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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

BB11: John James And Josie Saga Continues

Day 43: The on/off friendship between Josie and John James continues too confuse them and us, reports the official Big Brother website. After John James and Josie spent half the night snuggling closely, it would seem that Josie's words have ruffled this boy's blonde feathers!

In the very early hours of this morning, a confused and dazed John James made an impromptu trip to the Diary Room.

Once inside and secluded, John James admitted to Big Brother that he was unsure of his feelings towards Josie. Notably, Josie's admission of her feelings for him earlier tonight has been the catalyst for his puzzlement.

'I just don't know what to do about this whole "me and Josie" thing going on', our resident Aussie confided. 'She told me she has feelings for me and I'm unsure how to deal with the situation'.

Big Brother then asked John James to explain what had been said beneath the sheets. Perplexed, John James went on, 'She said she had feelings for me, but she's not sure whether it's because we're in this house, of if it's genuine'.

'I'm in a difficult position and I'm not sure how to deal with it' he exclaimed despairingly. 'I was going to go with the tactic of just ignoring it all'.

In true Diary Room fashion, Big Brother probed further, trying to gauge if the bubbly blonde's feelings were mutual. Then John James gave the revelation. 'I guess I must have feelings for her because I worry about her in the House' he questioned. 'So I guess I've got feelings, but I'm not attracted', he admitted.

Continuing with his exposé, he added insult to injury 'I just don't have those feelings. I've never really looked at her in that way'. Trying to explain to Big Brother, the blonde boy disclosed that he sees Josie more as a 'sister'.

Worried that he might look to be 'leading her on', John James worryingly said that to deal with the situation he would have to 'leave the Big Brother House'.

Talking of leading Josie on, he reassured Big Brother that he doesn't 'do that on the outside, and I won't do it in here'.

Trying to mediate, Big Brother asked John James if he had tried speaking to Josie about his worries. 'I haven't' he confessed 'She's embarrassed enough as it is. I care about her too much to risk upsetting her'.

Big Brother then told the anxious Australian that his conversation with Josie had happened when it was late and when they were both tired. Big Brother then advised him not to make any rash decisions whilst in this state of mind.

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