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Saturday, 17 July 2010

BB11 VIDEO: Ife's Eviction

Day 39: Here is the moment Ife found out she had become the fifth housemate voted out of the Big Brother house, as seen in the official Channel 4 video. For more up to the minute news and lots more videos, visit the official website below.

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BB11: Ife Evicted From Big Brother

Ife Is Evicted!
Day 38: The fifth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house was Ife, with 56.5% of the public vote as she went head to head against popular housemates Corin and Mario. Ife had been the bookies favourite after Caoimhe saved herself during the 'Save And Replace Task'.

Ife received a mixed reception from the crowd but came across as honest and genuine during her eviction interview with Davina McCall. Maybe Ife had been a little bit too honest in the BB11 house and should have played the game more to avoid nomination.

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Friday, 16 July 2010

BB11 PICTURES: Superheroes - The Boys

Day 38: Here are a selection of pictures featuring the boys from Big Brother during the Superheroes Task wearing tight pants!

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Thursday, 15 July 2010

BB11 VIDEO: Girls Talk About John James

Day 37: Watch the video of the moment Josie finally confesses she fancies Aussie housemate John James. The girls quizzed her in the Snug and told her that John James must fancy her. The events continue to unfold in Big Brother and you can watch Josie and John James having a heart to heart during Friday's Big Brother.

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BB11 PICTURES: Superheroes - The Girls

Day 37: Here are a selection of pictures of the girls in their Superheroes costumes as part of the Shopping Task:

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BB11 VIDEO: Sunshine & Rachael - Lady GaGa Telephone

Check out this brilliant re-make of Lady GaGa's 'Telephone' video featuring Big Brother housemates Sunshine (as Lady GaGa) and Rachael (as Beyonce). During BB11, Sunshine and Rachael were often likened to Lady GaGa and Beyonce - so this funny video pays tribute to their celebrity counterparts!

It's back on YouTube - and you can still watch the video on the official website: HERE

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BB11: Josie Has Hots For John James - It's Official!

Day 37: The friendship between Josie and John James took another twist today as Josie finally admitted she fancies the Australian housemate. The pair have had a love-hate relationship throughout this series of Big Brother, denying they fancied each other and often falling out.

Josie told Caoimhe that she feels awkward in his company and told the girls that she does fancy John James. After avoiding him following his release from the task lair, Josie headed to the Diary Room but he became suspicious she had been set a task by the Tree of Temptation. As John James came to talk to her and ask her what was wrong, she laughed nervously while insisting she was fine.

Confused, John James said: "I like your costume anyway." When Josie continued to laugh, he said: "What, do you not like it? Is that what it is?" He then asked: "Have you been talking to the Tree?"

Josie denied that the Tree of Temptation had given her a task, but John James responded: "That's it isn't it? He's told you to fuck me up or something!" He chuckled as she entered the Diary Room, and asked Caoimhe if Josie had received a secret task. Caoimhe told him that she hadn't, but he laughed: "Yous two are the worst liars in history!"

Walking to the bedroom, John James asked Mario and Ife if they were "in on it" too. Mario said he was "clueless", while Ife hinted: "It's nothing really." John James then asked if Josie's behaviour was something to do with him. Ife replied: "Yeah, but it's nothing that Big Brother has set up."

As more housemates noticed that Josie was acting strangely by going to the Diary Room when there was "no drama" in the house, John James became convinced that she was performing a task and the other girls knew about it.

Returning to the bedroom, he asked: "Does everyone know about this apart from me?" Ife, Caoimhe and Mario said no. "But all the girls know?" he continued. Mario responded: "Sometimes the best questions are the unasked ones."

While the girls continued to be evasive to John James's questioning and struggled not to giggle about the situation, John James became increasingly unnerved. He told Mario: "I hate people laughing and I don't know what it is. I feel like I've got a booger up my nose permanently."

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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

BB11: Mario Questions Caoimhe About Nomination

Day 36: Being up for eviction tends to make the housemates paranoid and Mario seems to be suffering this week, as Digital Spy reports. Mario has confessed to Caoimhe that he has questioned their relationship after she nominated him in yesterday's 'Save and Replace' task.

After earlier revealing that a "dark", paranoid version of himself was taking over, Mario asked Caoimhe to come with him to the nest to explain in private how much he had been affected by her decision.

"In the last few days I've been thinking people have ulterior motives, I've become suspicious of people," he revealed. "I then started becoming suspicious of you. I was thinking maybe you and Shabby had a hit list, obviously Nathan was first last week and I was next in the hit list."

Caoimhe quickly stated that this was not the case, adding: "I had my own issues with Nathan, I had my reasons to put him up. I had absolutely no reason to put anyone sitting there up."

The Irish student then claimed that she was trying to throw the task yesterday and when she did win she chose Mario because she did not think he would be evicted.

She pointed out that in a way it was better that she won and nominated him, as Ife and Corin would have nominated Ben and John James as their respective replacements, two people she felt were more in danger.

"I genuinely, genuinely think you’re going to have a huge gay following and you’re not going to go on Friday. You’ve already survived, you’re not going to go. And I think you know that," she said.

Mario said that he was worried about the kind of person his paranoia was turning him into.

"Remember those two weeks ago when John was suspicious of everybody and it was starting to destroy him from the [inside] out; I can feel that building up inside of me and I don’t want to be that person," he said.

Caoimhe embraced Mario and told him that it was okay to be suspicious of people in the house sometimes. She reassured him that the "divide" Mario felt was building between them was all in his head.

*DigitalSpy website
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BB11: Rachel In Tears

Day 36: Rachel has only been in the Big Brother house since Friday night and already the Scouse housemate has been in tears.Rachel had been going head-to-head with brainiac Andrew in a heated debate.

The subject was religion and Andrew was giving the opinion of the Scientist. Dave was being supported by Rachel who told Andrew she felt that his religion was Science. Intelligent Andrew threw back some of his points and the seemingly tame debate began to boil over.

Dave had to intervene telling Rachel that no one means harm in the conversation but it was too late, Rachel had been offended by Andrew claiming he had called her 'an idiot on national TV'.

Andrew defended himself claiming he never meant his argument to come across like that and the two House newbies hugged and made up.

But the damage had already been done...

Ten minutes later, Rachel poured her first tears out to Dave and as the friendly monk comforted her, she laughed 'I don't know why I'm crying, the argument hasn't offended me because it is an interesting debate, I just saw the fact I had upset Andrew and that is what's upsetting me'.

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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

BB11: Caoimhe Saved From Eviction

Day 35: After winning the head-to-head battle with Ife and Corin, Caoimhe was saved from the public vote. The Western Theme Task proved to be a winner for the Irish housemate, who then selected Mario to replace her.

Mario was angry that Caoimhe had picked him, but she claims he was chosen because she believed he would be safe, but Ife felt her decision was tactical and she wanted Mario out of the house.

Expect sparks to fly as the tension rises inside the Big Brother house, at the moment it is Ife who is most likely to be evicted on Friday.......

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BB11: Big Brother Viewing Figures - Day 28 - 33

After a month of broadcasting, Big Brother 11 suffered the usual dip as the latest viewing figures reveal. The final series of Big Brother also had to contend with shifts in the programme schedules and the World Cup.

Day 33 (Sun 11 July) - The world cup final impacted Big Brother, but it still managed to attract 1.5m (10.4%) to Channel 4 between 9.30pm and 10.30pm, with a further 470,000 (3%) watching the programme on C4+1. The argument between John James and Josie was the main focus of the programme.

Day 32 (Sat 10 July) - Big Brother attracted 1.69m (8.4%) for Channel 4 in the 9pm slot as Nathan's final hours in the BB11 house were highlighted.

Day 31 (Fri 9 July) - Nathan became the fourth housemate evicted and 2.46m (11.7%) tuned into the highlights show with another and 2.38m (14.5%) watching his eviction interview with Davina McCall.

Day 30 (Thur 8 July) - Big Brother, shifted to 8pm this week to make way for Channel 4's sex education programming, but lost some of their regular viewers as it went head-to-head with Emmerdale. Just  1.5 (7%) watched the housemates fall out, with another 725,000 (3.3%) watched an hour later on Channel 4 +1.

Ratings for the 11th and final series are up compared to last year's run, according to figures up to Tuesday, 6 July.
The average audience is up 18% year on year at 2.54 million, compared with 2.15 million at the same point in series 10. Average share is also up, from 10.5% to 12.5%.

Day 29 (Wed 7 July) - BB11 was viewed by 1.58m (6.5%) on  Channel 4 in the earlier timeslot of  8pm, with 383,000 (1.6%) watching the show on Channel 4 +1.

Day 28 (Tues 6 July) - Tensions continued to run high in the house as Shabby walked with highlights at 10pm gaining 2.52 million (13.6% audience share), C4 +1 had another 189,000 (1.8%) tuning in.

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Monday, 12 July 2010

BB11 VIDEO: Housemates Talk About Dave

Day 34: New boy Andrew joins Ben and Josie in a chat about religious housemate Dave. Watch the official video above to find out what they had to say about the Bible reader.

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BB11: Latest Nominations News

Day 34: This weeks Big Brother nominations are in and two housemates could be facing the public vote for the first time - Corin and Ife. Joining them at the moment is Caoimhe, who was saved from the public vote last week after winning the 'Save and Replace' Task.

Caoimhe will need to win this weeks 'Save and Replace' Task to avoid facing the public vote, especially since she is the bookies favourite for eviction on Friday!
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BB11: Who Is Your Favourite New Housemate?

Day 34: The new housemates have been in the Big Brother house for a few days, but we want to know which one is YOUR favourite out of the three.

Have you got a soft spot for nerdy Andrew? Does Rachel's smile do it for you or could dinky Keeley be the one who floats your boat and gets your vote?!

Our poll on the top right hand side of the screen closes soon, so cast your vote now.......

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Sunday, 11 July 2010

BB11: John James High And Low Day

Day 33: It certainly was a day of highs and lows for Aussie housemate John James -  winning a phone call for completing a task set by the Tree of Temptation, John James was almost in tears following the Skype conversation with his mum. She told him how it was quiet in the house without him. It took him a while to leave the secret room as he had a sit down and kept repeating 'wow, that was intense'.

By the end of the day John James was close to tears again after having a big bust-up with Josie over a comment he believed she made in front of the new housemates. Apparently Josie called him 'crab eyes' and this led to a heated argument in the Snug. John James was annoyed with Josie for using the phrase because he considered her to be a friend, and he was less concerned Steve had also called him 'crab eyes'.

The joys of the Big Brother house - one minute you are experiencing the highs, the next minute the lows!

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BB11 VIDEO: Nathan's Eviction

Day 32: Relive the moment the housemates found out who won the eviction battle between John James and Nathan in this official Channel 4 video from Friday's Big Brother eviction.

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