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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

BB9: POLL RESULT - Two Housemates You Would Have Nominated Are.....

Which housemate would you have nominated for this weeks eviction? That was the latest BBBS Poll question, and you voiced your opinion and voted. But would your choice match the housemates nominations this week?

Readers of Big Brother Blog Squad saw things very differently from the BB9 housemates and had two surprise clear choices - Rex (68 votes) and Mohamed (61 votes). Mo had 21 more votes than the third choice Michael, with Nicole just one vote behind him. Seems like the Rex and Nicole arguments got on your nerves over the past few days. Darnell was the only other high scoring housemate in the BBBS Poll on 33 votes.

Kathreya's popularity seems to be on the wane as she the second highest female (19 votes) in the BB9 house you want evicted. Sara and Lisa were almost neck and neck (or should we say tongue and sauce?!) with 16 votes and 14 respectively.

The two housemates with the least votes were Stuart and Rachel who both drew on just 13 votes but surprisingly became the two housemates up for this weeks eviction vote with the public.

Time to vote in this weeks BBBS Poll - Who goes Rachel or Stuart?

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1 comment:

  1. All the exciting people are getting voted out...the house is so boring now. I think the public should vote out house mates from the start...then BB will be more exciting to watch. Instead the exciting people have left and viewers are stuck watching paint dry!!


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