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Saturday, 16 August 2008

BB9: Day 72 - Stuart's Eviction Interview

Stuart left the Big Brother house, then crowd surfed before making his way to the studio for his eviction interview with Davina McCall:

D: That is the worst bit of crowd surfing I've ever seen. They just left you. What kind of a crowd is that?

S: I know! I'm sure I heard people go "jump". I thought, you know what, I'm going out on a high now. This is my moment.

D: You nearly did go out.

S: You know when everything is like in slow motion. People slowly parted to reveal the floor. It did really hurt but you can't say that. So, I jumped up and said I'm fine! But I thought, oh my god, I want to go home, I need my Mum.

D: Let's talk about nominations. Who do you think nominated you?

S: Everyone apart from maybe Sara if she couldn't bring herself to.

D: Let's have a look. Any surprises?

S: Er, I'm not sure what Nicole's on about. The other reasons I pretty much agree with them. Although I pretty much won every Task, I still joined in.

D: The other night you sat there with Sara who was staring into your eyes and you basically said, what are you staring at? I thought you were just yearning after some proper conversation without some girl just adoring every inch of your muscles.

S: I didn't think that, especially not with Sara anyway.

D: What, you don't think she fancies you?

S: Sara?

D: Sara fancies the pants off you. Literally.What about Jen?

S: Jen didn't like me, she was with Dale.

D: What about Sylvia? She was really after you.

S: Honestly, I didn't know where any of that came from. I didn't know whether she like me or not. Just before she went she said she fancied Dale. I just tried to stay out of all that.

D: Have you got any regrets?

S: No, I knew that I was never ever going to win. So I didn't want to go out in the final - going out in the final is rubbish because you only get two minutes with you. I wanted to spend as much time as I could with you Davina. And I wanted my week.

D: Who do you want to win?

S: It changes all the time. Mikey should win. He's the only one in there who doesn't act, he doesn't care.

D: In spite of you not wanting to be in there you did seem to have a good time.

S: I did love being in there.

D: I've got a little present for you from your daughter Mia. It's one of her front teeth which came out on July 23rd.

S: [cries] Thank you. That's amazing

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