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Sunday, 5 September 2010

UBB: Rex Returns For Enjoy The Silence Task

Day 89: With less than a week to go before the very night of Big Brother, housemates were kept busy with their latest Task, they had to attempt to remain silent whilst facing a variety of uncomfortable challenges, set by BB9's Rex.

Each Housemate that stayed silent would be invited to a Very Loud party held later in the evening, but any housemate who made a noise would not be allowed to attend.

The challenges were as follows:

1. Needle in a Nettle Stack: Brian had to attempt to find a needle in a stack of nettles

2. Tickle's Tickle: Michelle was tickled by Jon Tickle from BB4

3. Sick Lick: Ulrika had to eat a wasabi and lard ice cream

4. Cactus Catch: Vanessa and Chantelle had to play catch with a cactus

5. The Wrestler: Preston had various moves performed on him by a professional wrestler named Havoc (see picture above!)

6. I'm So Cold: Nikki had to her arms through a block of ice and transfer dead sardines between 2 bowls

7. Hair Raising: Nick would crawl across 300 upturned hairbrushes

8. Shoot 'em up: Victor would be fired at by a professional paintballer

Watch the highlights show on Channel 4 or visit the official website to find out how the housemates fared on the Task.

*BB official website:

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