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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

VIDEO: Big Brother - Time To Say Goodbye

Big Brother has come to an end in the UK and this video shown on Channel 4, featuring housemates from the past eleven years, provides a fitting tribute to Big Brother.

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Monday, 13 September 2010

UBB: Ultimate Big Brother Viewing Figures - Day 78 - 94

Here are the viewing figures for Ultimate Big Brother, including the evictions and several spin off programmes on Channel 4. Ultimate Big Brother delivered a strong result for Channel 4, concluding eleven years of programming.

Day 94 (Fri 10 Sep) FINAL - Channel 4 [inc. +1]
19:30- Ultimate Big Brother: The Final: 2.65m (11.6%)
* peak: 4.08m (17.3%) at 21:20

21:30- Dermot's Last Supper: 3.09m (13.4%)

22:00- Davina's Big Sendoff: 3.32m (16.4%)

22:30- Ultimate Big Brother: The Final: 3.66m (25.0%)
* peak: 4.08m (34.1%) at 23:25 as Brian Dowling was crowned the Ultimate Housemate.

Day 93 (Thu 9 Sep) - The final highlights programme was only watched by 1.59m (7.1%)  as Channel 4 opted for an 8pm showing. However, an additional 608,000 (2.7%) watched the programme on Channel 4 +1 - making a total of almost 2.2m viewers.

Day 92 (Wed 8 Sep) - 2.6m (11.4%) viewers saw the highlights programme at 9pm hour and 340,000 (1.9%) on Channel 4 +1. Michelle Bass and Vanessa Feltz were evicted with 1.87m viewers (20.2%)tuning in from 11.15pm and 75,000 (1.8%) on timeshift C4+1.

Day 91 (Tue 7 Sep) - Earlier programme at 9pm was watched by 2.17m (9.4%) with a further 483,000 (2.8%) on Channel 4 +1.

Day 90 (Mon 6 Sep) - Come Dine With Me: Big Brother Winners held 2.01million (8%) viewers captive on Channel 4 at 8pm and an impressive 732,000 (2.9%) on Channel 4 +1. Ultimate Big Brother had 2.34m (14%) at 10pm and 142,000 (1.8%) on Channel 4 +1.

Day 89 (Sun 5 Sep) - 2.31m (9.3%) watched on Channel 4 at 9pm and 239,000(1.3%) on timeshift C4+1.

Day 88 (Sat 4 Sep) - 1.77m viewers (8.1%), and 349,000 (1.9%) on 4+1

Day 87 (Fri 3 Sep) - Makosi and Nadia were evicted and Vanessa entered Ultimate Big Brother, as seen by 2.33m viewers (9.9%) at 9pm and 2.23m (15.3%) at 10.30pm. Channel 4 +1 recorded figures of 336,000 and 114,000.

Day 86 (Thu 2 Sep) - 2.38m (14.2%) a further 176,000 (2.1%) watched the programme on Channel 4 +1.

Day 85 (Wed 1 Sep) - 2.5 million (14.6%), C4+1 183,000 (2%)

Day 84 (Tue 31 Aug) - 2.48m (14.6%) and 179,000 viewers (2%) on Channel 4 +1

Day 83 (Mon 30 Aug) - 2.1 million (10.8%), C4+1 - 236,000 (2.3%)

Day 82 (Sun 29 Aug) - 8pm programme watched by 1.8m (7.9%), C4+1 519,000 (2.3%)

Day 81 (Sat 28 Aug) - 2.2 million (10.3%), C4+1 - 308,000 (1.7%)

Day 80 (Fri 27 Aug) - John McCririck eviction - 2.92m (13.6%) between 9pm and 10pm with 215,000 on C4+1 , then 2.39m (15.6%) caught the racing pundit's interview with Davina McCall and a further 201,000 tuning in on C4+1

Day 79 (Thu 26 Aug) - 3.07m (17.4%) and 227,000 (2.4%) watched on Channel 4 +1

Day 78 (Wed 25 Aug) - 3.22m (18%) and 227,000 (2.5%) on Channel 4 +1

*Thanks to DigitalSpy and Guardian Media for addtional info during the viewing figures topics

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Sunday, 12 September 2010

BB11: Big Brother 11 Nomination History

Week 1

Ben nominated Shabby and Sunshine
Caoimhe nominated Sunshine and Dave
Corin nominated Caoimhe and Sunshine
Dave nominated Govan and Rachael
Govan nominated Sunshine and Dave
Ife nominated Sunshine and Steve
John James nominated Rachael and Shabby
Josie nominated Dave and Sunshine
Mario nominated Shabby and Corin
Nathan nominated Sunshine and Ben
Rachael nominated Dave and Sunshine
Shabby nominated Sunshine and Dave
Steve nominated Sunshine and Shabby
Sunshine nominated Govan and Shabby

Dave won the challenge and chose Rachael to take his place.
Rachael, Shabby and Sunshine faced the public vote.

Rachael was evicted with 37.5% of the public vote

Week 2

Ben nominated Govan and Shabby
Caoimhe nominated Sunshine and Ben
Corin nominated Ben and Mario
Dave nominated Govan and Shabby
Govan nominated Dave and Ben
Ife nominated Ben and Dave
John James nominated Caoimhe and Shabby
Josie nominated Dave and Ben
Mario nominated Govan and Shabby
Nathan nominated Sunshine and Ben
Shabby nominated Ben and Dave
Steve nominated Govan and Ben
Sunshine nominated Caoimhe and Nathan

Shabby won the challenge and chose Mario to take her place.
Ben, Dave, Govan and Mario faced the public vote.

Govan was evicted with 72% of the public vote

Week 3

Ben nominated Nathan and Shabby
Caoimhe nominated Dave and Sunshine
Corin nominated John James and Mario
Dave nominated Shabby and Caoimhe
Ife nominated Dave and Sunshine
John James nominated Ben and Dave
Josie nominated Dave and Sunshine
Mario nominated Corin and Shabby
Nathan nominated Dave and Sunshine
Shabby nominated Sunshine and Dave
Steve nominated Caoimhe and Shabby
Sunshine nominated Caoimhe and Shabby

Dave won the challenge and chose Caoimhe to take his place.
Caoimhe, Shabby and Sunshine faced the public vote.

Sunshine was evicted with 42% of the public vote

Week 4

Ben nominated Ife and John James
Caoimhe nominated Nathan and Ife
Corin nominated Caoimhe and John James
Dave nominated Ife and Caoimhe
Ife nominated Caoimhe and Ben
John James nominated Caoimhe and Ben
Josie nominated Nathan and Corin
Mario nominated Corin and Steve
Nathan nominated Caoimhe and John James
Steve nominated Ben and John James

Shabby walked during this week.

Caoimhe won the challenge and chose Nathan to take her place.
John James and Nathan faced the public vote.

Nathan was evicted with 89% of the public vote

Week 5

Ben nominated Ife and Steve
Caoimhe nominated Ife and Corin
Corin nominated Caoimhe and John James
Dave nominated Ife and Corin
Ife nominated Caoimhe and Ben
John James nominated Corin and Ife
Josie nominated Ife and Dave
Mario nominated Josie and Caoimhe
Steve nominated Ben and John

Caoimhe won the challenge and chose Mario to take her place.
Corin, Ife and Mario faced the public vote.

Ife was evicted with 56.5% of the public vote

Week 6

Andrew nominated Corin and Rachel
Ben nominated John James and Steve
Corin nominated Caoimhe and Rachel
Dave nominated Caoimhe and Keeley
John James nominated Keeley and Corin
Josie nominated Caoimhe and Dave
Keeley nominated Caoimhe and John James
Mario nominated Josie and Caoimhe
Rachel nominated Ben and Caoimhe
Steve nominated Caoimhe and Rachel

Caoimhe broke the rules and therefore her votes were void. She later walked.

Due to Caoimhe's departure and Keeley's absence from the House this week's nominations have become null and void and this week's eviction has been cancelled.

Week 7

Andrew nominated Rachel and Steve
Ben nominated Steve and John James
Corin nominated Rachel and Andrew
Dave broke the rules so was not allowed to nominate and was up for eviction
John James nominated Ben and Andrew
Josie nominated Ben and Mario
Mario nominated Ben and Steve
Rachel nominated John James and Ben
Steve nominated John James and Josie

Steve won the challenge and chose Andrew to take his place.
Andrew, Ben, Dave and John James faced the public vote

Ben was evicted with 52% of the public vote.

Week 8

Andrew nominated Rachel and Mario
Corin nominated Rachel and Jo
Dave nominated Steve and Mario
JJ nominated Rachel and Steve
Jo nominated John James and Andrew
John James nominated Rachel and Mario
Josie nominated Mario and Steve
Mario nominated Josie and John James
Rachel nominated Mario and John James
Steve nominated John James and Josie

Mario won the challenge and chose Dave to take his place
Dave, John James and Rachel will face the public vote.

Rachel was evicted with 58.5% of the public vote.

Week 9

Nasty Nominations!

Andrew nominated/gunged Sam and Steve
Corin nominated/gunged Sam and Jo
Dave nominated/gunged Mario and Jo
JJ nominated/gunged Steve and Mario
Jo nominated/gunged Corin and Dave
John James nominated/gunged Corin and Mario
Josie nominated/gunged JJ and Andrew
Mario nominated/gunged Dave and JJ
Sam nominated/gunged Dave and Jo
Steve nominated/gunged JJ and Mario

Mario won the challenge and chose Sam to take his place
Dave, JJ, Jo and Sam will face the public vote.

Jo was evicted with 34.9% of the public vote.

Week 10

There were no nominations this week.

All housemates, bar Josie, faced the public vote.

Corin was evicted with 20.6% of the public vote
John James was evicted with 34.2% of the public vote
Sam was evicted with 14.6% of the public vote
Steve was evicted with 9.8% of the public vote

The Final

Five housemates were in the final: Andrew, Dave, JJ, Josie and Mario. The public were voting for the finalists to win.

Andrew came fifth with 3.9% of the public vote.
JJ came fourth with 4.5% of the public vote.
Mario came third with 5.1% of the public vote.
Dave came second with 9.1% of the public vote.

Josie was the winner of BB11 with 77.5% of the public vote.

Josie re-enters the house as the first housemate of Ultimate Big Brother.

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Friday, 10 September 2010

UBB: Brian Dowling Wins Ultimate Big Brother

Day 94: Brian Dowling was crowned the Ultimate Big Brother housemate with 49.21% of the vote, as Nikki Grahame became runner-up in the very final night of the reality programme.

Brain was shocked at the announcement from Davina McCall saying, "Oh my God!" as he hugged Nikki. Most housemates and polls had predicted that Brian would win, with Davina telling viewers after the phone lines had closed, that Brian Dowling was her favourite housemate of all time. Davina told him that she wanted to see the Irish winner on TV - Brian told her that her people should call his people!

Nikki Grahame proved popular with the crowd and with viewers after gaining 30.28% of the public vote to finish a respectable second place in Ultimate Big Brother.

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UBB: Chantelle Finishes Third In Ultimate Big Brother

Day 94: The final Big Brother night continued as Chantelle finished third in Ultimate Big Brother with 20.51% of the vote. Davina McCall got to quiz Chantelle about her renewed friendship with Preston, following their divorce.

Chantelle told Davina she felt like she had gone full circle in her relationship with Preston. Davina told her she had done a good job of trying to hide her feelings from Preston and Davina told her she hoped she would find closure with or without Preston.

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UBB: Victor Finishes Fourth In Ultimate Big Brother Final

Day 94: BB5 bad boy housemate 'slick Vic' became the latest housemate to leave the Ultimate Big Brother house with 8.86% of the public vote, hot on the heels of best buddy Nick Bateman. Victor was another housemate that had changed so much since his first appearance on Big Brother. While maintaining his cheeky naughty side, Victor had mellowed out so much and became a pleasure to watch.

Victor finished seventh last time and told Davina that his game plan was to survive as long as he could and would have liked to have finished one or two places higher.

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UBB: Nick Bateman Finishes Fifth In Ultimate Big Brother

Day 94: Nasty Nick Bateman finished a respectable fifth place in the Ultimate Big Brother Final and finally got to meet Davina McCall at the front door rather than in a secret location ten years prior.

The notorious housemate has been renamed 'Nice Nick' by his fellow housemates as he seems to have shed that nasty image tagged to his name from BB1. He received 5.72% of the public vote to win Ultimate Big Brother.

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UBB: Ulrika And Preston Evicted From Ultimate Big Brother

Day 94: The first two housemates evicted from the Ultimate Big Brother house were Ulrika and Preston. Davina McCall was on hand to quiz Preston about his relationship with Chantelle. Davina had to remind him not to swear!

Neither Ulrika nor Preston had ever been favourites to win Ultimate Big Brother but the pair had helped provide entertainment in the house in two totally different ways. Ulrika certainly stirred emotions in other housemates and totally got involved in all the Tasks, while Preston was great to watch along side Chantelle.

Preston received just 1.95% of the public vote to win UBB, with Ulrika getting even less. Could we have a clear winner tonight? Tune in to find out!

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UBB POLL: Brian Wins Ultimate Big Brother Poll

Day 94: We asked you who YOU wanted to crown as the Ultimate Big Brother housemate from the selection in the house, and you voted for Brian Dowling with 32% of the vote.

Chantelle was second with 23% of the vote and BB7's Nikki was a close third with 22% of the vote. Tune into Channel 4 this evening to find out who viewers voted as the Ultimate Big Brother winner.

Here are the votes:

Brain Dowling 98 (32%)

Chantelle Houghton 72 (23%)

Michelle Bass 9 (2%)

Nick Bateman 13 (4%)

Nikki Grahame 68 (22%)

Preston 15 (4%)

Ulrika Jonnson 4 (1%)

Vanessa Feltz 5 (1%)

Victor Ebuwa 20 (6%)

*BB official website:

UBB: Goodbye Big Brother

Day 94: You either love it or hate it, yet we would have all watched some of Big Brother over the past decade. Tonight marks the end of an era as Big Brother comes to an end on Channel 4 - summers will never be the same again!

Over the years there have be highs and lows, which we've either talked about in the workplace or text our friends about. There have been fights and arguments, nudity and romance along with some quirky characters and some down right annoying housemates. We've roared with laughter at the Tasks and shouted in anger at some of the results, but through it all - we've enjoyed Big Brother.

We've seen people change, we've seen people open up and crack up, and millions of us have tuned in night after night to watch these strange characters that we call 'housemates'. By the end of each series we've grown to love them as we got to know the 'real' person underneath. We've cheered and cried along the journey, and now it must come to an end.

Thank you Big Brother for providing us with so much entertainment, laughter, insight and joy since your birth in 2000. You will live in our memories forever............

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Thursday, 9 September 2010

UBB PICTURES: Davina McCall's Letters From Home

Day 93: It was a tearful occasion as Davina McCall read each of the Ultimate Big Brother housemates a Letter From Home. Here are the pictures from the the Task:

Davina hugs Preston

Nick and Davina chat

Ulrika close to tears as letter is read

Davina and Vanessa look at the Letter From Home

Davina hugged by Michelle

Chantelle looks pleased to see Davina

Brian wipes a tear away

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UBB POLL: Who Do YOU Want To Win Ultimate Big Brother?

This is the final Big Brother Poll, and hundreds of you have already voted for the person who YOU want to win Ultimate Big Brother. Brian Dowling is the favourite to win the Final, with Chantelle Houghton and Nikki Grahame battling it out for runner-up.
Vote now in the Ultimate Big Brother Housemate Poll at the top of this page.

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UBB: Housemates Get Letters From Home From Davina

Day 93: Housemates were left in tears as Davina McCall entered the Ultimate Big Brother house and read each of them a letter from home. The highlights can be seen on tonight's earlier programme at 8pm on Channel 4.

The Tree of Temptation also had Davina McCall close to tears after setting her the secret task of telling each housemate they were her favourite, just before she read them their letter.

The letters were from friends, family and loved ones and the gang could barely contain their blubbering as Nikki, Ulrika, Brian and Nick all shed a tear while the rest were definitely choked up.

Nikki was upset that she hadn't heard from her sister in the letter while Ulrika misses her husband. Brian heard from his nephew and Nick his wife and the duo wiped dry their watery eyes.

Davina departed the House after spending an hour inside the UBB house and was herself welling up as the emotions of the impending end of the Ultimate Reality series began to hit home.

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UBB: Big Brother Funeral Task

Day 93: As Big Brother draws to a close, it was only fitting today's Task should include a funeral. Preston, as seen above, and the other housemates were dressed in black and attended a funeral service in the garden to commemorate the death of the show.

The good reverend Marcus Bentley hosted the ceremony and delivered a eulogy as the housemates buried a casket containing items that were symbolic of memories from the various series.

After the ceremony the housemates were to celebrate with a fancy dress wake party in the house, where they will be joined by Titan the robot for one last dance.

*BB official website:

UBB VIDEO: Victor Chats Up Davina

Day 93: While Davina McCall was inside the Ultimate Big Brother house chatting to the Tree of Temptation, Victor couldn't resist chatting Davina up. Watch the video and find out what caused hard man Victor to question his sexuality!

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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

UBB: Ultimate Big Brother Double Eviction Results

Day 92: A late night Double Eviction saw the end for two Ultimate Big Brother housemates as Michelle Bass and Vanessa Feltz were evicted.

Michelle Bass was the first out at 11:20pm with 39.3% of the vote, the crowd cheered the housemate, a far cry from her BB5 eviction. This time around Michelle had won over the public with her more mellow performance within the UBB house. In her eviction interview with Davina McCall, Michelle told how she had grown up and was embarrassed when shown BB5 footage. She said she was privileged to be part of Ultimate Big Brother.

Vanessa Feltz survived six days in the Ultimate Big Brother house, a new personal record as the CBB1 housemate made her exit from the house to loud cheers. She remained upbeat in her eviction interview, saying she was in a much better place in her life. Vanessa had 31.3% of the public vote and had her eviction interview interrupted as a man climbed over the barrier and was quickly floored by security. As he was carried away the crowds booed the man. Vanessa commented that you have to expect the unexpected with Big Brother!
Nick Bateman survived the Double Eviction and made it to the Ultimate Big Brother Final on Friday. He had 29.4% of the public vote and will join Ulrika, Brian, Nikki, Chantelle, Preston and good mate Victor in the very last Big Brother Final.
*BB official website:

UBB: Tree of Temptation Punishes Victor

Day 92: Housemates should know by now not to mess with the Tree of Temptation - something Victor Ebuwa seemed to forget this week! For failing to record housemates bitching on his Victor-phone, the Tree has got it in for Victor......

In memory of BB5, when Michelle and Emma forced Victor to have a cold shower - the Tree of Temptation let Victor feel his wrath today by turning off the hot water as he showered earlier. Victor stayed in the shower for the shortest possible amount of time possible before putting his trademark black dressing gown back on and storming out of the bathroom in a huff. The Big Brother 5 legend told Nikki, "I've had enough of this stuff man, I've done my time".

The Tree has already punished Victor by making him dress like a tree and eat a selection of disgusting foods from around the world. Will Victor crack or will the Tree finally forgive?

*BB official website:

UBB VIDEO: Nick Talks About Notes

Day 92: Nick Bateman opened up and gave some frank honest reasons for his famous note writing during Big Brother 1. Watch the video as Ulrika asks him about the situation and Nick talks openly about the reasons why he lied during the first series of Big Brother.

*BB official website:

UBB: Nikki Gains Weight

Day 92: While enjoying a nice soak in the bath, Nikki Graham confessed to Chantelle that she had put on weight since entering the Ultimate Big Brother house. She told her,"I'm a bit upset... I'm going to re-assess the situation tomorrow. I'm quite stressed and it's been ongoing for me for a while... I've been so upset about my weight."

Looking surprised, Chantelle responded by telling her,"Have you? Because I can't tell at all. Honestly, there's nothing of you Nikki,"

"Well you look good for it as well," Chantelle said reassuringly, as Nikki conceded, "Apart from that, I've had a brilliant time."

*BB official website:

UBB: Brian Questions Josie's Big Brother Romance

Day 92: Ultimate Big Brother housemate Brian Dowling has questioned the romance between BB11 housemates Josie and John James. He seemed to doubt John James in the relationship, while Nick and Michelle spoke quite positively about the couple and Victor believed Josie was in love with John James.

"What do you think Josie's doing now?" mused Brian, as Michelle told him that she thought the BB11 winner would be spending time with John James. "Do you think they're still together?" asked Brian, who looked rather surprised.

"It's probably their wedding day," Michelle joked.

"But do you really? Did you believe them?" he probed, as Victor replied: "I believed her."

"I think she loves him," agreed Nick. "So why did he never kiss her? It's so weird," noted Brian.

"That's the difference between men and women," explained Michelle, who famously pursued fellow BB5 housemate Stuart relentlessly during their series. "People always say that I'm the bunny boiler, but me and Stu were together for, like, a year afterwards."

*BB official website:

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Day 91: Housemates had to perform a dance routine as part of the days Task in the Ultimate Big Brother house. Here are the pictures as they performed.......
Vanessa gives it all the right moves


Nick contemplates his next move

Michelle strikes a pose

Brian and Nikki in full flow

Vanessa and Ulrika pull their best faces

Down in the UBB crib

*BB official website:

UBB: Victor Gets Tree of Temptation Task

Day 91: The Tree of Temptation returned to give Victor a secret Task. While the Tree began to speak with Victor as he was alone in the bathroom, both Ulrika and Brian seemed to notice something was happening despite being sat on the sofas.

"Well well well, if it ain't the self-styled milk man himself, so called because he always delivers," the Tree began. "You've successfully plotted, bitched and schemed about every single housemate and I can let you in on a secret, you didn't get any nominations!"

Victor seemed very happy to learn that not one of his housemates had nominated him this week, and was then told to open the Tree's drawer, reports DigitalSpy.

"In my drawers is a dictaphone, a 'Victaphone' if you will," the Tree told him as Victor began to giggle. "I want you to record them bitching about each other, you've got one hour to do it."

The Tree confirmed that there would not be a prize for winning the task as he wanted Victor to complete it "just for the crack of it".

However, before Victor left the bathroom to begin his mission, the Tree warned him about Ulrika and Brian's suspicions.

"They're on to it, so give them a wide berth," Victor was advised deciding to head over and speak with Preston first instead.

As Victor finished speaking with the Tree, both Ulrika and Brian agreed that while they were certain Victor was on a task they would not ruin it for him in case they could win something for the whole house.
*BB official website:

Monday, 6 September 2010

UBB: Chantelle Cries On 'TV' Show

Day 90: Chantelle became upset during the 'Feltz' TV show task, when Vanessa called her and ex-husband Preston up to the stage to discuss the topic 'We found love on a reality show', reports DigitalSpy.

The prospect of baring her soul about her marriage - and subsequent divorce - for fake chatshow Feltz was too much to bear for the 27-year-old, who broke down in tears almost immediately.

Rushing through the drama, Vanessa got Ulrika up on stage instead, as Chantelle settled back into her seat in the audience and wiped away her tears.

Following the task, Ulrika confided in Brian that the former CBB winner had "been a little bit emotional all afternoon". She added: "I really think it was a big gamble for them to come in here. Even though they parted on good terms."

Brian mused: "Everyone always asks how Chantelle is. Nobody ever asks how Preston is about it. Isn't that weird?"

Not long afterwards, Preston headed to the bedroom for a private chat with his former wife. "I knew even before I got on the stage that I was going to [get upset]," she told him.

"Yeah. I know you well enough to know that you were going to do that," he replied. "She didn't even ask you anything!"

Chantelle laughed and admitted: "I know... It wasn't [Vanessa's] fault at all, though, was it? It's a task they've been given."

Preston agreed. "And Big Brother is going to have to say stuff like that at some point. We've been put in here together, it was bound to happen," he said. "I just feel like everything was cool and going really well, and it's weird now."

"It was a pretend interview but it's still, like, our life. Do you know what I mean? It's still hard," said Chantelle. "We can't joke about it can we? I'm definitely not ready."

*BB official website:

UBB: Feltz Task

Day 90: The latest Task 'Feltz' had housemates attending and producing the first ever recording of TV’s brand new daytime talk show format – “FELTZ”. Hosted by Vanessa Feltz and produced by Victor Ebuwa, the crew was made up of the following Housemates:

Brian became the floor manager.
Michelle became the show runner.

The remaining Housemates became audience members. As the show runner, Michelle was to look after the crew and audience members' every demand, and as such Michelle was the only housemate permitted to prepare any food and drink in the kitchen.

Vanessa, Victor and Brian had to plan the recording at a production meeting.

If housemates fulfilled their duties and produced a watchable TV show then they would be invited to an after show party of nibbles and cocktails.

The topics covered in the show would be as follows:


2. NASTY OR NICE? - Guest: 'Nasty' Nick Bateman

3. WE FOUND LOVE ON A REALITY SHOW - Guests: Chantelle Houghton and Samuel Preston
4. IS THERE A PRICE TO FAME - Guest: Ulrika Jonsson

*BB official website:
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