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Saturday, 24 July 2010

BB11 PICTURES: Housemates Flash

Day 46: Josie and Mario have been flashing their naked bodies in front of the Big brother cameras recently. Last night Mario danced naked in front of Bob Brighter when housemates were locked out of the bedroom and Josie took a topless shower, at least she covered up her boobs from the camera!

BB11: New Housemates Get Warning

Day 46: It hasn't taken the new housemates long before getting a ticking off from Big Brother as they begin to stir things up in the BB11 house. Laura (pictured above) was the main culprit as she blabbed secrets from the outside world. She was quick to tell Josie some of the things John James had said in the Diary Room, including 'I really don't look at her like that' - which caused a stir in the bedroom!

Jo was less obvious as she only mentioned a comment about Ife, but Big Brother still warned the housemates not to discuss the outside world. Will the new housemates be able to keep their mouths shut? Not according to Jo, who called Laura and herself 'blabby and blabby'!

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BB11 VIDEO: Three New Housemates Enter Big Brother

Day 45: This was the moment JJ, Jo and Laura entered the Big Brother house, watch the Channel 4 video as Davina McCall guides the new housemates into the BB11 house.

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Friday, 23 July 2010

BB11 VIDEO: Don't Stop Believing

Day 45: The housemates performed a Glee style rendition of 'Don't Stop Believing' as part of this weeks BB High Task. Watch the video clip HERE as housemates sing and dance their way through the song. The official website has the full video, pictures and latest news about the Task.

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BB11: Keeley Leaves Big Brother House

Day 45: After just two weeks inside the Big Brother house, Keeley has decided to leave after her injury earlier this week. The tiny housemate hurt herself during the 'Save And Replace' Task and was seen being carried out of the Diary Room by medical staff.

Big Brother released this statement, "Keeley has decided she wishes to recuperate further at home following hospital treatment and will not return to the Big Brother House. Please could one housemate pack the remainder of Keeley's belongings and bring it to the diary room as soon as possible.”

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BB11: The Six New Potential Housemates

JJ JJ is 23 years old, single and comes from London. He is a professional boxer and is therefore very competitive.
He knows he's good-looking and admits to being vain and cocky.

JJ sleep talks and engages in conversation with his eyes open while he's still asleep!
He hates people that leave or threaten to leave once inside the Big Brother House.

Jo Jo is a 41-year-old, single make-up artist from Luton.
She has never had a relationship as she has too many things she wants to achieve in life such as DJ'ing and getting into the Big Brother House.

Her DJ name is DJ Naked and mixing the decks is one thing that makes her really happy.
Jo thinks she would be a nightmare to live with, as she is lazy in terms of housework.
The feisty cougar thinks she's friendly to live with but after a while if she doesn't have her own space she could get moody.

She snores really badly which annoys her mates.
Jo has got a thing for younger guys as they're fitter and better looking, normally they're about 25-ish.

Joel Joel is a 33-year-old busker from East London who is in a relationship.
This likeable guy is really laid back but has a naughty cheekiness itching to come out.

He declares himself the sexiest fat man and wants to show the world that fat can be sexy.
This charmer plays the steel pans and claims to have an IQ of over 130!

Joel says that he is extremely windy, which could annoy other housemates.
He can't stand rats or mice and hopes he won't come across the tiny critters in the BB House.

Laura Laura is a pretty, posh and opinionated 20-year-old Sales Assistant.
She lived in West Virginia, USA for 2 years when she was 15 but currently lives in Weston-super-Mare with her gay cat.

When she was younger, Laura rebelled by getting her tongue, ears and belly button pierced - she then filmed her mother's reaction!
Laura is up for pretty much anything and once did a naked run for a dare.

She hates people dressed up as gorillas or any other animal.
Laura spends ages in the shower, at least 30 minutes every time.

Megan Megan is a single 20 year old Bar Assistant from Liverpool.
She's a bubbly beautiful Scouser whose image is very important to her.

Megan loves being looked after at home and having no responsibilities.
Her reason for going into the BB House is to win enough money to buy herself a place in Ibiza.

Megan says she is very lazy but rates herself 10 out of 10 for attractiveness.
She hates politics as it makes her sick but she loves playing pranks on people.

Sam Sam is a single 21-year-old Grafitti Artist from Kent.
Sam is a young, likeable lad looking for direction.

He lives at home with his grandparents and feels bad because they do everything for him: 'I get spoilt by them and I've never been spoilt in my life.

Sam says his worst habit is farting, which could be fun in a shared Bedroom.
He doesn't admire any previous housemates because 'they are all boring'.

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BB11 PICTURE: Josie Confesses In The Bath

Day 45: While Josie was in the bath, she confessed to liking Andrew saying he was 'actually really good looking'. The feeling seems to be quite mutual as Andrew has told housemates he would love a girlfriend like Josie. The couple have been flirting since Andrew arrived in the Big Brother house two weeks ago, but Josie has been rather preoccupied with her attraction to Aussie housemate, John James.

Will the addition of three new housemates tonight change all that?

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Thursday, 22 July 2010


Day 44: Here are the pictures of the housemates as they partake of the BB High Musical Task. Pineapple Studio's very own Andrew Stone entered the house for two days in a bid to train up the Big Brother housemates in a Glee style make-over. Viewers can watch the live performance during Friday's programme.

Steve tests vocal cords

Rachel lands lead role

Mario the geek!

Josie enjoying BB High training

John James happy for a change!

Dave the BB High daddy

Corin needs more training

Ben gives BB High a try!

Mario and Andrew on BB High

Andrew Stone had his work cut out for him on BB High Task

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BB11: New Housemates To Enter Big Brother House

Day 44: Channel 4 have revealed that three new housemates will enter the Big Brother house during the Friday night live show. There will be six potential housemates but only three will be able to enter the house as the series passes the half way mark.

In recent weeks, two housemates have walked out of the BB11 house and five have been evicted. This week the eviction was cancelled after Keeley hurt her foot during the 'Save And Replace' Task but housemates will get to perform their BB High musical in front of Davina McCall and the eviction crowd on Friday night.

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BB11 PICTURE: Rachel Changes Into Task Outfit

Day 44: Just what Rachel is doing in this picture is anyone's guess, but the new housemate is certainly up for the BB High Task as she changed into her costume. Find out how well the housemates the housemates perform together in tonight's programme on Channel 4.
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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

BB11: Eviction Cancelled

Day 43: The planned eviction for Friday has been cancelled due to Keeley's injury. Needing medical attention following yesterday's 'Save And Replace' Task, Keeley was unable to compete in the battle for survival in the Big Brother house.

In a statement, a Channel 4 said: "Due to Caoimhe's departure and Keeley's absence from the House, this week's nominations have been deemed null and void. Therefore this Friday's eviction has been cancelled.

"Friday's show will now include Davina's interview with Caoimhe, the results of this week's shopping task - including a special performance by some of the housemates - as well as all the action from the last 24 hours in the House."

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BB11 VIDEO: Has Keeley Got A Game Plan?

Day 43: John James laid into Keeley during his latest rant, accusing the tiny housemate of having a game plan from the minute she entered the BB11 house. He observed her actions when she first arrived and thinks she wants to be the next in command after Steve. Watch the official Channel 4 video above and make your own mind up.....

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BB11: John James And Josie Saga Continues

Day 43: The on/off friendship between Josie and John James continues too confuse them and us, reports the official Big Brother website. After John James and Josie spent half the night snuggling closely, it would seem that Josie's words have ruffled this boy's blonde feathers!

In the very early hours of this morning, a confused and dazed John James made an impromptu trip to the Diary Room.

Once inside and secluded, John James admitted to Big Brother that he was unsure of his feelings towards Josie. Notably, Josie's admission of her feelings for him earlier tonight has been the catalyst for his puzzlement.

'I just don't know what to do about this whole "me and Josie" thing going on', our resident Aussie confided. 'She told me she has feelings for me and I'm unsure how to deal with the situation'.

Big Brother then asked John James to explain what had been said beneath the sheets. Perplexed, John James went on, 'She said she had feelings for me, but she's not sure whether it's because we're in this house, of if it's genuine'.

'I'm in a difficult position and I'm not sure how to deal with it' he exclaimed despairingly. 'I was going to go with the tactic of just ignoring it all'.

In true Diary Room fashion, Big Brother probed further, trying to gauge if the bubbly blonde's feelings were mutual. Then John James gave the revelation. 'I guess I must have feelings for her because I worry about her in the House' he questioned. 'So I guess I've got feelings, but I'm not attracted', he admitted.

Continuing with his exposé, he added insult to injury 'I just don't have those feelings. I've never really looked at her in that way'. Trying to explain to Big Brother, the blonde boy disclosed that he sees Josie more as a 'sister'.

Worried that he might look to be 'leading her on', John James worryingly said that to deal with the situation he would have to 'leave the Big Brother House'.

Talking of leading Josie on, he reassured Big Brother that he doesn't 'do that on the outside, and I won't do it in here'.

Trying to mediate, Big Brother asked John James if he had tried speaking to Josie about his worries. 'I haven't' he confessed 'She's embarrassed enough as it is. I care about her too much to risk upsetting her'.

Big Brother then told the anxious Australian that his conversation with Josie had happened when it was late and when they were both tired. Big Brother then advised him not to make any rash decisions whilst in this state of mind.

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BB11: Three Way Eviction

Day 43: Quite a turn of events as the 'Save And Replace Task' was dropped after Keeley sustained an injury - resulting in Corin, Rachel and Keeley facing the public vote this week.

Who do you think should be evicted this Friday? Vote in our poll at the top of this page and find out on Channel 4 this Friday which housemate is voted out of Big Brother.

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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

BB11: Big Brother Viewing Figures - Day 34 - 41

Big Brother 11 viewing figures continue to lead year on year as the latest batch of results show. All the viewing figures below are ahead compared to BB10 (BB10 Viewing Figures) and are pointing too a successful end on Channel 4. The mix of housemates continue to entertain the public each night with a host of  humorous Tasks set by Big Brother.

Day 41 (Mon 19 July) - Big Brother was watched by 2.21m (9.9%) on Channel 4 between 9.30pm and 10.10pm as Josie and Caoimhe fell out over John James, another 255,000 (1.9%) tuned in on C4+1.

Day 40 (Sun 18 July) - The Ben Commandments attracted 2m (8.4%) viewers to Channel 4 between 9pm and 10pm, with a further 341,000 (1.8%) on C4+1.

Day 39 (Sat 17 July) - Ife's final day in the BB11 house was viewed on C4 9pm by 1.6 million (7.9%), C4+1 had 433,000 (2.5%) viewers.

Day 38 (Fri 16 July) - Ife became the fifth person to be evicted and the 9pm show was seen by 2.573 million (12.1%), C4+1 196,000(1.1%). The eviction interview at 10.35pm had a respectable 2.3 million (13.5%), C4+1 168,000 (1.6%). Mario and Corin managed to survive for another week.

Day 37 (Thu 15 July) - Big Brother had 2.14m (12.1%) for Channel 4 between 10pm and 11.10pm. The programme took an additional 236,000 (2.4%) on C4+1.

Day 36 (Wed 14 July) - Big Brother 11 continues it's healthy increase on BB10 with 2.31m (13%) viewers. A further 189,000 (2.1%) tuned in an hour later on C4+1.

Day 35 (Tue 13 July) - Housemates nominated and 2.23m (12.7%) watched the results at 10pm on Channel 4. A further 116k (1.3%) saw the programme on C4+1

Day 34 (Mon 12 July) - On later at 10.30pm, Big Brother still managed 2 million (14.5%) viewers, up 200,000 year on year.

*BB official website:

BB11: Caoimhe Walks From Big Brother House

Day 42: After telling Big Brother she wanted to leave the house on many occasions, Irish housemate Caoimhe finally walked out after 42 days. At 1pm today she finally left the Diary Room as the other housemates cheered her goodbye, having told Big Brother that she wanted to leave the house and see her boyfriend and family.

This week had been hard for Caoimhe after she had excluded from nominating because she had told other housemates she wanted to be up for eviction - breaking Big Brother rules. She was at the centre of arguments throughout her time in the house, the latest being her friendship between Josie and John James being tested after apparently flirting with John James.

Since Shabby walked, Caoimhe had become more down beat and almost walked a few times. At the weekend Josie joked with her that the fire exit looked more appealing as the pair threatened to escape from the Big Brother house.

Caoimhe's departure changes this weeks nominations ........... more news to follow!

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Monday, 19 July 2010

BB11: Nominations Revealed

Day 41: Housemates nominated today and the two housemates up for eviction at the moment are Caoimhe and Rachel. They will compete against each other in the 'Save and Replace' Task, with the winner picking another housemate to replace them.

New housemates Rachel, Andrew and Keeley nominated for the first time today, while Caoimhe was told that she was not allowed to nominate.

*BB official website:

BB11: John James Not Attracted To Josie

Day 41: John James told Mario that he is not attracted to Josie, reports DigitalSpy after a day of tensions between the pair.

Speaking alone in the kitchen after the other housemates had gone to bed, Mario confronted the Australian over his feelings.

"As a girlfriend sexually would she be someone you would want to date?" he asked.

"I never saw her like that," John James replied. "Everything I do with Jose I do with you."

Mario then asked if he would have sex with her, commenting that this was "the test".

"I wouldn't, no," replied John James. "I'm a soft dick like that, I'm not... a hardcore - that fucks anything that goes about."

John went onto compare himself to Govan - Josie's former best friend in the house, and said that he was "the third wheel" in their group.

"I was never attracted to Josie that way 'cause it never started off like that," he continued. "I'm one of those people that needs it to start straight off, there's no point getting to that point now and starting something.

"I'm not going to put anybody through this drama in an environment like this... I've been good friends with her up to this point, what's the point?"

*As seen on DigitalSpy
*BB official website:

Sunday, 18 July 2010

BB11: Caoimhe Feels Isolated By Josie

Day 40: Caoimhe has confided in fellow housemates Corin and Keeley about the recent arguments over John James and Josie. Although the pair had tried to clear the air, it seems there's still rifts of tension between the two, reports the official website.

Keeley tried to grasp the recent developments and asked Caoimhe if she has spoken to the buxom Bristolian about the situation.

'Did you tell her you didn't like him?' asked Keeley, regarding John James. 'Of course' Caoimhe Stated. 'She said she's avoiding me, she can't look at me'.

'It's ridiculous' the Dubliner went on 'It's a bit pathetic to be honest, to let a boy get in the way of a girlfriend'.

Having got caught in the middle of this ménage a trios, it appears Caoimhe wants to stay away from the star crossed lovers. Taking a malevolent tone, she tells Corin and Keeley that she doesn't 'feel comfortable around them two now'.

'I'm not going to go cosy up with them in bed now!' she exclaimed, adding that the situation was 'embarrassing for everyone'.

Caoimhe finished off, reiterating her moral stance on loyalty: 'You never let a boy come between two girl friends. Never'.

*BB official website:

BB11 VIDEO: Josie Rants About Caoimhe

Day 40: Josie is not happy with Caoimhe and had plenty to get off her chest to John James, as this Channel 4 Big Brother video shows. Watch as Josie lets off some steam - the swear words have been bleeped!

*BB official website:

BB11: Josie Jealous Of Caoimhe

Day 40: It's kicking off between the girls as Josie confronted Caoimhe this morning about her annoyance with her for flirting with John James reports DigitalSpy.

Josie has recently spoken of her dislike of Caoimhe, mainly due to Caoimhe's friendship with John James. Earlier today Josie spoke to Corin about the situation, saying, "It's got to the point where I can't be in the same room as her." Corin suggested getting it "off your chest", by telling Caoimhe everything before things got any worse.

Shortly afterwards, she joined Ben in the bathroom, who asked her: "How's the Caoimhe/John romance going? Have you stopped it in its tracks?" Josie replied: "No, the poor cow's probably wondering why I'm off with her."

As Caoimhe went to the smoking area, Josie joined her and began telling her how she felt straight away. She said: "I can't lock it up any more. I told you about my feelings for John, and I look round and you're jumping on him [referring to John James and Caoimhe play fighting on Friday night]."

Caoimhe, visibly shocked, said: "Josie, I don't have any feelings for him. Please don't think that. I'm so embarrassed now. I'm having a panic attack now. I don't now what to do. I'm really sorry."

She added: "I would never do that. I don't feel anything for John. I wouldn't be attracted to him in any way. I don't want to be in here any more. I'm mortified." Josie replied: "I had to get it off my chest. I love hanging around with you."

Caoimhe said she didn't realise how strong Josie's feelings were for John James. She then told Josie she has "to tell him how you feel", but Josie insisted it was "only a crush". Caoimhe added, "Clearly not". Caoimhe also said: "I'm so scared of what I have to go home to. I'm a loner in here, I'm spending more time on my own."

Caoimhe then walked off, saying she needed to go to the toilet, with Josie saying, "Caoimhe, I'm so sorry". Shortly afterwards, an upset Caoimhe went to the Diary Room, with Josie telling her, "I can't bear making you feel like that".

Whilst Caoimhe was in the Diary Room, Josie told Steve what had happened, saying: "I feel like I've just shown her right up." Steve said it was best that it was out in the open, but Josie added: "Not when she has a boyfriend at home." Steve said: "She should have thought about that before messing about with Shabby then."

Josie spent the next few moments pacing around the house looking upset and sighing to herself, before going to the Diary Room.

*As seen on  DigitalSpy
*BB official website:
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