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Friday, 22 January 2010

CBB7: Stephanie Gets Covered In Cake

Day 20: Steph got covered in cake as Big Brother played a prank on her in the Diary Room. At first Big Brother dropped cake in her lap, so when she left the Diary Room she told others about the experience.
Big Brother had more in store, calling each housemate into the Diary Room one by one. Housemates were told to remove their hat and move to the left or right as they expected to get gunge over themselves. No-one suffered the same fate as Stephanie, who was called back into the Diary Room, even though she had gone to bed. This time a chocolate cake splatted her on the head, laughing and joking she called Big Brother a jerk.
Earlier Dane had selected Stephanie to receive the cake as a reward by slapping her on the bum, he didn't know it would end up on her head!

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