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Friday, 29 January 2010

CBB7: Alex Reid Wins Celebrity Big Brother Final

The final of Celebrity Big Brother 7 was eventually won by Alex Reid, as the cage fighter went head to head with Dane Bowers. This time the pair were not at a New Year's party, but at the very last Celebrity Big Brother final. Dane and Alex won half of the total votes between them during the eviction final. Alex eventually won with 65.9% of the public vote.

Alex Reid won over public affection during the four week stint inside the Big Brother house, exposing his weaknesses with his open and honest talking (as well as exposing himself to housemates with Jonas!). He proved himself the real winner after rising above the comments of Vinnie and the taunts of the other housemates to become the favourite in the final days of the series.

Dane Bowers came second in the final with 34.1% of the public vote, after beating Vinnie Jones (3rd), Jonas Altberg (4th) and Stephanie Beacham (5th).

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CBB7: The Housemate To Finish Third Was.....

Day 27: Finishing in third place in the Celebrity Big Brother final was one time favourite Vinnie Jones. In the most shocking eviction of the night as the tough man got 20.2% of the vote, Vinnie looked surprised not to have won the final.

Crowds had been booing every time Vinnie's name was mentioned and housemates had heard this during an earlier eviction. Vinnie told Alex and Dane that you never know what the press have been saying or what Big Brother had been showing.

At the start Vinnie was the clear favourite to win the last ever Celebrity Big Brother, but as 'daddy' of the house his luck ran out as he clashed with housemates such as Lady Sov and Sisqo. He was never able to recover from his weakened position and viewers didn't like his assertive nature - in the end they opted for Dane and Alex as the final two housemates.

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CBB7: Fourth Housemate In Celebrity Big Brother Final Is....

Day 27: The housemate to finish fourth in the Celebrity Big Brother final was Jonas Altberg (Basshunter) with 12.8% of the public vote. Jonas had entertained the public with his early romance and streaking in the garden as well as impressing the girls while in a mankini.

With the departure of his friends from the CBB7 house, Jonas became quieter and public support slowed. But the Swedish singer can hold his head high as he'll be a busy boy now he is out of the Big Brother house.

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CBB7: The Housemate That Finished Fifth Is.......

Day 27: The housemate to finish fifth in the Celebrity Big Brother final with 8.6% of the public vote was Stephanie Beacham. She had been the final female inside the CBB7 house after Nicola's surprise eviction on Wednesday.

Bookies had predicted Steph would be the first housemate to be evicted during the live final on Channel 4.

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CBB7: Vinnie And Alex Top Sun Poll

Day 27: It looks like it could be neck and neck between bookies favourite Alex Reid and previous favourite Vinnie Jones. Over 6,000 readers have voted in The Sun's online poll and Alex is narrowly leading with 38% of the vote. Vinnie Jones is just 7% behind him in what could become a nail biting CBB7 Final tonight.

Dane Bowers was voted into third place on 18% of readers votes, having slipped back in recent days. The only female left in the Big Brother house looks unlikely to win the reality show as Stephanie Beacham only has 8% of the vote. Surprisingly, Jonas Altberg finished last in The Sun poll with just 5%.

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CBB7: Alex Wanted Peter Andre In Big Brother House

Day 27: Housemates were called to the Diary Room and asked various questions from Big Brother fans. Alex was asked if he could have chosen his most ideal celebrity housemate, who would it have been. Smiling as he pondered the question, Alex replied that his choice would have been Peter Andre, so that he could have cleared the air between them.

Dane Bowers was asked if he had kept the mystery key well hidden, he then produced the key from inside his pocket and confessed he had kept the key in his pocket the whole time. When he told Big Brother he had sometime wrapped the key in a sock, Big Brother asked him if he had done it to make his balls look bigger. He laughed and said he would have looked a bit lob sided if that was the case because it was "proper to the side". Big Brother replied, "it would look very big though!"

Jonas confessed that he had missed playing computer games and speaking Swedish most during his time in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Stephanie said she felt relieved to be the only woman left standing. She was 'knocked over backwards' that Sisqo and Dane had considered her fit. She told Big Brother she was far too conscious of being too fat at the moment, but flattered at being considered fit.

Finally Vinnie told Big Brother that he would like to win Celebrity Big Brother as he shared his thoughts. He said he had been honest with people inside the house and said he hadn't spoken behind people's backs during his time in the house.

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CBB7: Play Buffhunter Streaking Game

Play this addictive Celebrity Big Brother game - you need to stop Basshunter (aka Jonas) from streaking across the Big Brother garden. Each time you fail to censor his naked body, you get fined, so the lower the fine the higher your ranking. The Buffhunter game is easy to play but highly addictive, so be warned!

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CBB7: Will Alex Or Dane Win Celebrity Big Brother?

Day 27: Who would have predicted that Alex Reid and Dane Bowers could end up being the final two housemates remaining in the Celebrity Big Brother? Just four weeks ago the press were reporting how the pair had been involved in a fight at a party. Now it seems Katie Price is the real winner if either of her men are voted the eventual winners in tonight's final.

At first Dane appeared boring and lifeless during his first few days in the Big Brother house, but then stood up to Vinny Jones over the Lady Sov Corned Beef row - from that moment his confidence grew and he won the public over when the Tree of Temptation set him a secret Task.

Alex was not popular at the start because of the press stories and his relationship to Katie Price, his often honest comments sometimes made him look a fool - yet WE love a fool, especially an honest sincere one. Alex proved that he was 'just a nice honest chap', willing to have a laugh and more importantly, laugh at himself. Vinnie may have put him down at the start and Stephen may have been zealous in trying to convert him, yet Alex Reid proved he was still a gentleman and the public could now crown him the winner tonight.

Whoever wins, Alex and Dane have buried any ill feelings they had about each other 27 days ago and can leave the Celebrity Big Brother house with their heads held high.

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CBB7: Bookies Predictions For Final

Day 27: It's the final of Celebrity Big Brother and our final look at the Bookies Predictions from the guys at Paddy Power. Alex Reid is still the bookies favourite to win but Vinnie Jones has increased his chances of catching him up.

Both Dane and Vinnie are now on 5/1 odds, while Jonas and Stephanie remain outside hopefuls of winning the last ever Celebrity Big Brother.

YOU DECIDE - Voting details are HERE

Alex Reid 1/3

Dane Bowers 5/1

Vinnie Jones 5/1

DJ Basshunter 16/1

Stephanie Beacham 25/1

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CBB7: Could Jonas Win Celebrity Big Brother?

Day 27: The final of Celebrity Big Brother is set to be the closest EVER as each finalist has an army of fans voting for them. But could Basshunter Jonas Altberg become the surprise winner later tonight? The 25 year-old has proved a MASSIVE hit with the ladies, with constant press coverage about his sex life outside the house and his flirting with Katia inside the house.

Jonas was never shy about getting naked or dressing up in whatever Big Brother asked of him, even Stephen got him too parade around like a catwalk model in his tight pants. So while the bookies predict Jonas could finish fourth, his female fans may be able to change all of that. Judging by the loud cheers he gets when his name is mentioned on Eviction Night, Jonas could once again go all the way!

Tune in from 20:30 to find out how Jonas does in the CBB7 final.

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CBB7: Why Stephanie Should Win Big Brother

Day 27: Did you ever think Stephanie Beacham would last the duration inside the Celebrity Big Brother house? No? Neither did I, yet Stephanie has provided us with huge amounts of entertainment and laughs over the past four weeks. She might be posh but this lady knows how to have fun (most of the time - we'll forgive her for not wearing the animal costume 'for health reasons'!).

She is the only female left in the male dominated house and that should be enough reason to win CBB7, another reason for winning could be for her willingness to join in and take part during the show. Who can forget her role in Celebrity Last Legs, where both Ivana and herself 'cared' for the retired housemates? Getting covered in cake TWICE and yet still laughing about it shows the kind of nature Stephanie has. Many times she was the female voice of reason within the Big Brother house.

At the same time, true to her Dynasty role - Steph could be a bit of a bitch. Those early morning cups of tea with Vinnie proved a breeding ground to bitch, and who could forget her nomination of Ivana? A bitch she may be, but a lovable one at that, Stephanie has made for great viewing and every woman in the land owes her a vote!

Find out how Stephanie does in the CBB7 Final from 20:30 on Channel 4 tonight.

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CBB7: Day 26 Viewing Figures

Davina McCall entering the Celebrity Big Brother house helped boost viewing figures on Day 26. The highlights programme at 9pm on Channel 4 held 3.24m (13%) viewers captive as Davina's time in the Big Brother house provided hilarious entertainment. A further 416,000 tuned in at 10pm on Channel 4+1.

Thursday night's penultimate show of the series matched the Double Eviction viewing figures on Wednesday as the viewing public continue to show loyal support during this final series of Celebrity Big Brother.

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Thursday, 28 January 2010

CBB7: Guess Who's Tattoo

Day 26: Looking at the picture above, can you guess which CBB7 housemate had this 'It's Been Emotional' tattoo? Feel free to leave your comment/answer below in the comments box.

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CBB7: Double Eviction Viewing Figures

Day 26: Davina McCall entering the Big Brother house during the Double Eviction proved to be a ratings winner as viewers continued tuning in for the final series of Celebrity Big Brother.

Ivana Trump became the sixth housemate to be evicted in the 9pm programme, with 3.3 million viewers and a 13% audience share, while another 327,000 watched on Channel 4+1. The seventh eviction came with a twist as Nicola T was called to the Diary Room and told to leave the Big Brother house, then Davina McCall entered the house in Nicola's costume. An impressive 2.6 million viewers (19% share) stayed up after 11pm with another 113,000 viewers on C4+1 an hour later.

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CBB7: Alex Remains Bookies Favourite To Win Big Brother

Day 26: Bookies are continuing to place Alex Reid as the outright winner of Celebrity Big Brother 7 as his popularity on the programme soars at the expense of Vinnie Jones. Paddy Power have increased the odds of Alex winning tomorrow's final, ahead of Dane Bowers.

Here are the Paddy Power odds:

Alex Reid 8/13

Dane Bowers 3/1

Vinnie Jones 9/2

DJ Basshunter 9/1

Stephanie Beacham 25/1

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CBB7 PICTURES: Davina Inside Big Brother House

Day 26: Here are the pictures of Davina McCall during her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house last night, as seen on Channel 4/E4. Watch tonight's programme for the full story.

Davina goes to Diary Room after being chased by some of the housemates

Davina tweets with Stephanie, who became scared!

Davina steals Dane's deodorant and a tooth brush from the BB house

Davina spends a few moments in The Snug

Davina reveals her identity to housemates

Davina speaks of her Big Brother experience on Big Mouth

Housemates getting suspicious of Davina

Davina finally enters the Celebrity Big Brother house

Davina enters the BB house in Nicola's costume

Davina during her time in the BB house talking to Big Brother

Davina almost moved to tears before as Big Brother talk to her in the Diary Room

Hot and sweaty Davina during her terrifying experience inside the house

Davina in chicken costume - housemates were yet to find out the truth

The moment Davina revealed her identity to the housemates
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CBB7 VIDEO: Davina Enters The Big Brother House

Day 26: Watch the video of Davina McCall inside the Celebrity Big Brother house, possibly the BEST moment in Big Brother history. Dressed as a giant bird and unable to say anything but "tweet, tweet", Davina was terrified by the other housemates who were also dressed in costume. Would the housemates discover it was Davina? Tune in to find out the truth..........

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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

CBB7: Davina McCall Enters The Big Brother House

Day 25: The latest twist in Celebrity Big Brother saw Davina McCall enter the Big Brother house for a few hours. As Nicola T was suddenly evicted as part of a Double Eviction from the Diary Room.

Davina McCall entered the house wearing a large chicken costume via the Diary Room and will spend time with the housemates but will not be able to reveal their identity. Very quickly the other housemates were suspicious and believed it was a former housemate returning.

Davina was soon in the Diary Room telling how terrifying the whole experience had become as the housemates were trying to make her talk. The housemates did not suspect that it was Davina that had entered the house. She told viewers that although entering the Big Brother house had been her dream, she didn't want to re-enter the house because she was terrified!

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CBB7: Seventh Housemate Evicted Is.....

Day 25: The seventh eviction took place live on Channel 4 and following the eviction of Ivana Trump, yet another female faced the boot from Celebrity Big Brother. This time it was Nicola T who left the CBB7 house before Friday's final.

Nicola has entertained millions of Big Brother viewers over the past twenty five days, joining in various tasks and challenges - winning over public support but sadly not enough to gain a place in the final on Friday. Stephanie is now the only female housemate left in the house, having survived eviction tonight - even though bookies predicted she would leave. Nicola had just over 6% of the vote, with bookies predicting that Alex Reid could now win the final series of Celebrity Big Brother.
Both Ivana and Stephanie refused to take part in tonight's Animal Costume Task, almost scuppering Channel 4's plans to have a new housemate enter in disguise. Eventually viewers saw Big Brother host Davina McCall enter the house for the first time.

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CBB7: Sixth Housemate Evicted Is......

Day 25: The first of the Double Evictions took place tonight live on Channel 4 and the sixth housemate to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother was Ivana Trump with just 5.74% of the public vote.

Having survived the Double Eviction on Friday, even though bookies predicted the mega rich housemate would be voted off, Ivana continued to entertain the millions of viewers as she went on to win a fake award.

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CBB7: Why Vinnie WILL Win Celebrity Big Brother

As the end of Celebrity Big Brother approaches bookies and pundits have been speculating who will become the final winner of CBB7. In the first two weeks Vinnie Jones was the undisputed clear favourite to win, then events changed and the eviction of Sisqo proved a turning point.

This week Dane, Nicola and now Alex have favourites to win the show, but I think the public will vote Vinnie as the winner on Friday. My reasoning is this: The final show will attract many more viewers than a typical CBB7 broadcast, so many will be unaware of Vinnie's actions inside the Big Brother house. He will get their votes to win and also the votes from those who previously wanted him to win but swapped sides to Alex or Dane.

The Tree of Temptation Task will show a more human Vinnie and that will warm the heart of the voting public. at the end of the day, they will vote for Vinnie to win because he is the bigger character. While I didn't want him to become the winner (I always go against the norm!), I do think he'll win IF he doesn't put a foot wrong between now and Friday night!

*BB official website:

CBB7: New Housemate To Enter Big Brother House Tonight

Day 25: Rumours had been circulating that Davina McCall will be entering the Celebrity Big Brother house to spend a few secret hours with the housemates.

The official CBB7 website has confirmed that a housemate will enter the show tonight, during the double eviction - but refused to say if it was Davina McCall. Instead, they dropped hints that it could be Boy George, MC Hammer or Pamela Anderson.

Viewers will need to tune in at 9pm tonight to find out who will be the final Celebrity Big Brother housemate...........

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CBB7: Day 24 Viewing Figures

Celebrity Big Brother continued with good TV ratings last night as Ivana won a fake award, gave an acceptance speech and saw her new award smashed by Stephanie in a Task.

Almost 3 million tuned in (2.95m and 11.9% audience share) to watch Alex get a fake tan spray from Jonas and Nicola. The 9pm programme was Channel 4's second most watched programme of the day - the return of Shameless at 10pm was seen by almost 3.5m.

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CBB7: Vinnie Set Task By Tree Of Temptation

Day 25: At first Vinnie Jones refused to do a Task set by the Tree of Temptation. The Tree asked him to tell the housemates over lunch how much he had bonded with them all, and how he has made better friends with the people in the house than he has outside.

The Tree also wanted Vinnie to humiliate himself by taking Alex aside and telling him that he has also secretly cross dressed in the past, and that he had loved it.

Most of all, The Tree wanted tears from Vinnie - something the tough man was not prepared to do. The Tree warned that the housemates would feel the wrath of the Tree if he didn't comply with the request. Vinnie finally agreed to complete the Task, his reward will be watching a game of football.

*BB official website:

CBB7: Latest Bookies Predictions To Win Big Brother

Day 25: Celebrity Big Brother 7 could produce any winner as bookies constantly change their latest prediction. Vinnie Jones had been the clear favourite from Day 1, but things changed last week when viewers got to see another side to Vinnie as he fell out with second favourite Sisqo.

Paddy Power have Alex Reid as the latest favourite to win the show, taking over from Dane Bowers. Tonight will see another two housemates evicted before Friday's final, according to Paddy Power it could be Steph and Ivana - but it is the public who decide.

Alex Reid evens

Dane Bowers 5/2

Vinnie Jones 4/1

DJ Basshunter 10/1

Nicola Tappenden 12/1

Stephanie Beacham 20/1

Ivana Trump 40/1

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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

CBB7 PICTURES: Alex Gets Naked Tan Spray

Day 24: Here are the pictures of Alex Reid getting naked for his all over fake tan spray, poor Nicola had the job of spraying Alex's bum because Jonas chickened out after initially spraying the Celebrity Big Brother housemate.

Is she spraying Alex Reid's winkie?

Nicola spraying Alex's bum

Alex Reid gets naked ...... again!

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CBB7 VIDEO: Alex Gets Naked For Fake Tan

Day 24: Alex Reid had the housemates in hysterics as he got naked and got Jonas to spray him all over with fake tan. Nicola had to try and correct the white patches on his bum. Watch the video below and see it for yourself:

*BB official website:

CBB7: Day 23 Viewing Figures

Big Brother shows no sign of losing viewers in the final week as 2.6 million viewers and a 10% share tuned in at 9pm. Celebrity Big Brother attracted another 534,000 on Channel 4 +1, as the latest highlights showed Dane and Jonas enjoying a lads night in without the other housemates knowing. Housemates also had to endure being chained up together.

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Monday, 25 January 2010

CBB7 VIDEO: Stephanie Smashes Ivana's Award

Day 23: Housemates were stunned into silence when Stephanie Beacham smashed Ivana Trump's brand new award. Proudly showing off the award she had just won, her joy quickly ended after Steph got her hands on it, as this video below shows. Full details on tomorrow night's programme.

*BB official website:

CBB7: Ivana Award Task

Day 23: Ivana was called into the Diary Room to receive some very exciting news. Big Brother informed her that she has been nominated for the 'Best International Businesswoman on a Reality TV show ' award, by the readers of Scandinavian magazine Kugel Fresh! What Ivana won't know however, is that the award is actually fake, reports the official Big Brother website.

Ivana was told that Big Brother has arranged for her to appear on the awards show later on this afternoon, for which she must give an acceptance speech in English, German and Czech. She will have the afternoon to practice what she would like to say, if she wins.

While Ivana was in the Diary Room, Big Brother informed the rest of the Housemates about the fake award, setting them the task of convincing Ivana that the award is completely genuine. If Ivana at any point thinks that the awards are fake, Housemates will fail the task.

Later, Ivana was asked to make her way to the small Task Room in her finest outfit, where the hosts of the "Scandinavian award ceremony" linked through to announce the results of the awards. Ivana found out she has won and gave her acceptance speech.

Housemates watched Ivana giving her speech in the Living Room on the main plasma, and then they were set another task by Big Brother - to spoil Ivana's award once she returned to the House.

Housemates must firstly tell Ivana that her award looks stupid, and then attempt to drink from the award, and finally, Housemates must break the award.

*BB official website:

CBB7: Double Eviction Viewing Figures

Friday's Celebrity Big Brother Double Eviction programme was watched by 3.1 million viewers, (12% audience share), with another 230,000 on Channel 4 +1.

In the later programme, actor Stephen Baldwin and singer Sisqo were interviewed by Davina McCall and 2.8 million viewers (15% share) tuned in, another 159,000 watched on Channel 4 +1.

Saturday (Day 21) - 2.1 million viewers, a 9% share, in the 9pm hour, with another 394,000 watching on C4+1.

Sunday (Day 22) - 2.5m (8%) viewers, as Nicola completed the Tree of Temptation task. A further 478,000 watched on C4 +1.

*BB official website:

Sunday, 24 January 2010

CBB7 VIDEO: Nicola Tempted By Tree

Day 22: The Tree of Temptation has made for hilarious viewing and this video shows the Tree at it's finest. Nicola T is about to be tempted by the Tree, watch the video as his comments seem to go over the top of her head. Celebrity Big Brother at 8pm on Channel 4 will have the Task in full, guaranteed to having you in fits of laughter!

*BB official website:

CBB7 POLL: Should CBB Be Axed?

The final Celebrity Big Brother poll asks 'Should Celebrity Big Brother Be Axed?' You either love or hate Big Brother but now Celebrity Big Brother is ending, it seems the public really do love the programme.

Millions have tuned in each night (as this blog has reported - click viewing figures tab to find out more), but this could be the final series of CBB. Is it time it was axed? Should it take a year off or do you think it should continue?

Vote in the poll at the top right of this page.

*BB official website:

CBB7: Celebrity Hell Charades

Day 22: Big Brother set the housemates a challenge, a challenge to play a game of 'Celebrity Hell Charades'. Instead of miming movies, songs or books, the Housemates had to mime infamous and embarrassing celebrity faux pas. They had one hour to mime 14 charades and for every correct mime they would receive an extra 5 minutes in bed today.

Much to their delight, housemates successfully passed their challenge, and in record time. The super speedy celebs managed to mime all 14 charades within 13 minutes, leaving them with 47 minutes to spare. They will therefore have an extra one hour and 10 minutes in bed in the morning.

However, all this excitement must have taken it out of our poor celebrities as they were all in bed and fast asleep by 22:45, reports the official CBB7 website. So Big Brother got evil this morning as it woke up the housemates nice and early too the tune of Rick Astley!

*BB official website:

CBB7: Big Brother's Big Beard Speaks Out

As we enter the final few days of Celebrity Big Brother 7, my Big Beard can't help but declare it's love for the reality programme. This time last year we all seemed to have had enough of the Big Brother format - I have to admit, my Big Beard had lost interest last year.

Yet CBB7 has proved that Celebrity Big Brother still has plenty of steam as around 3 million have tuned in each night. CBB goes on just long enough to keep us glued to our TV's (take note BB11 - 90+ days in the house is much too long!).

The celebrity housemates this series have been fascinating to watch, even the non-celeb types have proved fun. But the real attraction this series has been Big Brother itself, added to this we have had the Tree of Temptation spicing things up. Davina McCall proved the format works and even the official website has been better than ever, with constant Twitter updates and selective snippets ensuring we all tune back in each night.

Is this really the end of Celebrity Big Brother? Let's hope CBB returns to our screens in the very near future. Mark my bearded words, the public WANT Celebrity Big Brother to continue!

*BB official website:
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