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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

BB11: Caoimhe Walks From Big Brother House

Day 42: After telling Big Brother she wanted to leave the house on many occasions, Irish housemate Caoimhe finally walked out after 42 days. At 1pm today she finally left the Diary Room as the other housemates cheered her goodbye, having told Big Brother that she wanted to leave the house and see her boyfriend and family.

This week had been hard for Caoimhe after she had excluded from nominating because she had told other housemates she wanted to be up for eviction - breaking Big Brother rules. She was at the centre of arguments throughout her time in the house, the latest being her friendship between Josie and John James being tested after apparently flirting with John James.

Since Shabby walked, Caoimhe had become more down beat and almost walked a few times. At the weekend Josie joked with her that the fire exit looked more appealing as the pair threatened to escape from the Big Brother house.

Caoimhe's departure changes this weeks nominations ........... more news to follow!

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