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Sunday, 8 August 2010

BB11: Andrew Confesses Watermelon Sex

Day 61: During a late night gave of 'Have You Ever', Andrew confessed to having sex with a watermelon and a McDonalds apple pie. It might a confession he'll later regret as housemates joked about his sexual confession.

During the game, Steve said: "I have never used strange sexual toys." Josie, Jo and JJ promptly sipped their drinks, as did Andrew, causing the shocked housemates to laugh.

After housemates probed him for the story, Andrew revealed that he "had sex with a watermelon", while "bored" one summer according to Digital Spy.

Josie joked: "I'm never gonna look at a watermelon in the same way." Mario said: "You realise when you leave everyone is gonna be waving watermelons?"

Andrew added: "All I bought that day was a watermelon and some lube."

After a few more questions, the subject turned back to Andrew's revelation. Looking worried, Andrew said: "They won't air that." Mario and JJ disagreed, with JJ saying: "If I was in the editing team, that would be my pick of the day."

Mario joked: "The three hours you invested in a watermelon wank you could have just had a normal wank." Andrew further explained that he held it "between the bottom of the bed and mattress", prompting Steve to call him a "dirty bastard".

Further teasing ensued, with Mario saying: "I know a beautiful pumpkin I can set you up with." When Andrew explained that he was "bored" when he did it, JJ said: "If I've got a day with nothing to do, I wouldn't fuck a watermelon."

Housemates were even more shocked when Andrew revealed he also had a similar experience with a McDonald's apple pie.

Mario joked that Andrew had a fetish for foods, saying: "Have you ever thought about an apple while fucking a pear?"

A shy looking Andrew said: "Let's talk about something else now."

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