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Saturday, 16 August 2008

BB9: Day 73 - Statue Task

Kathreya, Lisa, Mohamed, Nicole, Rex and Sara had to recreate the poses of famous statues and stand still in those positions on plinths for at long as possible. The housemate who stayed still the longest would become the next Head of House. Sounds simple?

But that's not all - there was also paint involved. The six housemates were given half an hour in which to paint their bodies appropriately for their statue, using the sponges provided - and they could ask the non-participating housemates to help them.

The Thinker, The Farnese Atlas, The Kiss, Eros and the Statue of Liberty were represented by Mo - The Thinker, Kat - Atlas, Sara - Eros, Lisa - Statue of Liberty and, of course, Rex & Nicole - The Kiss.

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