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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

UBB: Tree of Temptation Punishes Victor

Day 92: Housemates should know by now not to mess with the Tree of Temptation - something Victor Ebuwa seemed to forget this week! For failing to record housemates bitching on his Victor-phone, the Tree has got it in for Victor......

In memory of BB5, when Michelle and Emma forced Victor to have a cold shower - the Tree of Temptation let Victor feel his wrath today by turning off the hot water as he showered earlier. Victor stayed in the shower for the shortest possible amount of time possible before putting his trademark black dressing gown back on and storming out of the bathroom in a huff. The Big Brother 5 legend told Nikki, "I've had enough of this stuff man, I've done my time".

The Tree has already punished Victor by making him dress like a tree and eat a selection of disgusting foods from around the world. Will Victor crack or will the Tree finally forgive?

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