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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

UBB PICTURES: Nostalgic Nominations

Day 84: Housemates nominated and it was a blast from the past as each housemate was forced to re-live Tasks from over the Big Brother years. Viewers will be able to see the nominations during tonight's programme on Channel 4.

Makosi - Must cried wearing special tear collecting goggles.

Chantelle - Received electric shocks in a shiny zentai suit.

Nadia - Had to spell out ‘for my first nomination.’

Brian -Ate super spicy chillies

Nikki - Was meant to brush her teeth with stinky tofu, but moaned so got the shock treatment!

Preston - Had to drink brain-freeze inducing ice shots.

Ulrika - Had a cake dropped on her head.

Nick - The naughty clown from the Ignore The Obvious task popped icky balloons on him during his nominations.

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