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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

CBB7: Why Vinnie WILL Win Celebrity Big Brother

As the end of Celebrity Big Brother approaches bookies and pundits have been speculating who will become the final winner of CBB7. In the first two weeks Vinnie Jones was the undisputed clear favourite to win, then events changed and the eviction of Sisqo proved a turning point.

This week Dane, Nicola and now Alex have favourites to win the show, but I think the public will vote Vinnie as the winner on Friday. My reasoning is this: The final show will attract many more viewers than a typical CBB7 broadcast, so many will be unaware of Vinnie's actions inside the Big Brother house. He will get their votes to win and also the votes from those who previously wanted him to win but swapped sides to Alex or Dane.

The Tree of Temptation Task will show a more human Vinnie and that will warm the heart of the voting public. at the end of the day, they will vote for Vinnie to win because he is the bigger character. While I didn't want him to become the winner (I always go against the norm!), I do think he'll win IF he doesn't put a foot wrong between now and Friday night!

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