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Thursday, 28 January 2010

CBB7 PICTURES: Davina Inside Big Brother House

Day 26: Here are the pictures of Davina McCall during her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house last night, as seen on Channel 4/E4. Watch tonight's programme for the full story.

Davina goes to Diary Room after being chased by some of the housemates

Davina tweets with Stephanie, who became scared!

Davina steals Dane's deodorant and a tooth brush from the BB house

Davina spends a few moments in The Snug

Davina reveals her identity to housemates

Davina speaks of her Big Brother experience on Big Mouth

Housemates getting suspicious of Davina

Davina finally enters the Celebrity Big Brother house

Davina enters the BB house in Nicola's costume

Davina during her time in the BB house talking to Big Brother

Davina almost moved to tears before as Big Brother talk to her in the Diary Room

Hot and sweaty Davina during her terrifying experience inside the house

Davina in chicken costume - housemates were yet to find out the truth

The moment Davina revealed her identity to the housemates
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