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Saturday, 16 August 2008

BB9: Day 73 VIDEO - Michael's Toilet Story

The housemates entertained themselves by sharing stories and playing games, Michael shared his most embarrassing moment when he went to the toilet once and left his fly undone.
Watch the C4 video below and watch him tell the story:

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BB9: Day 73 PICTURES - Statue Task

This week's Head of House Task involved six of the Big Brother housemates get painted and standing still as statues. Here are a selection of the pictures from the task:

Group photo

Darnell gives Sara a helping hand!

Kat feels on top of the world

Sara as Eros
Rex in a scary pose
Nicole looking glum
Mo as The Thinker
Lisa is a bored Statue of Liberty

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BB9: Day 73 - Statue Task

Kathreya, Lisa, Mohamed, Nicole, Rex and Sara had to recreate the poses of famous statues and stand still in those positions on plinths for at long as possible. The housemate who stayed still the longest would become the next Head of House. Sounds simple?

But that's not all - there was also paint involved. The six housemates were given half an hour in which to paint their bodies appropriately for their statue, using the sponges provided - and they could ask the non-participating housemates to help them.

The Thinker, The Farnese Atlas, The Kiss, Eros and the Statue of Liberty were represented by Mo - The Thinker, Kat - Atlas, Sara - Eros, Lisa - Statue of Liberty and, of course, Rex & Nicole - The Kiss.

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BB9: Day 73 VIDEO - Sara Reveals Crush

Sara went to the Diary Room and revealed who she has a crush on from the Big Brother house. Watch the Channel 4 video below to find out who it is.

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BB9: Day 73 PICTURES - Stuart's Best Pics

Stuart Pilkington has been evicted from the Big Brother house after 66 days of entertaining the nation. Here are a selection of Stu's 'Best Pics' - click to see the bigger picture:

Stuart topless

Picking his nose!

Excited at getting lunch boxes during basic food week

Stu in shape for the BB Games 2008

Stu and Bex re-create 'Grease'

Stu on patrol during Cops and Robbers Task

Stu and Dale compete in a race
Stu cries when a letter from Mia is read out

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BB9: Day 72 - Stuart's Eviction Interview

Stuart left the Big Brother house, then crowd surfed before making his way to the studio for his eviction interview with Davina McCall:

D: That is the worst bit of crowd surfing I've ever seen. They just left you. What kind of a crowd is that?

S: I know! I'm sure I heard people go "jump". I thought, you know what, I'm going out on a high now. This is my moment.

D: You nearly did go out.

S: You know when everything is like in slow motion. People slowly parted to reveal the floor. It did really hurt but you can't say that. So, I jumped up and said I'm fine! But I thought, oh my god, I want to go home, I need my Mum.

D: Let's talk about nominations. Who do you think nominated you?

S: Everyone apart from maybe Sara if she couldn't bring herself to.

D: Let's have a look. Any surprises?

S: Er, I'm not sure what Nicole's on about. The other reasons I pretty much agree with them. Although I pretty much won every Task, I still joined in.

D: The other night you sat there with Sara who was staring into your eyes and you basically said, what are you staring at? I thought you were just yearning after some proper conversation without some girl just adoring every inch of your muscles.

S: I didn't think that, especially not with Sara anyway.

D: What, you don't think she fancies you?

S: Sara?

D: Sara fancies the pants off you. Literally.What about Jen?

S: Jen didn't like me, she was with Dale.

D: What about Sylvia? She was really after you.

S: Honestly, I didn't know where any of that came from. I didn't know whether she like me or not. Just before she went she said she fancied Dale. I just tried to stay out of all that.

D: Have you got any regrets?

S: No, I knew that I was never ever going to win. So I didn't want to go out in the final - going out in the final is rubbish because you only get two minutes with you. I wanted to spend as much time as I could with you Davina. And I wanted my week.

D: Who do you want to win?

S: It changes all the time. Mikey should win. He's the only one in there who doesn't act, he doesn't care.

D: In spite of you not wanting to be in there you did seem to have a good time.

S: I did love being in there.

D: I've got a little present for you from your daughter Mia. It's one of her front teeth which came out on July 23rd.

S: [cries] Thank you. That's amazing

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BB9: Day 72 VIDEO - Stuart's Best Bits

Stuart was evicted from the Big Brother house after surviving previous public votes. He met Davina McCall for his eviction interview after leaving the house to a loud screams and some booing.
During his interview with Davina, she showed Stu his best bits while in the house, here is that video:

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BB9: Day 72 - Stuart Evicted From Big Brother

Stuart has been evicted from the Big Brother house with 59% of the vote in the closest result of the series. Rachel got 41% and will survive another week in BB9.

The public vote reflected the BBBS poll that was carried out this week where you voted Stu out on 57% and Rachel 43%.

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BB9: Day 72 - Rachel's Favourite Things Party

To celebrate surviving eviction, Big Brother gave Rachel a 'Favourite Things Party' - complete with her own disco featuring her 10 favourite songs. Rachel had to select her favourite housemate to join her at her party and without too much hesitation, Kathreya was selected.

The pair got to enjoy cookies, sandwiches and white wine as Big Brother put on a selection of Rachel's favourite things. As they began tucking into the spread, Big Brother started to play "Jump Around" by Cypress Hill.

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Friday, 15 August 2008

BB9: Day 72 VIDEO - Nicole and Rex Lover's Tiff

A day can not pass without Nicole and Rex falling out, sometimes it is hard to work out of they are arguing for fun or being serious.

The time will come when the viewing public decide who should go, but for now just sit back and watch this latest video of Nicole telling Rex how much she has sacrificed and how much she has stood by him:

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BB9: Day 72 POLL- Rachel Wins Eviction Vote

Rachel and Stuart are the two housemates up for the public vote this week, so we asked you who would YOU vote out in this weeks BBBS Poll.

It was a closely fought contest with both housemates proving a difficult choice for readers of Big Brother Blog Squad. With every passing hour the lead changed between Stuart and Rachel.

Voting closed today and a late surge meant you voted Stuart out with 57% of the vote and Rachel survived with 43%. Will the poll result reflect the voters who will ultimately vote out either Stuart or Rachel later today?

Tune into Channel 4 at 9pm for the results and highlights from the Big Brother house.

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BB9: Day 72 - Kat Loves Everyone!

It is hard being so nice all the time but Kathreya is trying her best, Kat said last night that she understands now that her friends may not like each other.

Some of the housemates have spent a few days trying to help her accept the situation and as she sat in jail chatting to Rachel and Michael, she admitted that she now knows what they mean.

"I thought we all loved each other," she stated. "I forget I love all of you and you might love me direct, one to one, but not each other."

She added: "I wish I understood that earlier. Before I didn't accept that."

Rachel told her to learn from it, advising her not to worry or get upset if one of her friends faces eviction again."There's no way in a million years I'll do things to my friends," Kathreya sighed. "It doesn't mean they won't."

Rachel told them that her nomination had been a "wake-up call", explaining that certain relationships were not as strong as she thought they were. "I've realised who my friends are," she warned them.

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BB9: Day 71 VIDEO - Kat Feels Guilty

Kat is feeling guilty because Mohamed was not happy about being sent to the Big Brother Jail - not surprising really as she did start the whole conversation off in her quest to find out who nominated Rachel.
Anyway, Rachel is always on hand to give her support in telling her not to feel guilty and it wasn't her fault. "It takes two to talk" is the classic line from the conversation, captured on this Channel 4 video:

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BB9: Day 71 - Kat and Mo End Up In Big Brother Jail

Kathreya and Mohamed were sent to the Big Brother Jail after talking about nominations the day before. Mohamed had mentioned he would trip up Lisa, Stuart and Sara in order to get to the Big Brother Final and then Kat asked him what he thought about Rex and Nicole as she sounded out who would be next in his nominations. The pair were not happy at the prospect of sharing the BB Jail............

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BB9: Day 71 - Rex Questions Nicole About Entering Big Brother

Rex asked Nicole how difficult it had been for her to join them in the Big Brother house.

"Nicole just got to come on the show," said Rex, "just like that. Didn't have to do nothing.'Would you like to come on Big Brother?' 'Okay...'"

"It wasn't that easy," said Nicole. "It wasn't that easy?" said a sceptical Rex. "What did you have to do?"

"I'm not saying anything," said Nicole. "My decision wasn't that easy." "Your decision?" said Rex. "We didn't decide that you would come in here. Did you have to do anything to get on Big Brother?"

"I'm not allowed to say," replied Nicole. "What would I have to do?"
"Maybe there was a petition to get you in," said Rex, "complete some sort of Task... I hope you had to do something to get in otherwise you make a mockery out of us lot. You just waltzed in."

"How do you know I just walked in?" asked Nicole. "Because you were in the Task Room one day and then the next day you were in the House," said Rex.

"It wasn't that quick," said Nicole, "was it?"

"It could've been if they didn't guess Nicole was your girlfriend then she does come in," said Darnell, the king of the nonsense conspiracy theory, "and if they do, she doesn't."

"If that's true then why was Mohamed's brother not brought into the House?" asked Mikey.

"Because he was caught out," said Rex, warming to this theory.

"If that's what you think," said Nicole. "I hope you had to do something," said Rex.

"I'm special," said Nicole with a smile.

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BB9: Day 71 - Mo and Rex Clash Over Cider (again!)

Rex isn't one to let something drop so easily and when it involves stolen cider, he is not going to let it go. After being told to go to jail with Kat for chatting about nominations, Mo went to the Luxury Bedroom to get ready where he found Rex and Nicole relaxing about on the beds. And he encountered some stick from the couple for his alcohol nabbing ways.

"Have you been in jail before?" Nicole asked Kat, who was also getting ready.

"No," Kat said.

"It stinks in there," Rex said laughing before continuing, "I'm happy that Mo's in there. Mo would take all the cider and drink it and say 'what!? I didn't know it was yours, Darnell gave it to me.'"

"What cereal do you want Mo?" Rachel called from the other side of the room.

"I want 5 cans of cider," Mo asserted.

"No, you're not having 5 because you stole ours, there's no way!" Nicole said, disgusted.

"I didn't steal," Mo objected.

"You took them, you drank them," Nicole said.

"I drank them but I'd been given them by someone else," Mo said, shifting the blame.

"Well you owe us one!" Rex continued.

"Somebody else owes you, not me," Mo was standing firm on this one.

"Yeah you do," Nicole replied. "Well you're giving it to us and that's the end of it."

"I owe you **** all," Mo said, losing his patience.

"What are you gonna do about it? NOTHING," Rex boomed.

Mo gathered himself together, leaving the argument unresolved. This meant Rex was free to bad-mouth him.

"What a ****!" he exclaimed.

"He's the biggest idiot," Nicole added.

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BB9: Day 71 - Stu Wants Kat To Face Eviction Vote

Stuart told Darnell that Kathreya should face the public vote. Joking to Darnell, Stuart said: "We'll just say she wants to go and put the favourite (Kat) up for eviction."

Stuart added that being nominated changes people and that Kat could "snap" if put forward for the public vote, given her negative reaction to Rachel's nomination.

Darnell said Kathreya had been "borderline" on being sent to jail for trying to find out who was behind Rachel's nomination.

Darnell said he thought it was unlikely that Kat would go up for eviction, as the whole house wouldn't "think the same way". However, Stuart calculated that, going into the final weeks, only four people would need to nominate Kat to put her up for eviction but if Stuart goes this week then we are hardly likely to see Kat nominated.

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Thursday, 14 August 2008

BB9: Day 70 - Kat and Mo In Plot For Final

Kat continued her plan to win Big Brother as she took Mohamed aside in the Hell Bedroom to question him about comments he had made.

Yesterday Darnell had warned her that friendships were breaking and since then Kathreya has been trying to find out who might nominate her in the future by asking certain housemates a series of questions.

Mohamed revealed that he would trip up Lisa, Sara and Stuart to make it to the final - giving her a clear indication of who he will be nominating. Kat asked if that included "tripping" Rachel or herself to get to the final, Mohamed told her that he wouldn't. Mo said that he wanted to be in the Big Brother house longer than Dale and Stuart and he wants Rachel to stay on Friday so that his aim is completed.

Kathreya then asked Mohamed what he thought of Rex and Nicole, to which he replied that Nicole is "digging her own grave." Which gave Kat some comfort as Rex and Nicole could have been a threat to her becoming the Big Brother 9 winner. Kat has been drumming up support for Rachel by visiting the Diary Room as the housemate is vital to her plot to win the game show.

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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

BB9: Day 70 PICTURES - Big Brother Games Part 2

The Big Brother Games 2008 have continued to keep viewers glued to their TV sets, and here are a few more pictures to explain why:

Rex with a small island between his legs!

Mohamed kisses the camera

Kathreya is torn between chocolate and a banana

Stuart in trunks

Lisa's eyes almost pop out during event

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BB9: Day 70 - Housemates Pass Big Brother Games Task

Housemates passed this week's Shopping Task after Michael successfully predicted the outcome of three out of the five Big Brother Games event winners.

Each housemate will have £5 per day to spend on food as part of the Luxury Shopping Budget for passing the task, even with the rain trying to spoil the Games.

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BB9: Day 70 - Stu Triumphs In Slowest Race

The final event in the Big Brother Games 2008 was no speedy affair as Lisa, Stuart and Rachel took part in the Slowest Race.They had to complete the circuit in the slowest time possible. As the starter gun sounded started the trio made their way around the track very slowly.

Lisa looked like she going in slow motion, Rachel obeyed Kat's request with a penguin-style waddle and Stuart moved his feet inch by inch.

First past the line was Lisa in three minutes four seconds Rachel finished in at three minutes 34 seconds and Stuart ended his two-step in three minutes 45 seconds.

Big Brother showed the replay of the event was in fast-motion, much to the amusement of the housemates.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 70 - Mo Feather Throwing Champion

Mohamed and Lisa were involved with today's Feather Throwing event. Unknown to the competitors, Mikey tipped Lisa as a winner and if his predictions come true then the housemates will win the Luxury Shopping Budget.

Lisa managed to clear a couple of metres on her first attempt. "All that muscle!" Lisa screamed as she basked in the glory of defying the wind.

Mohamed appeared confused with the art of throwing a feather and the shot-put as he performed a practice throw before his first try. "Oh no!" he screamed as his blue feather seemed to be making a freedom bid for the pool. "As soon as I throw it, the wind blows it away." That old chestnut - the wind.

Lisa did well on her second and third attempt but it wasn't enough to beat Mohamed who managed to beat Lisa with his second throw and win the event.

Mohamed won the event and said he would sell his medal on ebay. Will the housemates win the Shopping Task now Michael's prediction did not come true?

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 70 - Rex Wins Island Groin Game

The weirdest game so far in the Big Brother Games 2008 has got to be the "Floating-On-Water-With-A-Small-Tropical-Island-Attached-To-Your-Groin" event. It was a simple event where you need to float in water for as long as possible without submerging a small island secured to your nether regions!

"Oh my God!" giggled Rex as he glanced down on the instructions. "Wanna see my palm tree?" he joked to partner Nicole, as he and Kat stripped to their their bathing suits.

Big Brother sounded the starting gun as they floated in their lanes and they were on their way. "It's impossible!" yelped Rex, trying to keep his palm tree erect and his coconuts dry.

Kat lasted eight seconds before submerging her island, Rex a much more respectable 28 seconds.

"I wanna play with my island more!" he screamed as they watched the slow motion replay of the event. He was the proud owner of a nice big gold chocolate medal soon after, with Michael on hand to congratulate his arch enemy.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 70 - Sara Wins Short Jump

The Big Brother Games 2008 continued with another event - In order to succeed, Sara and Darnell had to run a short distance on the track, take off on the white line and hit the sand in the shortest distance possible.

While in the Diary Room, Mikey predicted that Sara would succeed in jumping the shortest.
Rex raked the sand in between each of the pair's three jumps, demanding complete silence and concentration as he prepared it.

"Do a sexy jump, Sara!" yelped Kat as they sat on the bench, maybe she remembered that kiss in the pool when the Aussie joined the house.

Darnell is not a short jumper. He failed to touch the white line the first time; he managed the second time but cleared the sandpit on his last try. Sara on the other hand, was a pro. She limbered up, practiced between jumping, and cleared all three jumps.

Later Big Brother confirmed that Sara was the winner and Mickey awarded her with a chocolate medal.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 70 - Rachel Wins Egg and Spoon Race

The Big Brother Games 2008 continued this afternoon as Rex and Rachel battled it out during the Egg and Spoon Race.

The two housemates had to complete the event on the tiny circular track in the Big Brother Garden.

"I'm getting dizzy, my head is spinning," sang Rachel, "like a whirlwind, da da da da da da."

Mohamed was singing the Rocky Theme when Rex embarked on his part of the endurance task.
"Oh my god," shouted Rex with a laugh, "I'm so dizzy already, what's going on?"

Sometime later, the siren sounded ending Rex's attempt and Big Brother came over the tannoy with an announcement after showing video footage on the TV screen, "The winner of the Egg and Spoon Event is Rachel."

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 70 - Kat Asks Rex About Friendship

It had been playing on her mind what Darnell had said about friendships in the house. Kat decided to ask Rex about their friendship asking him why he "doesn't like" her. As the group sat on the sofas, Kat described her wedding invitations, which she said are like scrolls and written in Thai and English.

Rex asked: "Am I going to get an invitation?" Kathreya paused for a while and then said: "Do you want to come?"

Nicole interrupted, saying "of course", while Rex muttered: "Why not?" Kathreya then asked him: "You haven't talked to me for so long. Why don't you like me no more?"

Rex sighed and shook his head before answering: "Why would you think that?""

You said that you let me cook with you because you didn't want to see me sad, so I thought you didn't enjoy my company," Kat said.A confused Rex replied: "Letting you cook with me is being a friend, isn't it? We had fun in the kitchen."

He then added: "Of course I enjoyed it but I find it easier to work by myself." We all know how protective Rex is of the cooking, and no friend is going to get in the way. Maybe Kathreya is just trying to work out who might nominate her.............

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 70 - Darnell Warns Kat As Friendships Crack

Darnell gave a warning to Kathreya that the 'group' within the Big Brother house was breaking down. As the number of housemates dwindle, the 'group' is beginning to turn on each other, as noted by Lisa and Michael on Sunday.

He began the conversation by admitting that he thought Rex and Nicole had nominated Rachel."She's one of the main people that have been praying for them to be happy," he noted. "Now she's up, they don't seem to give a damn. That's my opinion, I don't know if it's true."

Kathreya replied: "I don't know if it's true, but I'd be very sad if any friends don't stick together.""They're all going to go!" Darnell exclaimed. "Your friends are gone."

Kathreya pleaded with him to help her stick the friendships back together, but he said there was nothing there to fix. "It was never there in the first place," he told her. "We've done just about everything we can."

He added: "Everyone has different friends. You have friends, that don't mean your friends have the same friends.""I'm very sad," Kathreya lamented. "Oh Darnell, this was a bad day."

If Rachel is evicted on Friday then it will change the 'group' dynamics as the other group members - Darnell, Kat, and Mohamed will feel more at risk of nomination. So far the 'Happy House' group have seen those outside the group evicted - such as Luke, Dale and Rebecca.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 70 VIDEO - Rex Tells House Who Will Go This Week

Rex thinks he knows who will be evicted on Friday and shares his views in the video below, but will the public share that view?

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 70 - Stu Tells Sara His Fears

Stuart shared his fears with Sara after chatting about his daughter late into the night.

Sara had complimented Stuart about his eyelashes but he admitted that he isn't good at taking compliments."If you say something nice, it's embarrassing," he explained. "If you say something bad, it proper gets to me."

He went on to talk about his ex girlfriend but stopped suddenly, declaring that he sounded like a "loser"."I'm going on about my ex all the time," he pointed out. "How sad is that?"

Sara said it annoyed her that he worried about it, before telling him that he will have lots of girls after him.

However, Stuart said he just wanted one girl and added that he wanted to lose weight so he wouldn't be so muscular. "Everybody in here thought I loved myself and took my top off loads," he sighed. "I'd rather not train than be anything like that."

Stuart also confessed that he didn't have many friends and that all he wanted from the show was for people to think he was an "alright guy"."You worry too much," Sara warned him. "You worry more than a normal person."

BB9: Day 69 PICTURES - Big Brother Games Task

The Big Brother Games were in full flow today, even with the rain housemates did their best to complete each task thrown at them by Big Brother. Here are a selection of pictures from the BB Games:

Mickey keeps the Games in order

Rex in tight trunks before his swim

Darnell swimming
Mo tries on the swimming hat
Nicole and Rex fool around

*BB official website:

BB9: POLL RESULT - Two Housemates You Would Have Nominated Are.....

Which housemate would you have nominated for this weeks eviction? That was the latest BBBS Poll question, and you voiced your opinion and voted. But would your choice match the housemates nominations this week?

Readers of Big Brother Blog Squad saw things very differently from the BB9 housemates and had two surprise clear choices - Rex (68 votes) and Mohamed (61 votes). Mo had 21 more votes than the third choice Michael, with Nicole just one vote behind him. Seems like the Rex and Nicole arguments got on your nerves over the past few days. Darnell was the only other high scoring housemate in the BBBS Poll on 33 votes.

Kathreya's popularity seems to be on the wane as she the second highest female (19 votes) in the BB9 house you want evicted. Sara and Lisa were almost neck and neck (or should we say tongue and sauce?!) with 16 votes and 14 respectively.

The two housemates with the least votes were Stuart and Rachel who both drew on just 13 votes but surprisingly became the two housemates up for this weeks eviction vote with the public.

Time to vote in this weeks BBBS Poll - Who goes Rachel or Stuart?

*BB official website:

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

BB9: Day 69 - Rachel and Stuart Face Eviction

Rachel and Stuart face the public vote this week after Big Brother housemates nominated them.

Housemates decided Rachel should face eviction after her rule as Head of House ended in tears for her choice of winner in the Baking Task. Stuart was just an easy choice because he wants to leave, or does he?

Who nominated who?

Darnell nominated Stuart and Nicole
Katreya nominated Lisa and Stuart
Lisa nominated Rachel and Rex
Michael nominated Rex and Nicole
Mohamed nominated Stuart and Rachel
Nicole nominated Stuart and Rachel
Rachel nominated Lisa and Nicole
Rex nominated Stuart and Rachel
Sara nominated Mohamed and Rachel
Stuart nominated Rachel and Kathreya

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 69 TASK - Big Brother Games

This weeks Shopping Task was revealed today in the form of a Big Brother Games.
"Big Brother is proud to announce the Big Brother Games 2008," read Nicole. "All housemates must compete as part of this week's shopping task. Head Of House Michael will organise the games and become Head Coach. Today, housemates must create and perform an opening ceremony. Big Brother will provide the Head Of House with a loud hailer."

"Oh no," groaned Rex, "Mikey with a megaphone."

And then Nicole continued reading instructions about the press ups, star jumps, sit ups, circuit training and swimming they would all have to do as part of their training. Including choreographing and performing an opening ceremony today.
Just as the Olympics in China enjoyed heavy down pours yesterday, the Big Brother Games opening ceremony turned into a wet affair. Housemates were dressed in red tracksuits carrying flags, bearing their housemate picture on it, paraded around the garden while music played.

The Big Brother Games 2008 are officially open!

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 69 VIDEO Rex and Nicole Get Sexy In Bed

Just as Rex and Nicole were making for for lost time because of the house divide, Big Brother interrupted their bit of bedtime sex romp by calling Rex to the Diary Room. Let's just say Rex couldn't leave the bed straight away, if you get my meaning! *wink wink*
Here is a video featuring a bit of duvet action and the response when Rex gets called to the Diary Room:

*BB official website:

BB9: Celebrity Lookalike - Michael v Richard O'Brien

The similarity is uncanny but Michael has managed to pull off a brand new look and is now the spitting image of Richard O'Brien - the mad presenter who was on the Crystal Maze back in the early 1990's.

Michael with new hair cut and outfit
TV's Crystal Maze presenter Richard O'Brien

*BB official website:
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