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Saturday, 14 August 2010

BB11 PICTURES: JJ Wears Leaf Pants For A Bet!

Day 67: After losing a bet with John James - JJ walked around the Big Brother house in nothing more than a leaf thong. He had said there would be a double eviction last night but lost the bet, so had to walk around the house this morning wearing just the leaf pants! Little do the housemates know that four of them will be evicted by this time next week.............

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BB11: Four Housemates Will Be Evicted

Day 67: The housemates are already speculating what will happen now they have found out the BB11 final will be on Tues Aug 24th. Yet it is Big Brother who hold the cards and will surprise housemates by evicting FOUR of them next week.

Josie is the only housemate that is guaranteed a place in the final, after housemates selected her to receive a free pass into the final of BB11.

Meanwhile, viewers have been voting like crazy in our final POLL - so far Josie and Sam are the early leaders to win this series of Big Brother but YOU decide. Feel free to vote in the 'Who Would YOU Like To Win Big Brother 11?' at the top of this page.

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BB11: Josie Makes Wins Pass To Big Brother Final

Day 67: Josie was shocked and delighted to find out she would be in the final of Big Brother 11 after housemates were given just 1 minute to select a housemate most deserving of a place in the final. Davina McCall shocked housemates by delivering the news that the final will take place sooner than they thought - Tuesday 24th August.

Andrew suggesting that they vote in a similar way to when they had chosen Jo, JJ and Laura to enter the house three weeks ago. Going around the group, there were occasional hand raises for Mario, Corin and JJ, with most housemates raising their hands for Josie. Josie will now be in the final and have a chance of staying in the house to compete in Ultimate Big Brother with previous BB housemates and celebrities.

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BB11: Jo Evicted From Big Brother

Day 66: Jo became the eighth person to be evicted from the Big Brother house. The Cougar had 39.4% of the public vote as she battled against JJ, Dave and Sam to stay in the BB11 house. The bookies had predicted Jo would go and our very own poll had over 50% choosing The Cougar.

Although Jo only spent three weeks inside the BB11 house, she tried to live up to her title, yet the house lacked prey - so this cougar had to go without! Jo found it hard too fit in with the other housemates, most had already formed groups or friendships and Jo was always going to be an outsider because she was slightly older.

She told Davina that she would have been closer to Josie, but John James came between them. Jo was quick to praise Josie and said she hoped she would go on to win Big Brother.

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Friday, 13 August 2010

BB11: John James And Sam In Blazing Row

DaY 66: It has turned into the most explosive argument of Big Brother 11 as Sam Pepper confronted John James after hearing the Aussie housemate bitch about him in the shower. The air turned blue as the two ended up having a blistering row.

Earlier on in the night, Sam had overheard a conversation taking place between Dave, JJ and John James in the shower, where the three discussed the change in Sam's character since being put up for eviction, reports Digital Spy.

Upset and angry by what he had heard, Sam soon confronted John James as he came out of the shower. "John James, do you want to stop bitching behind my back?" he asked, as a furious exchange soon developed.

"I thought you were my friend and you've just bitched about me for 20 minutes," added Sam. John James responded: "You get involved in a situation that has nothing to do with you. If you had fucking waited until after I got out of the shower I was about to speak to you one-on-one."

As the pair continued to raise their voices, Sam retreated to his bed where he appeared tearful. Meanwhile, John James was called to the Diary Room in order to cool down the situation.

Josie comforted the graffiti artist and admitted: "I didn't know you would get upset like this. I feel a bit responsible [for telling Sam about the ongoing shower conversation]."

As John James re-entered the main house, he appeared angry over Sam's recent actions and discussed the situation with Dave, JJ and Josie on the sofas.

"I believe he's fake as fuck," he said. "Don't change because you're up for eviction, I hate people like that. You don't call your friend a fat slag."

After John James came to the conclusion that Sam had become involved with his and Josie's relationship for more "air time", Dave and JJ seemed to agree.

"He's playing the game, definitely," said Dave. JJ added: "He has to be the centre of attention."

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BB11: Josie And Sam Listen In On Boys Conversation

Day 66: It's all been tears and arguments today after Josie and Sam listened in on a conversation between John James, JJ and Dave. The lads were in the shower having a dig at Sam, who unknown to them was hid behind the sofa with Josie while the trio spoke candidly about their feelings about him. The conversation also touched on Josie's about-turn on her feelings towards Sam so both had a vested interest in the boys' chat.

The duo heard nearly the whole conversation and whispered to each other their own feelings about what was being said. At first they giggled and found the whole thing quite funny but towards the end it became apparent that Sam was not at all happy.

In an expletive filled rant against John James he called him 'fake' and said 'I thought he was supposed to be my friend'.

He then told Josie he was going to confront him... Next came a huge argument with John!!

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Thursday, 12 August 2010

BB11: Sam Plays Pranks On Housemates

Day 65: Sam Pepper was full of mischief as he played tricks on unsuspecting housemates, first he got caught red-handed by Dave and John James in the midst of trying to create mayhem but he warned them that it was only the beginning.

As a pre-cursor to what was to come later, he hid Corin's tobacco which left the buxom babe fuming.

Then as his energy reached fever-pitch, he snuck into the Bathroom with some green chillis and packed them into the toothpaste before slipping garlic and vinegar into the suncream.

He remained in a playful mood and later ran through the Bedroom wearing a horse mask and holding a light which was greeted with an attack of the tickles by Dave and John James.

The cheeky little monkey was not finished there though, he hid in the clothes horse and peered out for any unsuspecting housemates who might be wandering by. Alas, he was disappointed and emerged from his garment hideout. Watch the highlights programme on Channel 4 as the Adventures of Sam unfold.......

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BB11 VIDEO: Josie and Sam - The Sauce Fight!

Day 65: Not since Bex in BB9 have we seen such a food fight, but Sam and Josie ended up getting covered in sauce as the two housemates chased each other around the Big Brother house. Watch the video above to find out how it all started and how it ended in this official Channel 4 video.

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BB11: Andrew and Mario Share Bed

Day 65: Could we be about to see the start of another Big Brother romance? Last night Mario and Andrew became the latest set of housemates to share a bed together, following in the footsteps of John James and Josie and the short-lived JJ and Corin.

Since Andrew and Mario shared a horse costume for this weeks Shopping Task, the pair have become closer - this was noted by Josie, who asked Mario if he fancies Andrew. The Mole's response was, 'yes - if he was ten years older'.

They have been whispering and cuddling up together and Andrew has played the part of big spoon, resting his head on Mario's back. Will it or won't it blossom? Watch this space for more news on this unlikely couple...........

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BB11 VIDEO: Big Brother Horse Jumping

Day 65: The Big Brother HORSEmates really got into this weeks Shopping Task dressed as horses, JJ and John James went horse to horse with Mario and Andrew in the Show Jumping. After two attempts it was neck and neck - watch the Channel 4 video above to find out which horsemates won the event and went on to take part in a pantomime horse race in the outside world.

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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

BB11 POLL: Who Would YOU Evict This Week?

Day 64: Four housemates are facing the public vote this week and our BB11 Poll asks which one you would evict this Friday.

Vote now in the Big Brother Poll at the top of this page and let us know who YOU want out!

Will it be Jo, Dave, JJ or Sam?

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BB11 VIDEO: Dave Breaks Down In Tears

Day 64: Not once but twice we find Dave breaking down in tears, as seen in the Big Brother video above - Dave was having an emotional cry as he revealed to Corin that he was missing his family. Then the tears really started to flow later when he received a letter from his children after Sam Pepper won the Tree of Temptation Task.

"Big Dave says, 'Love you dude, really proud of you, hope I never have to see your butt cheeks again'," Sam read out, bringing a smile to David's face.

Sam began to read the messages from David's children: "Thank you for every ounce of input you have put into our lives."

David began to cry as he continued to listen.

"You always make a conscious effort to see things through the right way," Sam continued.

"We love you and support you all the way, no matter what you do," he concluded.

David then gave Sam a hug and thanked him for what he had done as the group gathered round him. "Cheers guys, bless you. Whatever you had to do Sammy to get me this, thank you," David said.

Sam said that he couldn't say what he had done, but revealed who had challenged him to the task. "One of our wooden friends put me up to it," Sam joked, referring to the Tree of Temptation.

"I'm so pleased about that," added Mario.

"It's lush dude," David concluded, as he took the letter to the bedroom to read it again.

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BB11 POLL: Sam Pepper - Love or Hate?

Our last Big Brother Poll asked a very simple question: Sam Pepper - Love Him or Hate Him?

A whopping 60% of you said you HATED Sam Pepper but only 40% of you LOVED him, but it looks like the newest housemate will need all the support he can get after being put up for nomination by Mario during the 'Save And Replace' Task.

It appears the other housemates have finally warmed up to the cheeky housemate as he settles into life within the Big Brother house, but the public have yet to become convinced. Will he escape eviction on Friday? YOU decide..........

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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

BB11 PICTURES: John James And JJ In The Shower

Day 63: John James and JJ shared another shower together and Big Brother have very kindly released these pictures. I'm sure many of you would have preferred to be one of the cameramen or for the hunky pair too have removed their shorts!

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BB11: Sam Gets Tree of Temptation Task

Day 63: Sam has the chance to turn Dave's tears of sadness into tears of joy if he passes the latest Tree of Temptation Task.

The Tree whispered to Sam: "Oi, Where's Wally... I've been watching you, Pepper pot, running around like an oversized 7-year-old. I'm liking your work, you're a lot like me".

He added: "A little birdy tells me that you would do anything to get Dave his children's message. In my drawers is a cheeseboard, full of cheese. Grab some, and smear some under your armpits. You're gonna be the 'Brie of Temptation'."

Sam was told that if he could pass off the cheese as his own odour underneath his horse outfit with Corin today, he will successfully win David his children's message, something the minister failed to do last week.

The housemate promptly took the cheese, rubbed some under his armpits and went back to the sofas, with none of the housemates noticing him talking to the Tree.

Earlier, David cried about the missed message and he was emotional again this afternoon, saying: "It's just a build-up, innit? I'll be fine."

Watch the show on Wednesday to find out if Sam Pepper passes or fails to win the message for Dave.

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Monday, 9 August 2010

BB11 VIDEO: Josie Gives Sam A Wedgie

Day 62: Josie and Sam have buried the hatchet and seem to be getting along better in the Big Brother house, but the pair still have a mischievous side. Josie proved this while sharing the pool with Sam - she gave the graffiti artist a nice big long wedgie as he screamed loudly. Watch the video above to find out what happened!

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BB11: Sam Pepper Faces Eviction Vote

Day 62: After surviving being up for the public vote earlier today during nominations, Sam Pepper ended the day becoming the fourth housemate up for eviction on Friday.

Mario saved himself after winning the 'Save And Replace' Task, after remembering 22 animal noises. He picked Sam to replace himself and join Jo, Dave and JJ facing the public vote on Friday. Currently the bookies favourite to be evicted is Jo. Mario told housemates, "This is nothing personal, but if that person wants to come up and ask me why, I'll tell them."

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BB11: Nominations Revealed

Day 62: Housemates nominated today in front of each other and with an added twist - they had to pour gunge on the two housemates they were nominating. This is how each of the housemates nominated:

Andrew: Sam and Steve
Corin: Sam and Jo
Dave: Mario and Jo
JJ: Steve and Mario
Jo: Corin and Dave
John James: Corin and Mario
Josie: JJ and Andrew
Mario: Dave and JJ
Sam: Dave and Jo
Steve: JJ and Mario

Due to rule breaking, John James and David are unable to nominate Sam. As John James confirmed this, it was also revealed that Josie is not permitted to nominate the graffiti artist either; something that she had kept a secret from the group.

Mario, David, JJ and Jo received the most nominations. While John James and Josie were the only housemates not to receive a single nomination. The four housemates will be able to battle it out during the 'Save And Replace' Task.

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Sunday, 8 August 2010

BB11: Andrew Confesses Watermelon Sex

Day 61: During a late night gave of 'Have You Ever', Andrew confessed to having sex with a watermelon and a McDonalds apple pie. It might a confession he'll later regret as housemates joked about his sexual confession.

During the game, Steve said: "I have never used strange sexual toys." Josie, Jo and JJ promptly sipped their drinks, as did Andrew, causing the shocked housemates to laugh.

After housemates probed him for the story, Andrew revealed that he "had sex with a watermelon", while "bored" one summer according to Digital Spy.

Josie joked: "I'm never gonna look at a watermelon in the same way." Mario said: "You realise when you leave everyone is gonna be waving watermelons?"

Andrew added: "All I bought that day was a watermelon and some lube."

After a few more questions, the subject turned back to Andrew's revelation. Looking worried, Andrew said: "They won't air that." Mario and JJ disagreed, with JJ saying: "If I was in the editing team, that would be my pick of the day."

Mario joked: "The three hours you invested in a watermelon wank you could have just had a normal wank." Andrew further explained that he held it "between the bottom of the bed and mattress", prompting Steve to call him a "dirty bastard".

Further teasing ensued, with Mario saying: "I know a beautiful pumpkin I can set you up with." When Andrew explained that he was "bored" when he did it, JJ said: "If I've got a day with nothing to do, I wouldn't fuck a watermelon."

Housemates were even more shocked when Andrew revealed he also had a similar experience with a McDonald's apple pie.

Mario joked that Andrew had a fetish for foods, saying: "Have you ever thought about an apple while fucking a pear?"

A shy looking Andrew said: "Let's talk about something else now."

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BB11: Sam Pepper Punished

Day 60: Sam Pepper was called to the Diary Room and handed out some punishment from Big Brother. He was given lines for speaking about the outside world, he had to glue peppercorns on to a board saying: “I SAM PEPPER WILL NOT TALK ABOUT THE OUTSIDE WORLD EVER AGAIN….. HONESTLY I WONT”.

During the punishment, Big Brother played Sam some music and read him interesting facts about peppers and peppercorns. Later he told housemates, "All I can say is I've been punished for talking about the outside world."

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BB11: Jo Wants To Leave Big Brother House

Day 60: Jo became the latest in a long list of housemates that have thought about leaving the Big Brother house. This followed the atmosphere in the BB11 house following Rachel's eviction on Friday.

According to Digital Spy, Jo announced to Corin that she is thinking of walking out on Saturday, because of the difficult atmosphere she is experiencing in the house.

Speaking in the bathroom, the make-up artist also told Corin that John James's behaviour is affecting her time in the compound.

"Its vibes I'm getting," Jo described. "It’s the nature of the game, there's nothing you can do right or wrong in here, it's the name of the game. Everybody's personalities unfolds in here. I know what I'm like, I think, if I don’t like something I'm off but I can't do that with this."

Corin reminded Jo that it was in her personality to overcome obstacles and that after two weeks she was still getting used to being in the house.

"It's not just today, I almost went home yesterday," Jo replied. "I'm gonna tell you straight, I don’t like John James. I've told it to Josie and JJ, 'cause they're his friends. There's an attitude about him I don’t like."

Jo described that she was particularly annoyed with the Australian's attitude towards Rachel, and that just as John James found Rachel's voice and character annoying, she finds him just as irritating.

"Just because he's got his followers he thinks he's king of the untouchables," Jo continued. "A lot of the time when he's in a group, talking to people, I'm not interested. I don’t want to hear the sound of his voice.

"Every little thing about him, he is not my kind of person. Maybe I'm just gullible but I think they feel really good that the people they're popping off are being voted out each week. They get a buzz out of it, they think it's [only] going to be their exclusive untouchables left," she added.

As Jo started crying in the bath tub, she described how she had been determined to get into Big Brother but her new struggle was to remain in the house until she was put up for eviction.

"I've had two weeks, I got in, I always wanted to get in," she said. "Thing is I wouldn’t come out, I wouldn’t have negative things to say - it's just simple. I would even bang on about him, it's just I feel so bad."

"I think you need to pick yourself up from this Jo," Corin advised.

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BB11: Rachel Evicted From Big Brother

Day 59: Rachel became the seventh housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house with 58.5% of the public vote. Her exit from BB11 was certainly a lively one as the official video below shows. She lapped up the music and crowds as she made her way out of the Big Brother house into the waiting arms of Davina McCall. No-one could ever say Rachel didn't throw herself into the Tasks set by Big Brother, we'll always remember her singing during the BB High 'Don't Stop Believing' Task!

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