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Saturday, 25 July 2009

BB10: Day 52 PICTURE - Tom Naked!

Tom went naked in the Big Brother bedroom, but who was it that was trying to sneak a look at his man bits? In The BB10 house, someone is always watching !!

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BB10: Day 52 - Halfwit And Bea Enjoy Bedtime Hugs

Halfwit and Bea have become the latest housemates to grab a late night smooch as their friendship becomes closer. Having spent quite a few days getting to know each other, it seems Halfwit is winning the new housemate over to his romantic ways.

Earlier he had told Bea he didn't like the idea that Tom might like her, so he wasted no time in going in for the kill. While Tom has branded Bea 50% fake, Halfwit seems to think she is the perfect match for him.

How far will they go? Time will tell...................

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BB10: Day 52 VIDEO - Noirin Explains Love Problems

Noirin went into the Diary Room to explain the love quad and opens up about what she should do about it. Watch the video and decide what if she is right, I'm sure Big Brother wouldn't exploit the situation by throwing in an ex-boyfriend - or would they?

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BB10: Day 52 - Noirin Decides Who She Likes

Noirin has been the attraction of the Big Brother 10 house, first winning the affections of Sree and then the ultra protective Marcus.

While trying to maintain non-committal, Noirin then got a bit sloppy with Siavash as the pair shared a snog two days ago. Everything blew up and she finally confessed to Marcus about the kiss (Siavash had better watch out!).

Then life for Noirin got even more complicated as she poured out her heart to Big Brother in the Diary Room that she actually liked Tom, and if she was on the outside, it would be Tom not Siavash she would want. So she let Siavash down as gently as she could, told Marcus about the kiss but has yet to tell either of the lads that she actually fancies Tom.

Marcus already hates Tom with a vengeance because he thought the new boy fancied Noirin, now matters will be made worse once the last piece of truth is revealed. Will Noirin walk out of the BB 10 house? Will Marcus kill Tom or Siavash?

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BB10: Day 52 - Marcus Told About Kiss

Marcus has finally found out about the kiss between Noirin and Siavash, after some of the other Big Brother housemates found out about the late night snog.

Noirin had been whispering in the bathroom with Dogface about the dilemma and then spoke with Siavash about the situation. Finally Noirin went for a heart to heart with Big Brother and after a few more words with Dogface, decided to come clean with Marcus.

Marcus reacted by saying, "How many times did I tell you you liked Siavash?" Noirin defended herself with the words, "But I didn't even know, I can't help who I like, I can't help what I feel. It is what it is." Eventually Marcus told her, "We're not friends."

Little does Marcus know that Noirin actually fancies Tom - but that is a whole new story!

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BB10: Day 52 - Noirin And Siavash Cool Romance

Trying to have a secret romance in the Big Brother house was never going to be easy, especially when one had a partner on the outside, and the other has an admirer inside the BB10 house.

When Noirin came into the Bedroom to change tonight while trying desperately not to look at Siavash, her suitor accepted the cold, hard truth.

"It's never gonna happen. Not in this House," he said glumly.

"Never say never," she smiled, before correcting herself. "I shouldn't really say things like that."

Then she revealed that Marcus, who as we all know has locked on to Noirin like a fighter pilot's missile target, had been making comments about her and Tom.

"He said I've dumped my old toy to have a new toy," she told Siavash, referring to Marcus and Tom.

"Now, that's the kind of talk I don't like," he grumbled.

"It's just Marcus' point," she said, but the two agreed it wasn't on.

"I'd much rather he know than say something like that," confessed Siavash. "I really hope I'm not there when that conversation happens."

"Well at least we know he's veering in the wrong direction," said Noirin, still trying on clothes. "Which is a good thing."

"Is it? If he keeps saying stuff like that Tom might think..." said Sivash crossly. "This is ridiculous, we're adults."

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BB10: Day 52 - Tom Thrown In Jail

After being caught out for talking about nominations with Siavash and Noirin, Tom has been sent to the newly erected jail, and he didn't take it well.

Called to the Diary Room, Tom was sternly reminded he'd said to Noirin and Siavash: "If they have to put some name up, I don't mind if they put my name up," and "If someone needs to be voted, I don't mind going. If you're struggling, I don't mind honestly."

"**** off, you're gonna put me in jail," said Tom, gutted. "If I don't go to jail, maybe I'll just go."

But Big Brother didn't take the bait.

"OK Big Brother. Can I put a hoodie on?" shrugged Tom.

"Only if you get a fellow housemate to bring one for you," came the reply.

Will Tom eventually walk out of Big Brother or will he stick it out? Stay tuned.......

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Friday, 24 July 2009

BB10: Day 51 VIDEO - Marcus Watches Noirin Shower

Marcus fresh out of jail, is now able to keep an eye on Noirin - even if she was in the shower at the time! Marcus even offers to clean certain bits for Noirin, adding to his status as a stalker type. Watch the video below of the Big Brother housemates in the shower room.

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BB10: Day 51 - Siavash Dumped By Girlfriend?

Looks like Siavash has become the latest housemate to be dumped while in the Big Brother house, following his late night snog with Noirin.

Although Siavash had a girlfriend on the outside, it didn't stop him confessing to Noirin that he has fancied her for the past four weeks. This led to some kissing in the bedroom and now Siavash's girlfriend looks set to dump him. Writing on her Facebook she said, "I don't care tbh. I know I'm better than that, so I'm not even wasting my energy on making it into anything."

Earlier in the week Karly indicated on Big Brother's Little Brother that she was dumping Kenneth after comments he had made in the Big Brother house. Viewers will find out tonight if Karly and Kenneth are still together during his interview with Davina McCall.

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BB10: Day 51 PICTURES - Tom Gets A Rub From Noirin

These pictures show topless Tom getting a good rub down from Noirin in the Big Brother bedroom. The love square developing inside the house is getting complicated - basically, all the men have fallen for Noirin!

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BB10: Day 51 VIDEO - Noirin and Siavash Snog!

While Marcus was being punished by Big Brother in jail until 3am, Siavash and Noirin continued their growing friendship. Just 24 days earlier, Siavash was confessing how he'd fallen for Noirin -even though he has a girlfriend on the outside and Marcus is his mate inside the BB10 house.

Siavash and Noirin had been chatting with housemates in the same bed, but when they were alone - the pair went under the covers and kissing sounds could be heard. Siavash told Noirin, "I hope you're not going to leave any time soon." Watch the video below and see the action for yourself.............

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BB10: Day 51 - Tom Wants To Quit Big Brother House

It seems everyone is feeling a bit down since Kenneth escaped the Big Brother house, and his best friend in the house has got the blues. Tom has only been in the house for a week and already he wants out - telling Siavash and Noirin,

"There are a lot of s*** stirrers in here," he said.

He also raged at new girl Bea Hamill who he said dramatised every situation she could in order to get more camera time.

"I'm not playing this happy family b*******. It's all guff," he added.

Will Tom walk out today? Watch this space..............

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Thursday, 23 July 2009

BB10: Day 50 - Eviction Cancelled

This week's Eviction has been cancelled due to Kenneth leaving the Big Brother House. Eleven housemates were up for eviction, with Kenneth being the hot favourite to be voted out by the public.

I'm sure it won't take Big Brother long to think up a new scheme to ditch a housemate or two, watch this space................

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BB10: Day 50 VIDEO - Kenneth Escapes Big Brother House

Shock horror - Kenneth has fled the Big Brother house in dramatic style, being only the second housemate to ever leave via the roof. In the dead of night both Kenneth and Marcus climbed the roof and although Big Brother warned both could face expulsion, Kenneth continued to leave via the BB10 roof.

Kenneth and Marcus had discussed Kenneth's reasons for wanting to escape. Kenneth said he felt it was his duty to Karly to leave (little did he know how Karly was feeling since he entered the house).

Kenneth and Marcus then went into the Garden and, at 4.53am, Kenneth escaped the Big Brother House by climbing over the wall, aided by Marcus. Watch the video below and see how Kenneth escaped the Big Brother house:

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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

BB10: Day 49 VIDEO - Rodrigo and Charlie Snog Each Other

Finally Rodrigo and Charlie got down to some secret late night snogging under the covers in the strangest love-hate friendship in the Big Brother house. One minute the pair are sharing a bath together, then they are screaming at each other.

Rodrigo has denied that he was kissing Charlie, even though Dogface said she could hear their lips locking together. Well now the evidence is here and you can see for yourself in the video below.

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BB10: Day 49 - Greek Task Twist Shocker

Big Brother is evil - while all the housemates work hard on the Greek Task in order to pass this weeks Shopping Task and avoid living on £1 per day (per housemate), Big Brother is going to ignore all their efforts and leave Halfwit as Zeus to make the choices............

For the Task, he must choose housemates to compete against each other in a series of three challenges: Strength, Weight Lifting and Wealth.

For the Strength Task, Halfwit chose Marcus and Thomas for an arm wrestling match which Thomas must win to pass the Task.

For the Weight Lifting Task, Halfwit again chose Marcus and Thomas, but for this Task Marcus must win to pass the Task.

For the Wealth Task, Halfwit chose Siavash to compete against Kenneth in a contest of assessing the value of items set before them. Siavash must win the challenge in order to pass the Task

Fairly straightforward as Tasks go, but there was a grim warning from Big Brother.

"If you reveal the details of the Secret Shopping Task to any other housemate, you will fail this week's Shopping Task. Do you understand?"

"I understand," replied Halfwit.

"It is strictly forbidden for you to reveal any details of this Diary Room conversation with any of your housemates. If you do so, you will fail this week's Shopping Task. Do you understand?" added Big Brother.

"I understand," replied Halfwit again before leaving the Diary Room with the world on his shoulders.

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BB10: Day 49 VIDEO - Charlie and Rodrigo as Stavros Flatley

Here is the video of Charlie and Rodrigo performing as Stavros Flatley from Britain's Got Talent - this is part of the Greek Task and will go towards passing this weeks Shopping Task.

How will their dance routine go, watch and find out.............

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BB10: Day 48 PICTURE - Charlie and Rodrigo Share Bath Together

Rodrigo and Charlie are either bitching about each other one minute or sharing a bath together the next - it seems these Big Brother housemates can't make their minds up. But for once the pair got to make a splash together in the bath tub without falling out with each other............

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BB10: Big Brother Viewing Figures Climb For Tenth Anniversary

At last the viewing figures for Big Brother 10 have picked up as viewers tuned in to watch former housemates from the past ten years enter the house to perform tasks. Then five new housemates were added on Friday night, leading to an impressive increase in viewing figures. Here are the viewing figures from Day 42 to Day 47.

Day 47 (Mon 20/07/09) - Big Brother pulled in 2 million and a 12% share between 10pm and 11.10pm, another 156,000 tuning in on Channel 4+1 as the new housemates tried to perform their Secret Mission to get Noirin and Halfwit nominated. Viewing figures were up 200,000 on Day 33 (Mon 6 July).

Day 46 (Sun 19/07/09) - Big Brother picked up an extra 500,000 viewers this Sunday with 2.1 million(9% share)tuning in as the five new housemates settle in, with a further 303,000 on Channel 4 +1. Viewing figures were up 2% share week on week.

Day 45 (Sat 18/07/09) - Another half million increase as Big Brother had 1.6 million (8% share) viewers at 9pm and 233,000 on C4+1. The showed gained 3% share week on week as housemates adapted to life without Karly.

Day 44 (Fri 17/07/09) - The arrival of five new housemates and the eviction of Karly proved popular with viewers as Big Brother continued to improve in the ratings - 2.7 million viewers (13% share) were glued to the first instalment at 9pm. Then Karly Ashworth was told she would be evicted, just after her boyfriend and four other new housemates arrived in the second edition, which picked up 2.8 million and 19% between 10.35pm and 11.05pm. A further 165,000 and 273,000 watched respectively on Channel 4 +1 an hour later. An extra 700,000 viewers were added this Friday.

Day 43 (Thurs 16/07/09) - Big Brother 10th Anniversary celebrations continued as Brian Belo entered the house, lifting viewing figures to 2.1 million (12% share) between 10pm and 11.10pm, up from 1.9m the previous week. A further 136,000 viewers tuned in on Channel 4 +1.

Day 42 (Wed 15/07/09) - The housemates welcomed back Makosi and Craig along with former housemates for this weeks Shopping task. Their arrive helped lift viewing figures to 2 million viewers and an 8.7% share.

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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

BB10: Day 48 VIDEO - Charlie and Rodrigo Do Stavros Flatley

They might have a love-hate relationship, but Rodrigo and Charlie are putting that aside for this weeks Shopping Task. As part of the Greek theme, the Big Brother housemates will recreate Stavros Flatley's dance from Britain's Got Talent.

Watch the video below to see how Charlie and Rodrigo are doing in their practice session.............

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BB10: Day 48 - Karly Dumps Kenneth?

The shocking news was hinted at during a live broadcast of Big Brother's Little Brother as Grace Dent told Karly to dump Kenneth and not even turn up to his eviction. Will the week end badly for the international playboy with eviction on Friday? Karly wants him evicted and said she would talk to him when he comes out of the BB house.

Looks like things are quickly going downhill for new housemate Kenneth, first his girlfriend Karly got evicted five minutes after he entered the BB10 house (that should have been a clear sign things were just going to get worse!), then Charlie and Rodrigo gave him a pep talk about flirting in the house. Bea quickly turned on him as the pair argued about the Secret Mission, Kenneth became isolated as housemates turned against him.

Big Brother gave him a warning about his conduct between himself and Bea and throughout his few days in the house, Kenneth has plummeted in popularity. Calling Sophie 'dull' and 'fat' along with various comments about being a playboy and his love of money has led Karly to call time on their relationship.

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BB10: Day 48 - Greek Task

The housemates will be weightlifting, riverdancing, making kebabs and going on dates as they embrace all things Greek for this weeks shopping Task.

Two housemates will become father and son comedy double act, Stavros Flatley and perform a dance routine to the River Dance Cry of the Celts. Their performance will be judged by an independent judge.

Three housemates will also become Kebab Chefs. In the Garden will be a kebab van and for the next 24 hours Big Brother will place orders for kebabs, which the housemates must prepare and deliver to the Diary Room within four minutes. Orders can be placed at any time of the day or night and two Kebab Chefs must be in the kebab van for the entire duration of the Challenge.

One housemate will become the Greek God of Love and will record a Singles looking for love video and a member of the public will go on a date with that housemate.

One housemate will become Zeus the King of the Gods. One housemate will become Atlas the God of weight lifting and heavy burdens. One housemate will become Kratos the God of Strength and another housemate will become Hades the Greek God of Wealth.

Housemates as follows:

Halfwit Zeus

Thomas Atlas

Kenneth Hades

Marcus Kratos

Bea Aphrodite

Charlie and Rodrigo Stavros Flatley

Hira, Siavash and Noirin - Soldiers

Lisa, Dogface and David Kebab chefs

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BB10: Day 48 VIDEO - Nominations Twist

Here is this weeks Big Brother nominations video and there is a twist in it - Did the new housemates pass their Secret Mission and avoid nomination? Will Halfwit face the public vote once again?

Watch the video and find out as Big Brother reveals all to the housemates:

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BB10: Day 48 - Only Two Housemates Escape Eviction Vote

It's going to be another eviction shocker this week as all but two housemates face the public vote from the Big Brother 10 house. All the new housemates are up for nomination after failing the Secret Mission of getting Noirin and Halfwit nominated.
Rebellion by the original housemates meant Marcus, Noirin, Siavash, Halfwit, Dogface and Charlie will be up for eviction for showing blatant disregard for the rules. The only two housemates that are safe from the public vote will be Rodrigo and Lisa.
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BB10: Day 47 - Bea and Kenneth Argue

Things have quickly gone downhill between Bea and Kenneth as the new housemates began to strain under the pressure of the Secret Mission. With Bea saying she wouldn't continue with the Task, Kenneth had responded by saying, "What, so you're not going to pull your weight?"

"No I'm not going to pull my weight at all," confirmed Bea.

"We have something to do and you're basically washing your hands of it?" said Kenneth. This was the beginning of the end of relations between the pair and later in the garden, tempers flared between them as Kenneth challenged Bea. He asked her what she had to say, to which she replied "Are you deaf?" and "Go Away".

Bea told Kenneth that he was the one who came over to her and challenged her, and later Kenneth tried to reconcile things between them. At first Bea was having none of it but finally told him, "I don't like being told to **** off, I don't like people shouting at me," she said. "I appreciate you saying this to me. But let's just get on with the show."

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BB10: Day 47 - Kenneth Warned By Lads

He might think he's a bit of a playboy, but Kenneth was warned by Rodrigo and Charlie as they enjoyed a morning swim in the Big Brother pool.

"You should stop messing about with Sophie," Charlie told him as they all enjoyed a morning swim.

"I'm a flirt. It's fun though," shrugged Kenneth.

"She's got a boyfriend and you've got a girlfriend," Charlie reminded him. "If I was Karly, I would dump you."

"I'm just playing around," laughed Kenneth, clearly unconcerned.

"If my boyfriend was flirting with someone in front of everyone, I'd dump ya," confirmed Charlie.

"She was flirting with Kris," countered Kenneth.

"No she wasn't," said Charlie. "You're blatantly flirting with Sophie, chatting her up."

"It's like exercise. It's just fun," said Kenneth, but he could see Charlie's face wasn't cracking. "I'd better behave then."

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BB10: PICTURE - Morning Glory Tom!

Would you like to wake up next to Tom? This picture captures the new housemate first thing in the morning, looking rather buff. Seems like BB10 finally has some proper eye candy.......

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Monday, 20 July 2009

BB10: Day 47 - Bea Up For Nomination?

New housemate Bea has refused to continue with the Secret Mission and could now face the public vote. The new housemates are meant to get Noirin and Halfwit (Freddie) nominated this week, and that meant being manipulative.

Bea told Tom, "I can't do it. I don't like that 'cos I get on with Freddie it's all on my shoulders. You do what you want. You crack on. I'm not losing a friendship to manipulate a situation. It's not my task to do." If the housemates fail in the Secret Mission then ALL the new housemates will be up for eviction.

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Sunday, 19 July 2009

BB10 Day 46 - Housemates Turn Against Tom

The old housemates smell a rat and new boy Tom is in the firing line. Talk among the original eight remaining housemates focused on Tom as suspicions of a Secret Mission became a talking point.

Dogface and Lisa laid into Tom while chatting in the garden, with Dogface saying, "I get the impression he's one of those guys who thinks they can get what they want."
"Well he can't, can he? He isn't gonna get you. We know that, you know that," Lisa replied.

Then inside the house Noirin and Marcus had a heart to heart with Marcus telling her, "He's trying to be best friends but it's not happening. He came over to me to be matey-mates and smarm," Marcus relayed. "He asked 'what's going on between you and Noirin. I said we're just friends, but I like her'. He said that he doesn't chase girls."

"He's been chasing me and Sophie. I don't like being played. I can smell a player a mile away." said Noirin.

"Yeah, as soon as he said, 'I'd like to do some cooking, Noirin will you help', it was like get Noirin away from Marcus and go to the Kitchen which is the heart of the House..." mused Marcus. "I think he's got different ways of getting you, he's got six or seven levels of smarm to lay on the table before he's done. You're still going to be rope for a couple more days," Marcus continued.

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BB10: Day 46 VIDEO - New Housemates Workout

The new housemates have been busy this weekend keeping themselves in shape - maybe they feel the original BB10 housemates have let themselves go a little?

Watch the video below as Tom and Kenneth workout and Hira David do their bit to join in. Meanwhile Bea is having none of it but tells us if muscles do it for her or not............

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BB10: Day 46 - New Housemates, New Romances?

Five new housemates and the dynamics of the Big Brother 10 house have been shot to pieces. Romance, jealousy and back-biting are on the cards as the five housemates settle into the house.

Hira and Siavash have already hit it off with their love of fashion and similar cultural backgrounds. Although Siavash has a girlfriend on the outside, this pair are going to be great allies in the house.

Bea and Halfwit look like a match made in heaven, both are crazy and both seem to like each other. Halfwit has even moved into the bed next to Bea and the pair have bonded really well - although Bea feels bad about the Secret Mission where the new housemates have to get Noirin and Halfwit nominated for eviction.

Kenneth is the boyfriend of newly evicted housemate Karly, so has naturally struck a cord with Lisa, Charlie and Rodrigo as the former group fell apart when Kris and Karly got the boot from Big Brother. But will the other group turn on Kenneth?

David looks set to out-gay Charlie but could a romance develop between the pair or will Rodrigo get sucked into the whole thing?! Maybe Halfwit will give it a try - who knows............

Tom is already the new house hunk and something seems to be developing between Noirin and Tom as the flirtation stage is in full swing. Marcus is not a happy man and sparks could fly in the coming days.

Things are about to get hot in the Big Brother house.................

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BB10: Day 46 PICTURES - Tom Goes Topless

Seen as the new Big Brother hunk, new housemate Tom wasted no time in getting his top off this weekend, spending time sunbathing. What do you think?

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BB10: Day 45 - Bea Feels Bad About Secret Mission

Bea and David found a quiet moment in the Garden away from the other housemates to discuss their secret mission. And Bea is finding it considerably harder than her fellow new, icier housemates.

Discussing Halfwit, Bea clearly had some issues with the mission.

"I get on really well with him," she declared, worriedly.

David took no time in agreeing, "I love him, I think he's amazing." He then quickly reminded her that it was just a game.

"This show is about being yourself," deep-thinker Bea replied.

"It's only for a couple of days," David informed her.

"I'm not being myself," she told him, worriedly. "If we fail it we're up anyway aren't we? It's up to the public. I think if you're representing yourself genuinely and you come across as a nice person, you're safe anyway."

David did his best to alleviate her concerns. "They are not going to judge you, you were told by Big Brother. That's the game."

But Bea wasn't having any of it. "There is no point in having a game plan. My game plan is to be myself. If people don't like it, then vote me out."

David then showed his best steely side as he advised her. "Do the task, I know it won't be nice, I'm having a go. Just complain about them."

Then Bea finally started to crack. "There is probably a way of being clever about this," she deliberated, "maybe they'll both be nominated anyway."

"That would be really lucky," David agreed.

*BB official website:

BB10: Day 45 - Hira And David Discuss Secret Mission

When Hira entered the House, she was told by Big Brother to complete a secret mission. She, and the other new housemates, must ensure that Noirin and Halfwit are nominated this week, to save themselves from facing the chop.

And it seems that David is keen to get the mission accomplished. So today, when he got Hira on her own in the Bedroom, it was time to talk serious tactics.

"Have you had any more thoughts?" David asked, in a hurry to have the discussion while no one else was in the room. "We need to start doing things, we don't know if we have until tomorrow or Monday to do it."

Sounding half asleep, Hira informed him she'd spoken to Tom but he had said he wanted to have a think about the mission.

A flustered David was adamant, "We don't need to think about it, we need to put it into action. They will find out we're on a secret mission, so if they think we're two-faced, so be it. When it comes out they will understand that."

"Try and get people on their own," David continued, "say you don't think Noirin is involving me."
In full flow, David went on, "Don't ever say it to Marcus, it would cause eruptions."

Hira nodded furiously in agreement.

"Don't be afraid to get someone on their own. I know it's difficult for you, but if you want to stay in the House, it's something we'll have to do. I know it makes you look like a bad person...but when they find out we're on a secret mission, they'll understand."

"I agree," Hira managed to finally get into the conversation.

"I do want to pass it. I want to have a hell of a go," David declared passionately.

"Same here," Hira agreed.

"Have a think about it, I'm here for you," David comforted before quickly turning his attention to Siavash who joined them in the Bedroom.

*BB official website:
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