreating to the Luxury Bedroom a broken man.............

*BB official website:

Thursday, 24 July 2008

BB9: Day 50 - Dale Angry As BB Deny Party

Dale was feeling angry after Big Brother denied housemates a party because they failed in keeping Big Brother entertained during the afternoon task.

"The last thing they said to me was 'Good Luck'. Fuck 'Good Luck'. What the fuck could we possibly do?" Dale fumed to the housemates as they were reduced to making their own entertainment drinking left over cider and playing with eggs.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 50 PICTURES - Housemates Enjoy The Sun

Big Brother housemates enjoyed the British summer by making the most of the sunshine out in the garden. Here are a selection of pictures from the garden capturing various housemates during their fiftieth day in BB9:

Lisa sunbathing in bikini
Rachel soaks up the sun
Rex wears hat and sunglasses in the pool
Rex and Stuart sunbathing in the Heavenly garden
Dale and Stuart exercise in the sun

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 50 VIDEO - Luke and Bex Discuss Mutual Attraction

Luke and Rebecca have certainly been getting frisky late at night while the other housemates sleep, but today they took time to discuss their surprise attraction to each other. They also reveal the kind of reactions friends will give once they are outside the house.

The video below from C4 shows Luke's reaction when Bex told him that he would have been the VERY last choice. Even gay Dennis would have been higher on her list!

*BB official website:

BB9: Bookies Say Rebecca Fav For Eviction

As we predicted, Rebecca is looking the favourite to be evicted this Friday as she battles against the two male housemates Darnell and Mohamed. Bookies have put her as the next housemate to leave the Big Brother house, ahead of Mohamed (10-3) and Darnell (12-1), according to Paddy Power.

If Rebecca were to survive, it would be the first time during BB9 the bookies had got the result wrong. As we said here on BBBS, the vote between Mohamed and Darnell would be split causing Rebecca to lose by default.

Only the voting public can change the result, we'll have all the news Friday evening.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 50 - Rex Reduces Rachel To Tears

Rachel was in tears once more after Rex told her, "I don't think you're the same on the outside as you are in here," he remarked. "That's just my opinion." Saying he had "good reasons" for thinking that way, but wouldn't elaborate any further.

Trying to soften the blow Rex said, "Rex continued: "It doesn't make you a bad person. I just think in here you're being lovely and 'la la la' to get a ticket to the final."

At first Rachel defended herself, "So someones obviously told you that and you've listened," replied Rachel. "That's fine." Then she went crying to the bedroom toilet, joined by Kathreya who sought to comfort her.

Earlier in the evening Rex had been in a conversation with Rebecca who told him that Rachel was different during the audition process.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 50 - Poll - Who Are The Biggest Game Players?

The latest BBBS poll asks the question "Who Are The Biggest Game Players?" Now into it's 50th Day, Big Brother 9 has given us twenty colourful housemates but who is genuine and who is playing the game. Only one housemate will take the £100,000 prize money yet all the housemates are suspicious of each other.

The viewing public get to see a different angle, and our latest poll puts YOU in control. Vote for the housemates YOU think are the biggest game players in the BB9 house. Is it Kathreya and Rachel with their "fake" niceness, according to some housemates? Could it be quiet housemates Maysoon and Stuart? Has Luke's gossiping revealed his game plan? Or is Darnell working the public?

Vote in the poll and the results will be revealed later this weekend.
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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

BB9: Day 49 - Housemates Given A Party

Happy housemates were rewarded with a party for passing this weeks Shopping Task. The Heavenly housemates were given mp3's for the silent disco, while Hell housemates were given cassette players. Michael wasn't happy with all the screaming as the party got going but soon everyone was enjoying the food and drink provided by Big Brother.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 49 - Housemates Pass Shopping Task

The housemates were in jubilant mood this evening as Big Brother announced the results of this weeks Shopping Task. After two weeks of having to cope with a basic budget of £1 a day, everyone will now have £5 a day to spend.

The Human Clock Challenge required housemates to guess how much time had passed without using a clock or watch.
"Housemates overran the Human Clock Challenge by twelve minutes and five seconds and therefore failed this part of the Shopping Task," said Big Brother.

Then more bad news, "Housemates have failed the Archaeological Dig part of the task and incurred one fail for this weeks shopping task," continued Big Brother.

But there were cheers for Stuart and Maysoon who successfully completed the Clock Building Challenge. "For the next challenge, Housemates had to ensure that the Giant Sand Timer in the Living Room never ran out of sand. Housemates incurred no fails."

It was down to the final task to decide their fate - "Finally, for the duration of the shopping task Housemates from Hell had to deactivate the ringing alarms of alarm clocks in the task room," said Big Brother. "Housemates passed this challenge. Therefore housemates have passed three tasks and incurred two fails. Housemates will receive a Luxury Shopping Budget."

The Housemates erupted with noisy cheers, emotional hugs and lots of bouncing up and down. For once the BB9 house was happy and united.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 49 - Kathreya Forced To Have Cold Shower

Kathreya looks far from happy in the picture above as the Hell Housemates were forced to shower without hot water in the garden. A normally happy Kat was feeling the chill as she tried to clean herself. No singing this time around..............

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 49 - Mohamed In Action

As the Shopping Task continued in the Big Brother house, Mohamed got stuck into the Time Task - by trying to keep his eyes open. After falling asleep during the night with Rachel holding the fort, Mo sat in the garden yawning as housemates got on with their various tasks.

Darnell was also back in action after his spell in the BB9 Jail and the pair were soon switching off alarms in the Task Room. Mo couldn't resist exaggerating how many alarms they switched off, saying they had about eight alarms to switch off. The real figure was four but housemates would never need to really know. All will be revealed later when Big Brother tell the housemates if they won the luxury or basic budget.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 49 - Housemates Confident of Task Pass

After having a dirty archaeological dig in the Big Brother garden and staying up all night turning off alarms, housemates are confident they will pass this weeks Shopping Task. Stuart congratulated housemates after the dig, telling them they had done really well. Luke believed housemates would pass the task, saying a third week of basic food budget would be impossible.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 49 VIDEO - Rebecca and Luke Bedtime Kissing

While the other Heavenly housemates slept, Rebecca and Luke got down to some action under the covers as well as above the covers. At first it looked like they were both sleeping, but Rebecca's hand must have been working under the covers - she suddenly starts kissing Luke. The session lasted thirty minutes and Luke admitted later in the day he had no excuses left as to explain why they started kissing. He did admit his self control was not as good as he originally thought.

They both then disappear under the covers with just the microphones able to pick up the sound of slurping lips. Watch this Channel 4 video below and see for yourself or visit the official website for more updates and details.

*BB official website:

BB9: Poll - The Two Housemates YOU Voted To Evict

The result of the latest BBBS poll revealed the two housemates YOU would have nominated this week. It was a close result and went down to the final hour of voting to decide the outcome. Darnell had the most votes with 37 with Mohamed on 36 and Rebecca came in third with 27 votes. The results matched the feelings of the BB9 housemates, who have put Darnell, Mohamed and Rebecca up for the public vote, with the result being announced just before 10pm on Friday.

In the BBBS poll, Kathreya was a surprise 4th place and was leading Rebecca during the first half of the duration. Could it be the public are falling out of love with the 'Cookie Love' singer? Stuart received the least votes and new housemates Sara and Maysoon proved popular (getting just 10 votes each), along with Lisa - who has grown in popularity since Mario's eviction almost two weeks ago.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 48 - Dale Masturbation Confession

Dale made a surprise confession to Luke after spending time in the bath. He'd been soaking in the bubble bath chatting to Luke and Stuart, then took a shower but admitted to Luke he had been aroused. The Head of House then revealed that he covered the camera up in the toilet so he could get some privacy. Rebecca overheard the conversation and said, "We're you having a w**k?" to which Dale gave a knowing smile. Looks like he got more off his chest than Luke bargained for!

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 49 - Mohamed Sleeps During Task

Mohamed fell asleep last night while on the Time Shopping Task. He was sat in the garden with Rachel, who decided to stay up all night to try and listen out for the alarm clocks. Mo drifted off to sleep while Rachel chatted away saying "What job could I do where I have to stay up all night?".

Only one alarm sounded at 4:30am, as earlier attempts to keep Mohamed awake all night failed. Big Brother will reveal later if the housemates have passed or failed this weeks Time Shopping Task.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 49 - Big Brothers Big Beard Speaks Out!

Big Brothers Big Beard Speaks Out:

It's going to be an interesting eviction on Friday, could Mohamed and Darnell split the vote and force Rebecca out by default? If it had only been one on one, then the choice would have been easier but three housemates up for the public vote adds a twist.

Darnell and Mohamed act as a team so their supporters might unite to vote Rebecca out of the house and already Darnell has put his game plan into play. Lying to Rex saying he voted for him so that he would go to the Big Brother Jail was a dirty trick. Knowing he would avoid the task and yet get the sympathy from housemates like Kat is a low stunt. But will the public forget his bad temper so quickly? This weeks eviction could be the closest yet and still be a total surprise.

The biggest danger BB9 faces is being lumbered with a house filled with quiet, 'nice' people who get on wonderfully. Viewers love a good argument and this weeks vote is about that - Which housemate can the Big Brother house do without? Who is needed least? Time to vote now!

*BB official website:

BB9: VIDEO - Luke Explains How He'd Feel Without Bex

Luke and Rebecca went to the Diary Room and Luke got a few things off his chest, telling Big Brother how he would feel if Rebecca got evicted on Friday. Watch the C4 video below to see what Luke had to say about Rebecca and Friday's possible eviction.

*BB official website:

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

BB9: Day 48 - Darnell Lies His Way Into Jail

Darnell ended up in the Big Brother Jail tonight after he told Rex he had nominated him this week. Yet Darnell was actually lying - he voted for Rebecca and Luke but it seems he has a plan in mind.

By telling a housemate he voted for them (even though he didn't vote for them!), he broke BB9 rules so ended up in Jail. This gives him a chance to watch the other housemates and avoid arguments while up for the public vote. It also excludes him from the Clock Shopping Task, so if the group fail he won't get the backlash because Big Brother sent him to Jail.

Also he will be counting on the public and other housemates to feel sorry for him while Big Brother leave him in Jail. But will Darnell's plan back fire and turn the public vote against him? Only time will tell...........

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 48 - Human Clock Task Pictures

The Big Brother housemates looked far from happy as they formed a Human Clock as apart of this weeks Shopping Task. Here are a selection of pictures from the task:



Rex, Rachel and Maysoon


Housemates waste time!

Rebecca and Luke


*BB official website:

BB9: Day 48 - Time Shopping Task Explained

The lowdown on this week's Shopping Task, as explained on the official C4 website .....

Want to know exactly what the housemates are going to be doing over the next few days? Here are the five Herculean Tasks they'll face:

All housemates except the Head of House will have to form a Human Clock out in the garden. Housemates will stand in order, from housemate number 1 to housemate number 12, and each in turn will have to estimate when five minutes has passed. To pass the Task, housemates must estimate an hour within two-and-a-half minutes either way.

All housemates from Hell will take part in this challenge. The Task room contains a number of clocks, whose alarms will go off randomly over the next two days. When an alarm goes off, one housemate from Hell should enter the Task room and turn off the alarm on that clock within the allotted time limit.

All housemates from Hell will take part in the Egg Timer challenge. Over the next two days, housemates from Hell will be responsible for keeping the sands of time flowing in a giant egg timer. To pass the Task, they have to keep filling up the timer to stop all grains of sand from running out.

Heavenly housemates Luke, Rebecca and Rex will take part in an archaeological dig to unravel the mysteries of time. They'll have to date the historical objects that they unearth on the dig.

Maysoon and Stuart will have to construct a giant pocket watch with the cogs, wheels and turny-roundy things provided by Big Brother. They'll have to make the watch within a certain amount of time.
Dale, the Head of House, is overseeing Tasks but isn't allowed to take part. He is strictly forbidden from helping the housemates count in Human Clock.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 48 - Nominations Revealed

Darnell, Rebecca and Mohamed will all face the public vote this week after Big Brother housemates nominated all three. Mohamed and Rebecca had five votes each, while Darnell got the most with six votes.

While both Mohamed and Rebecca were OK with the announcement, it was Darnell who seemed least pleased and quickly began trying to workout who voted for him. Discussing the coming eviction with Mo, he said it wasn't hard to work out who voted for him, while in a separate discussion Kathreya told Mohamed that both he and Darnell had the same fans, so they might vote out Rebecca.

BB9 - How each housemate voted:

Dale: Darnell and Mo
Luke: Darnell and Mo
Rebecca: Darnell and Mo
Stuart: Darnell and Mo
Darnell: Rebecca and Luke
Kathreya: Rebecca and Luke
Rachel: Rebecca and Luke
Mohamed: Rebecca and Stuart
Maysoon: Rebecca and Stuart
Lisa: Rex and Darnell
Mikey: Darnell and Kat
Rex: Lisa and Mikey
Sara: Mo and Rachel
Even though Rex told housemates he wanted to leave, only Lisa voted for him this week as Kat,Rachel and Darnell all voted for Rebecca and Luke. This was balanced out by Rebecca, Luke, Dale and Stuart all voting for Darnell and Mohamed following weekend arguments. Maysoon and Mohamed both voted for Rebecca and Stuart while Rex was the only housemate who voted for people no-one else nominated.
*BB official website:

BB9: Day 48 - VIDEO - Rex Dance Moves

Rex showed the Heavenly housemates some late night moves and impressed Luke, who told him that some wrestlers couldn't do those moves. Watch the Channel 4 video below from the Big Brother house:

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 47 - Mo Says Dale Has A Grudge

Speaking to Maysoon about his argument with Dale, Mohamed told her that Dale has a "grudge" against him. He pointed back to 'Spitgate' on Day 22 when Dennis had spat on him and Dale had gone on about Jen's picture. Mohamed said that ever since then Dale had a "grudge" against him.

He told Maysoon, "I thought everything was behind us but he has a grudge," Mohamed explained. "I was having an argument with Rebecca and he had to intervene. That's how everything happened last time." Maysoon said "I can only go by what I've seen," she agreed. "There are always two sides to every story."

Mohamed replied: "That's why I don't want to say... to spread anything." He had also told her he didn't want to cause her to think in any certain way. Earlier he told Maysoon he was looking forward to finding out who had been nominated by the housemates following the argument.

*BB official website:
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