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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

UBB: Makosi In Tears Over Anthony Fears

Day 85: Makosi has been crying again, this time it was over fears that she would have to face Anthony Hutton because of the latest Big Brother Task.

Being told about their Retrospective Task, housemates began to speculate what surprises they might have in store.

'I might have to sing Pie Jesu' guessed Michelle. (Correctly!)

'This task is going to be so much fun!' Nikki wailed. Brian suggested that Ulrika might have to recreate her winning Celebrity Big Brother.

However, the excitement soon took a turn for the worst when housemates noticed Makosi crying with her head in her hands. The BB6 star was worried that her former housemate, Anthony, might enter the House to recreate their infamous pool moment.

'Anthony wouldn't come in and do that' housemates piped up. However, there was debate to whether this might happen.

'You don't know how it's affected me' Makosi told Brian. The Irishman told her 'not to cry' and that he did know how it had affected her as 'she spoke about it in the Bathroom' with her the other day.

'They wouldn't do that' reassured Nikki. However, Makosi was dubious. 'They're mean like that, they could!'.

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