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Saturday, 4 September 2010

UBB: Vanessa Feltz Enters Ultimate Big Brother House

Day 88: Vanessa Feltz has joined the Ultimate Big Brother house, possibly the final ever housemate to do so. She stunned housemates as she turned up as Victor Ebuwa's 'bride' during his Retrospective Task, which recreated the 'wedding' from BB5. The Celebrity Big Brother 1 housemate made her way into the house dressed in a wedding gown, lifting it for a few moments for the photographers. As Michelle Bass sang her rendition of 'Pie Jesu', Vanessa entered the UBB house.

The housemates cheered when Vanessa told them she would be staying in the house, she was soon asking them why they went to bed so early. Could she stir things up during the final days of Big Brother? Time will tell.............
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UBB: Ultimate Big Brother Double Eviction Results

Day 88: The bookies had predicted Makosi would be evicted from the Ultimate Big Brother house, and with 47.7% of the public vote she made her exit from the house. A roar of boos from the crowd could be heard as music played, but the African housemate remained upbeat during her interview with Davina McCall.

The second housemate to face the chop during the Double Eviction, was BB5 winner Nadia Almada. She received 33.2% of the vote after making herself unpopular during the week with arguments and outbursts. The final argument had been with Ulrika, complaining because of a broken plate. It seems that the voting public did not take to her diva moments as well during Ultimate Big Brother as they did during her time in the BB5 house.

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UBB: Nikki Moans As Pete's PA

Day 88: It started off well, but soon turned to tears as Nikki Grahame became PA for Pete Bennett. As her new boss, BB7 winner Pete would make sure Nikki completed the following jobs:

+To write a column about the Housemates and their week in the House.
+To freshly squeeze an orange juice for Mr Bennett
+To separate paper clips into colour order
+To sharpen 50 blunt pencils
+To tidy the Kitchen and Living Room
+To make teas and coffees for the House

Even before she found out it was Pete she was working for, she termed the task 'unbearable', complained that she doesn't like sitting down all day and exclaimed that she hates taking orders.

Once the initial joy of meeting Pete faded, the diva exclaimed, "I wouldn’t have minded doing this yesterday, I'd got nothing to do," she said to no-one in particular. "I've got so much to do today."

Her bad mood worsened as Pete barked at her to hurry up with the paper clips task and gave her an "official warning" for slacking. Nikki was tipped over the edge when he ignored her questions about when her shift would finish and instead ordered her to sharpen 100 of his pencils.

"This is unbearable," she whined as she collected the pencils from the hatch. "I get the worst one out of everyone. Oh, I can't take it anymore!"

After moaning to a nearby Brian that she needed to go to the toilet and was desperate for a drink, Nikki vented: "If it was up to Pete he'd let me do what I want, but they're [Big Brother] in his ear telling him what to say. They're loving it."

Overhearing Nikki's predicament, Pete then buzzed in: "No, you can't go to [the] toilet, get on with your work. I need pencils! Sharpen my pencils! If they're nice and sharp I’ll think about it. Have a nice slash."

Eventually Big Brother allowed Nikki to leave her desk for a bathroom break, but their insistence that she return immediately caused the BB7 finalist to burst into tears.

"I really can't take much more of this," she whimpered. "I'm so tired. I hate it, I knew I was gonna hate this one."

Even more distress was caused to the infamous moaner when Big Brother failed to let her into the Diary Room to hear her complaints. She was led back to her desk by Brian who promised to keep her company and reminded her that she had constantly requested to be set a task yesterday.

Eventually Nikki was granted a short lunch break, from which she returned to work ten minutes late.

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Friday, 3 September 2010

UBB: Anthony Hutton Back In Big Brother House

Day 87: Big Brother 6 winner Anthony Hutton made his return to the house for a very special date, and it was the moment Makosi Musambasi had been dreading. Throughout her stay in Ultimate Big Brother, Makosi has feared that she may be forced to re-live her famous night in the jacuzzi.

Makosi, dressed in a green body suit from the day's Retrospective Shopping Task, she was instructed to wait as a picnic had been set out in the garden. Then Anthony emerged for their 40 minute date.

Falling to the ground, she said 'oh my god, oh my god before she was given flowers and the pair hugged.

'I've been dreading this, I don't know why,' she said, before Anthony admitted that he was 'bricking it' and had considered turning the appearance down.

'Then I thought, I got to go in just for the look on your face, it would be priceless,' he said.

The pair reminisced about their time in the house and asked about each other's family and what they had been up to since.

Joking that she thought their date would be Jacuzzi-related, Makosi mentioned that she was 'really glad' they did not have sex during their time on the show.

'We should get in the Jacuzzi, Makosi!' jested Anthony.

A bashful Makosi replied 'No. If I had my bikini, I would'.

'I'm only joking', he reassured her. 'It's not like we're going to get it on! Well... after a few glasses of champers!' said a flirtatious Anthony.

They both agreed it was nice to catch up and clear the air. 'This has been good,' said Anthony. 'It's gone better than I thought.'

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UBB: Ulrika And Nadia Argue Over Broken Plate

Day 87: Both Ulrika and Nadia were reduced to tears last night after a heated argument over a broken plate erupted, reports Digital Spy.

Tension built between the pair after Ulrika accidentally dropped the piece of crockery while dishing up the group's dinner, but found it too hot to clear away immediately. Nadia then made a point of cleaning up the shards while the rest of the group were eating, a decision that pushed the already struggling Gladiators presenter to breaking point.

With Brian by her side, Ulrika clambered into bed straight after dinner and wailed: "It upsets me so much. It's just so rude.

"Nobody ever has a word with her though. Every time she screams, everyone… goes, 'Oh, she's so passionate'. You don't make excuses for people, they have to understand. I hate her thinking she has the power to upset me because she's so not important."

She continued: "I'm afraid I don’t hold with this thing that she's had to fight all her life. A lot of us had to fight battles... I've had four children, I've been through an awful lot myself. I don't really need to be taught about domesticity by someone who leaves crap hanging around the place."

The upset then escalated into a full-blown row when Nadia came into the bedroom to ask Ulrika what had distressed her - and got told that she was the cause of the problem.

"It's not appropriate to leave it there, you should have cleaned it immediately," Nadia yelled, when Ulrika explained how the former winner's cleaning of the plate had upset her. "If I were to break a glass it would be my first instinct to clean it."

When Ulrika hit back that it was bad manners to start cleaning during a mealtime, Nadia spat: "It's actually bad manners for me to clean a bloody kitchen? The bins are full, no-one cleans it and it's bad manners on my part? Do you know what, I will not clear [up] and you can have that role as well."

An exhausted Ulrika then declared Nadia "insane" for continuously "picking" at her when she was upset, but the Portuguese housemate refused to step down.

"Do not start picking faults to justify your own mistake. Admit that one at least," she stated, before storming out of the room.

The aftermath of the blow-up saw both women separate to be comforted by different camps, as Ulrika cried in bed next to Brian, Chantelle and Preston, while Nadia headed to the sofas and launched into an emotional rant with Makosi and Michelle.

She shouted: "I detest this, I'm detesting what this is all about, I'm detesting what I'm becoming, I'm detesting the hypocrisy in here.

"I'm becoming something that I'm not and I'm not happy with that person and I hate it. You can't say anything, you can't stand up for what you believe in.

"[Apparently] I'm a bad-mannered person, I'm a bad person, and I'm starting to believe it because I'm so unhappy. Just because I'm not crying in the corner like a little victim doesn't mean I'm not suffering as well."

Nadia's emotions got the better of her yet again later in the evening, when she stormed off to the bathroom toilet in tears, screaming that she was "hating everything".

As Makosi and Michelle chased after her and attempted to calm her down, the 33-year-old attacked Ulrika further.

"It's insulting for her to get all that money," she screamed. "It infuriates me 'cause she doesn't even want to be here and yet she gets everything.

"Am I getting the wrong message about what Big Brother's all about? It just angers me a little bit, I just don't know what this show is all about anymore."

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UBB: Brian Dances With Ex-Housemates

Day 87: Brian Dowling got to re-live his dancing task from Big Brother 2, with some very special partners. BB5's Marco Sabba was the first to return as part of this week's Retrospective Task. Brian enjoyed a slow dance to some classical music with Marco while he was in the garden.

During this week's task, whenever a trigger of Brian’s famous line “Bubble, hold me!” played into the House, he had to run to the stage in the garden within 30 seconds and dance for the duration of the song with whoever he found there. A number of ex-Housemates will appeared on the stage throughout the day to dance with Brian.

In addition, whenever Big Brother played the conga into the House, Brian had to get all his Housemates to do the conga around the Garden. They had to be there within 1 minute and dance for the duration of the song.

Later BB8 twins Sam and Amanda and BB7 Welsh housemate, Glyn, made their way to the dancing stage.

Two songs were played into the House and Brian began by getting his groove on with the twins. The House erupted into screams of excitement as Brian whirled and twirled with Sam and Amanda.

Once the first song ended, the twins left the House and the ultimates tried to settle down, but before they had a chance to boil the kettle, the 'Bubble, hold me' warning was raised once more.

Brian was hesitant at first, thinking he was hearing things but sure enough, BB7's Glyn re-entered and danced for another song with Brian.

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UBB VIDEO: Brian Gets Tree of Temptation Task

Day 87: Here is another chance to watch the Tree of Temptation insult trolley dolly Brian Dowling as he receives a special Task during his stint in Ultimate Big Brother. The Channel 4 video reminds us why we've loved Big Brother over the past decade......

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Thursday, 2 September 2010

UBB: Ahmed Returns To Big Brother House

Day 86: Housemates screamed in horror and surprise as BB5's Ahmed entered the Ultimate Big Brother house. As alarms sounded, Ahmed entered from the store room with an handful of plates.

Recreating the plate smashing moment from Big Brother 5, he began smashing the plates on the floor as housemates ran screaming. He made his way to the garden, continuing to smash plates while saying to Michelle, "Don't shout at me, don't you dare shout at me!"

The housemates then asked Ahmed if he was a new housemate but it turned out he had only entered the house as part of the Retrospective Task that is taking place this week.

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UBB: Nikki Storms Into Diary Room

Day 86: Nikki Grahame stormed into the Diary Room for a rant after a restless night. Victor seemed to get the most blame for the snoring, which woke up the drama queen.

The Big Brother 7 housemate started off by asking Nadia to give Victor a nudge to try and make him pipe down. When the snoring started again she shouted "Victor, I'm warning you", before mumbling something about farmyard animals under her breath.

The pint-sized princess finally reached breaking point after a particularly loud blast of noise from 'Slick Vic' and stormed into the Diary Room in her PJ's. She was clearly not amused at all by the situation and pulled several of her trademark grumpy faces in quick succession.

However, after telling other housemates about the snoring incident - she managed to wind up Victor, Nadia, Michelle and Nick with her accusations. Watch this space for more developments..........
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UBB: Retrospective Task

Day 86: Ulrika put on a fine performance as she sang 'Endless Love' - the same could not be said for out of tune Nick Bateman. The pair were reliving the song from CBB6 as part of this weeks Retrospective Shopping Task, as housemates relive significant moments from the past eleven years of Big Brother . So far.............

Despite her deliberate attempt to make herself unpopular, the housemates successfully ignored her attempt and therefore successfully completed this part of her task. Makosi's unlucky spell continues tomorrow.

Preston successfully ate 48 liquor chocolates without being sick and so passes his part of the task.

Ulrika and Nick:
The duo performed their version of "Endless Love" and await to see how many hits it gets on the website . The video needs to beat ther 81,483 website hits Ulrika and Verne Troyer received when they performed the Task on CBB6.

The video can be viewed: HERE

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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

UBB: Makosi In Tears Over Anthony Fears

Day 85: Makosi has been crying again, this time it was over fears that she would have to face Anthony Hutton because of the latest Big Brother Task.

Being told about their Retrospective Task, housemates began to speculate what surprises they might have in store.

'I might have to sing Pie Jesu' guessed Michelle. (Correctly!)

'This task is going to be so much fun!' Nikki wailed. Brian suggested that Ulrika might have to recreate her winning Celebrity Big Brother.

However, the excitement soon took a turn for the worst when housemates noticed Makosi crying with her head in her hands. The BB6 star was worried that her former housemate, Anthony, might enter the House to recreate their infamous pool moment.

'Anthony wouldn't come in and do that' housemates piped up. However, there was debate to whether this might happen.

'You don't know how it's affected me' Makosi told Brian. The Irishman told her 'not to cry' and that he did know how it had affected her as 'she spoke about it in the Bathroom' with her the other day.

'They wouldn't do that' reassured Nikki. However, Makosi was dubious. 'They're mean like that, they could!'.

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UBB: Preston And Chantelle Get Ever Closer

Day 85: It seems that Preston and Chantelle could be about to rekindle their romance, as comments from the pair indicate. According to Digital Spy, Preston has been remembering why he fell in love with Chantelle.

As the CBB4 winner sat with Brian on the sofas, Preston exited the Diary Room and revealed that his latest visit had seen Big Brother pelt him with questions about their relationship.

"They asked me a lot about you. 'Do you think we'll be friends?', 'Do you think Chantelle feels the same?' and I said, 'I guess I'll find out when I get out'."

When the pair pressed the Ordinary Boys frontman for more details, he replied: "I just said that I think when you get divorced or even break up you just suddenly remember all the arguments, but when you get in a situation like this you remember what made you like them in the first place."

"I would say love," Brian corrected him.

When Preston left the room, the new friends immediately struck up a whispered conversation about what could have been revealed in the Diary Room.

"They're probably asking him questions in relation to what I've been talking to you and Ulrika about," Chantelle said, cringing at the idea that Preston no longer considered her attractive.

"It's nice that he said he now remembers why," Brian noted. "Would your worst fear be he just didn't want to know you?"

"I don’t think that would ever happen," Chantelle replied. "I feel like that because nothing bad ever happened [in the marriage]."

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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

UBB PICTURES: Nostalgic Nominations

Day 84: Housemates nominated and it was a blast from the past as each housemate was forced to re-live Tasks from over the Big Brother years. Viewers will be able to see the nominations during tonight's programme on Channel 4.

Makosi - Must cried wearing special tear collecting goggles.

Chantelle - Received electric shocks in a shiny zentai suit.

Nadia - Had to spell out ‘for my first nomination.’

Brian -Ate super spicy chillies

Nikki - Was meant to brush her teeth with stinky tofu, but moaned so got the shock treatment!

Preston - Had to drink brain-freeze inducing ice shots.

Ulrika - Had a cake dropped on her head.

Nick - The naughty clown from the Ignore The Obvious task popped icky balloons on him during his nominations.

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Monday, 30 August 2010

UBB VIDEO: Makosi Back In The Pool

Day 83: Makosi gave Nick and Victor an eyeful as she attempted to get out of the Big Brother pool, the African housemate almost popped out of her bikini after enjoying her time in the pool. This time Anthony Hutton was not joining her in the pool.......

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UBB: Ultimate Big Brother Nominations Revealed

Day 83: A double eviction will take place on Friday evening as the public have six housemates to choose from as this week's nominations were revealed.

Chantelle, Makosi, Nadia, Nick, Nikki and Ulrika received the most votes and will all be up for eviction. Victor and Michelle were immune from this weeks vote. Housemates think there could be a 'Save And Replace' Task, but don't count on it!

Makosi is currently the bookies favourite with Nick and Nadia on the same odds for the second eviction spot.

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UBB POLL: Will Chantelle And Preston Get Back Together?

Day 83: We've been asking in our Ultimate Big Brother POLL if you think Chantelle and Preston will get back together. With just a few hours remaining, it looks like most of you think they will - but you still have time to vote 'No' or they will only get back together 'if the price is right'.

Over the past few days we've seen feelings running high between Chantelle and Preston as they have both declared how they feel about each other, even though they are now divorced. It seems that being back in the final Big Brother house has opened up a whole can of emotions - pulling on past love strings. Is there some unfinished business or should they just become really good friends?


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Sunday, 29 August 2010

UBB: Victor Angered By Brian Dowling Comments

Day82: Victor has been fuming in the bedsit at comments made by Brian Dowling during a late night game of 'Guess The Housemate'. Brian described Victor as confrontational, aggressive and gangster during the game, which infuriated the hidden housemate.

Victor ranted, "Fuck him" to Michelle in the Bedsit about the comments, telling her he'd been nice about Brian earlier. If Nadia had said those comments he would have understood but Victor felt that Brian had no right to say such things about him. "I'm gonna start saying bad things about him now..... I'm gonna start being aggressive and confrontational now. This guy is a fake!"

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UBB PICTURES: Makosi Takes A Shower

Day 82: Makosi has been getting all hot and steamy in the Big Brother garden once again, but unlike her jacuzzi days with Anthony Hutton, she has been in the shower this time. The Ultimate Big Brother housemate has been on her best behaviour since her arrival on Tuesday, but she does fear Big Brother will create a Task in memory of her famous jacuzzi moment!

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