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Monday, 11 August 2008

BB9: Day 68 - Masturbation Talk

All the snogging last night seems to have made the BB9 boys rather randy today. Mohamed was the most sexual as he pretended to go and masturbate in the toilet.

It all started when Kathreya noticed that Darnell was getting a little suggestive. After he'd cuddled up to her a little too closely, she ran over to the safety of Rachel on the sofa. But Darnell didn't give up.

"Cuddle her a bit softer. Now give her a little kiss," he said. "I'm not lesbian-be-friends! Darnell, stop your fantasy," Kathreya chided back. "You so need a rubber doll," said Rachel.

"Mikey has been talking about dolls, I was talking about morning glory with Dale. I think all the lads are frustrated. I'm going to ask Big Brother to give you rubber dolls or teddy bears. Not to have sex with, just to cuddle."

The talk descended into the lads confessing for ten minutes how they were coping with such frustrations while cooped up in the House.

"Darnell is a frequent shower user," noted Michael. "We should ask Big Brother for an hour with the cameras off. Half an hour. Ten minutes even," Darnell joked.

Just then Mohamed bounded through the Living Area. "Look at how Mo has been acting since he had that kiss," said Darnell. "Imagine if he'd had sex. It's like nothing bothers you now."

"You know what. I'm off to the toilet. Where's the duct tape for the camera?" Mo announced.

And with that Mohamed disappeared into the loo, presumably for some private time with his hand. He had still not appeared a few minutes later so Darnell popped his head round the door.

"Oh my god! He's doing one!" shouted Darnell as Rachel and Kathreya screamed in unison.

"OK, he had to do it. Carry on Mo!" blustered Rachel. "Oh well, it's got to be done."

Darnell ran around the House telling the others, but Rex wasn't convinced by Darnell's giggles.

"He was just joking," he said. Let's hope we don't see footage of that on here too soon......

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