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Monday, 9 August 2010

BB11: Nominations Revealed

Day 62: Housemates nominated today in front of each other and with an added twist - they had to pour gunge on the two housemates they were nominating. This is how each of the housemates nominated:

Andrew: Sam and Steve
Corin: Sam and Jo
Dave: Mario and Jo
JJ: Steve and Mario
Jo: Corin and Dave
John James: Corin and Mario
Josie: JJ and Andrew
Mario: Dave and JJ
Sam: Dave and Jo
Steve: JJ and Mario

Due to rule breaking, John James and David are unable to nominate Sam. As John James confirmed this, it was also revealed that Josie is not permitted to nominate the graffiti artist either; something that she had kept a secret from the group.

Mario, David, JJ and Jo received the most nominations. While John James and Josie were the only housemates not to receive a single nomination. The four housemates will be able to battle it out during the 'Save And Replace' Task.

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