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Friday, 29 January 2010

CBB7: Why Stephanie Should Win Big Brother

Day 27: Did you ever think Stephanie Beacham would last the duration inside the Celebrity Big Brother house? No? Neither did I, yet Stephanie has provided us with huge amounts of entertainment and laughs over the past four weeks. She might be posh but this lady knows how to have fun (most of the time - we'll forgive her for not wearing the animal costume 'for health reasons'!).

She is the only female left in the male dominated house and that should be enough reason to win CBB7, another reason for winning could be for her willingness to join in and take part during the show. Who can forget her role in Celebrity Last Legs, where both Ivana and herself 'cared' for the retired housemates? Getting covered in cake TWICE and yet still laughing about it shows the kind of nature Stephanie has. Many times she was the female voice of reason within the Big Brother house.

At the same time, true to her Dynasty role - Steph could be a bit of a bitch. Those early morning cups of tea with Vinnie proved a breeding ground to bitch, and who could forget her nomination of Ivana? A bitch she may be, but a lovable one at that, Stephanie has made for great viewing and every woman in the land owes her a vote!

Find out how Stephanie does in the CBB7 Final from 20:30 on Channel 4 tonight.

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