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Friday, 3 September 2010

UBB: Anthony Hutton Back In Big Brother House

Day 87: Big Brother 6 winner Anthony Hutton made his return to the house for a very special date, and it was the moment Makosi Musambasi had been dreading. Throughout her stay in Ultimate Big Brother, Makosi has feared that she may be forced to re-live her famous night in the jacuzzi.

Makosi, dressed in a green body suit from the day's Retrospective Shopping Task, she was instructed to wait as a picnic had been set out in the garden. Then Anthony emerged for their 40 minute date.

Falling to the ground, she said 'oh my god, oh my god before she was given flowers and the pair hugged.

'I've been dreading this, I don't know why,' she said, before Anthony admitted that he was 'bricking it' and had considered turning the appearance down.

'Then I thought, I got to go in just for the look on your face, it would be priceless,' he said.

The pair reminisced about their time in the house and asked about each other's family and what they had been up to since.

Joking that she thought their date would be Jacuzzi-related, Makosi mentioned that she was 'really glad' they did not have sex during their time on the show.

'We should get in the Jacuzzi, Makosi!' jested Anthony.

A bashful Makosi replied 'No. If I had my bikini, I would'.

'I'm only joking', he reassured her. 'It's not like we're going to get it on! Well... after a few glasses of champers!' said a flirtatious Anthony.

They both agreed it was nice to catch up and clear the air. 'This has been good,' said Anthony. 'It's gone better than I thought.'

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