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Saturday, 23 January 2010

CBB7: Vinnie Says Sisqo Had A Lucky Escape

Day21: Vinnie Jones warned Stephanie that he would have put Sisqo through a window in the old days. The former footballer was still angry with Sisqo for the things he had said after a few drinks, where Sisqo challenged Vinnie as the 'daddy of the house'.

Stephanie on the other hand was full of praise for the 30 year old singer, whom had achieved so much coming from a difficult background. Viewers saw Vinnie threatening to go to his solicitor because of Sisqo's words earlier this week. The hard man of the house is still firm favourite to win CBB7 on Friday, but recent events have damaged is chances slightly.

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CBB7: Tree Of Temptation Strikes Again

Day 21: Nicola T became the latest Big Brother housemate too hear the voice from the Tree of Temptation. Here is what Digital Spy had to say on the subject:

The Celebrity Big Brother Tree of Temptation offered Nicola a message from home this morning.

The Tree addressed Nicola as she sat alone in the garden and asked: "How do you fancy a message from home?"

The glamour girl listened as the Tree told her she must play a game called 'Tell and Kiss'.

The Tree said: "Today you must take aside each of the other lot, one at a time, and tell them some home truths. Then give them a kiss. Just a peck, no tongues. I know what you Page Three girls are like."

The Tree told Nicola that "sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind".

Nicola agreed to the task and said: "OK, I won't betray you, I promise."

The Tree confirmed that if Nicola succeeds in her task that she will receive a message from home.

Nicola commented that it was going to be hard to kiss Vinnie because "he's really tall".

The official website has a video of Nicola telling Dane, Jonas a few home truths. She told Dane he smelt and Jonas that he looked like Roland Rat. Meanwhile the funniest part was where she told Ivana she looked like a big fat orange in her outfit!

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CBB7 VIDEO: Alex Given Cold Shower

Day 21: Alex Reid got a shock in the shower as Jonas Altberg opened the door and threw a bucket of freezing cold water over him. Other housemates looked on laughing as Alex gasped in shock at the shower surprise. Watch the video below and see how it all happened.....

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CBB7: The Impossible CBB7 Quiz

Try your luck in the Impossible CBB7 Quiz below, the game is addictive and you'll find yourself getting frustrated but it's totally worth playing. Just answer 20 questions correctly to win - sounds easy? Give it a try..........

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Friday, 22 January 2010

CBB7: Double Eviction - Fifth Housemate Voted Out Is.....

Day 20: The second eviction from Celebrity Big Brother saw Sisqo leave the CBB7 house a week before the final. Sisqo had been a popular housemate and faced the public vote this week for the first time after the housemates were forced to nominate after Monday night's eviction of Lady Sov.

Sisqo was second favourite to win CBB7 but an argument with Vinnie Jones lead to his downfall tonight. Ivana Trump had been the bookies choice to become the fifth housemate to be evicted. Sisqo got 29% of the vote, while Ivana got 21% of the public vote.

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CBB7: Surprise Eviction Planned

Day 20: Viewers will have one more surprise eviction before next Friday's final. Channel 4 have an extra Big Brother programme on Wednesday 27th January 2010. The highlights show will be on at 21:00 and then an extra programme at 22:55, usually resulting in an eviction interview.

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CBB7: Double Eviction - Fourth Housemate Voted Out Is....

Day 20: The first eviction of the night went as expected as the public voted out Stephen Baldwin from the Celebrity Big Brother house. It was the first time the American had faced the public vote, and his Bible preaching finally came to an end tonight. Stephen had 50% of the public vote.

Who will be the second housemate evicted during this Double Eviction?

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CBB7: Stephanie Gets Covered In Cake

Day 20: Steph got covered in cake as Big Brother played a prank on her in the Diary Room. At first Big Brother dropped cake in her lap, so when she left the Diary Room she told others about the experience.
Big Brother had more in store, calling each housemate into the Diary Room one by one. Housemates were told to remove their hat and move to the left or right as they expected to get gunge over themselves. No-one suffered the same fate as Stephanie, who was called back into the Diary Room, even though she had gone to bed. This time a chocolate cake splatted her on the head, laughing and joking she called Big Brother a jerk.
Earlier Dane had selected Stephanie to receive the cake as a reward by slapping her on the bum, he didn't know it would end up on her head!

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CBB7: Bookies Eviction Prediction

Day 20: Tonight will see two more housemates evicted from the Big Brother house and according to bookies Paddy Power, we will all be saying "goodbye" to Stephen Baldwin. He is the bookies favourite too become the fourth person evicted from the CBB7 house.

Stephen has odds of 1/9, Ivana's odds are 13/2 and Sisqo a safer 11/1 odds on becoming the fourth evicted housemate. Ivana is the bookies fifth eviction prediction on 1/2, Sisqo lags behind on 13/8.

Vinnie Jones is the clear bookies favourite as Paddy Power have Vinnie on 8/11 as the outright winner of CBB7. Nicola T has overtaken Sisqo to become the second favourite to win the show on 4/1. Jonas and Sisqo are down to 14/1, after Dane and Alex.

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CBB7: Alex Wins Ladies Knickers!

Day 20: Alex Reid won a pair of ladies pink undies in a game of Pass The Parcel as housemates enjoyed a party last night. Big Brother threw the Sobriety Party for Stephen to celebrate his 21 years being sober.

Alex proved he was a good sport by wearing the pink knickers, much to the amusement of the other CBB7 housemates. Only days before he'd told them he wasn't going to cross-dress anymore, but after winning the undies in the game, put them on with Stephen's T-Shirt.

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CBB7: Who Nominated Who?

Who did the housemates vote for when they nominated? Below are the results from Day 14 and Day 17 as we discover the nominations history..........

Day 17

Alex nominated Sisqo and Dane
Dane nominated Ivana and Stephen
Ivana nominated Jonas and Stephen
Jonas nominated Ivana and Sisqo
Nicola nominated Stephen and Ivana
Sisqo nominated Ivana and Alex
Stephanie nominated Stephen and Ivana
Stephen nominated Nicola and Dane
Vinnie nominated Sisqo and Alex

Ivana, Sisqo and Stephen face a double eviction.

Day 14

Nicola nominated Stephen and Sov
Sov nominated Ivana and Stephanie
Stephanie nominated Sov and Jonas
Sisqo nominated Nicola and Ivana
Ivana nominated Nicola and Jonas
Alex nominated Sov and Sisqo
Dane nominated Sov and Ivana
Jonas nominated Sov and Sisqo
Vinnie nominated Nicola and Alex
Stephen nominated Nicola and Dane

Nicola and Sov received the most votes and faced the public vote.

Sov was evicted with 69.5% of the public vote.

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CBB7: Day 19 Viewing Figures

Day 19 in the CBB7 house and 2.71m (15%) viewers tuned in as Sisqo and Vinnie clashed in the continuing battle between the celebrities.

Last year the viewing figures for the Thursday show were 2.37m (10.2%), 336,000 (C4+1) on Day 15. The viewing figures for CBB7 have constantly out performed CBB6 as the public continue to show an interest in the long running reality show.

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Thursday, 21 January 2010

CBB7: Viewing Figures Day 13 - 18

Here are the CBB7 viewing figures from Day 13 to Day 18:

Day 13 Fri 15th Jan: Eviction highlights - 3.3m (12%) (203,000 C4+1 )
Katia and Heidi Eviction Interviews - 3.1m (16%) (252,000 C4+1)

Day 14 Sat 16th Jan: 2.3m (9.4%)

Day 15 Sun 17th Jan: 2.5m (9%) in the 8pm hour, with another 504,000 watching on Channel 4 +1

Day 16 Mon 18th Jan: 2.1m (8%) in the 8pm highlights show, with another 507,000 on Channel 4 +1.
Lady Sov Eviction Interview at 10.20pm had 2.7 million and 14%, with 159,000 more on Channel 4 +1

Day 17 Tues 19th Jan: 2.7m and 15% share, with 292,000 tuning in on Channel 4+1

Day 18 Wed 20th Jan: 2.58m (17.2%) viewers tuned in at 22:20 as the Tree of Temptation worked on Dane.

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CBB7 POLL: Who Do You Want To Win Big Brother?

Day 19: The latest CBB7 POLL asks, 'Who Do You Want To Win Celebrity Big Brother?' So far instead of Vinnie being the firm favourite, readers of this website had been voting for Lady Sov and Jonas. Voting closes tomorrow and that means you still have time to vote for the celeb you think should win.

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Sunday, 17 January 2010

CBB7 POLL: Most Annoying Housemate Results

Day 15: The results are in from the poll to find out who are the 'Most Annoying Housemates' in Celebrity Big Brother. You votes in your masses and while Stephen Baldwin was the clear winner, his lead went down from over 60% of the vote down to 38% as the public found other housemates more annoying.

Newly evicted housemates Heidi and Katia proved unpopular with viewers, who found their actions and words annoying as the week end on. While Vinnie is the clear favourite to win CBB7, he proved even more annoying than Nicola T and Jonas. It was Dane and Sisqo who were polled the least annoying housemates so far, the pair have managed to keep below the radar and thus avoided getting under viewers skin.

Here are the results:

Stephen 44 (38%)
Heidi 29 (25%)
Katia 24 (21%)
Alex 16 (14%)
Lady Sov 14 (12%)
Stephanie 12 (10%)
Vinnie 9 (7%)
Nicola T 8 (7%)
Jonas 6 (5%)
Dane 4 (3%)
Sisqo 4 (3%)

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CBB7: Housemates Find Out Nominations In Latest Twist

Day 15: As housemates tucked into a nice Chinese meal last night, Big Brother sent some fortune cookies their way. While it was good news for some, it was bad news for two housemates. Earlier in the day, Big Brother had called the remaining ten housemates into the Dairy Room for a surprise nominations session.

Nicola T and Lady Sovereign had been nominated by their fellow CBB7 housemates and will face the public vote - the results being revealed in a special CBB7 programme Monday night on Channel 4.

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CBB7 VIDEO: Stephen Takes On Big Brother

Day 15: As rations run out, the CBB7 become desperate for the simple things in life - like tea and coffee. Stephen goes to the Diary Room in a bid to persuade Big Brother to give the housemates extra rations. Find out what he had to say in this video as he takes on Big Brother..............

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