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Friday, 15 August 2008

BB9: Day 71 - Rex Questions Nicole About Entering Big Brother

Rex asked Nicole how difficult it had been for her to join them in the Big Brother house.

"Nicole just got to come on the show," said Rex, "just like that. Didn't have to do nothing.'Would you like to come on Big Brother?' 'Okay...'"

"It wasn't that easy," said Nicole. "It wasn't that easy?" said a sceptical Rex. "What did you have to do?"

"I'm not saying anything," said Nicole. "My decision wasn't that easy." "Your decision?" said Rex. "We didn't decide that you would come in here. Did you have to do anything to get on Big Brother?"

"I'm not allowed to say," replied Nicole. "What would I have to do?"
"Maybe there was a petition to get you in," said Rex, "complete some sort of Task... I hope you had to do something to get in otherwise you make a mockery out of us lot. You just waltzed in."

"How do you know I just walked in?" asked Nicole. "Because you were in the Task Room one day and then the next day you were in the House," said Rex.

"It wasn't that quick," said Nicole, "was it?"

"It could've been if they didn't guess Nicole was your girlfriend then she does come in," said Darnell, the king of the nonsense conspiracy theory, "and if they do, she doesn't."

"If that's true then why was Mohamed's brother not brought into the House?" asked Mikey.

"Because he was caught out," said Rex, warming to this theory.

"If that's what you think," said Nicole. "I hope you had to do something," said Rex.

"I'm special," said Nicole with a smile.

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