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Saturday, 9 August 2008

BB9: Day 66 VIDEO - Cake Task Results

The Cake Task has been completed after much cake throwing, sweat and toil, but will Rachel's choice make for a happy house?
Watch this C4 video and see the results...........

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BB9: Day 66 PICTURES - Cake Task

Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it, unless it is baked by the housemates in Big Brother 9! Here are a few pictures from the Cake Task:

Nicole is finger lickin' good!

Cake Dancing - Sara and Lisa have a dance off

Mo enjoys the task, it does involve food...........

Kat pulls a grumpy face

Rex questions the judgement

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BB9: Day 66 - Cake Task

Big Brother likes a laugh, so what better way than dressing the Head of House Rachel as a giant cup cake?! It was for Saturday's Cake Task, which was read out by Rachel.

"Housemates," said Rachel, reading the instructions, "for today's Task the housemates must bake iconic London landmarks. One side of the House will tackle Saint Paul's Cathedral whilst the other side will tackle the Millennium Dome."

"Oh ****," said executive chef Rex. "The Millennium Dome is easiest," said Darnell.

"Housemates have four hours to bake each monument from scratch," said Rachel. "As Head of House Rachel will not take part in the Task. She will judge the final monuments on grounds of taste and similarity to the actual monuments."

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BB9: Day 66 VIDEO - Sara Confronts Darnell

The tension continued to mount between Sara and Darnell, comments had passed back and forth over breakfast with Darnell then creating a song aimed at Sara. Eventually the two housemates had it out in the Luxury Bedroom.
Watch the video to see what Sara had to say to Darnell and his response................

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BB9: Dale's Best Pictures

Dale has been evicted from the Big Brother 9 house but he's not forgotten, here are some of his best pictures:

Dale shows off bum after the Buzzer Task

Topless Dale - most days during his BB9 stay

Dale steals token during Cops and Robbers Task

Jen was the only girl for him in BB9

Topless again during his final task in the BB9 house

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BB9: Day 66 - Darnell and Sara Fall Out

Sara's storm in a tea cup!

Darnell and Sara have fallen out and it all began over whether or not Darnell would try to sleep with Sara if they shared a bed. Darnell said he had yet again been embarrassed on national TV by Sara after she claimed he would try to make a move.

"Get off my f**king bed now, don’t make me count to ten," Darnell fumed last night, adding that he would now be thought of as the "house perv". Darnell told housemates he was "pissed off" and had been made to look like a fool.

He then spent Saturday morning reliving the story to any housemate who would listen, making Sara come across as the "bad" one in the argument. Meanwhile Sara could only find comfort in Lisa, who told her she had "not done anything wrong". Sara said she would just avoid talking to Darnell while he cooled down.

Darnell asked Rachel when the footage of the incident would be shown and after she replied, told an attentive audience of housemates that he wanted to leave the Big Brother house. Quickly housemates rallied around him to talk him out of leaving the house. During this time Sara had be lying on the sofa, being ignored by Darnell, Rachel and Mohamed.

Looks like Sara and Stuart could be high on the nominations list if Darnell gets his way........

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BB9: Day 66 VIDEO - Darnell and Sara In Bedtime Flirt

The 'Love Triangle' is a bit confusing (at least the Dale/Jen/Stu triangle was easier!), Sara flirts with Stu but tells him he's not her type, Stuart just carries on being Stu. Darnell tells Sara that he doesn't fancy her but spends the whole of Saturday moaning about Sara because he thinks she fancies Stu.

The housemates think Sara is leading Darnell on and using him to get to Stuart, but since he says he doesn't fancy her - why worry? Or could it be someone is lying - Does Sara really fancy Stu? Does Darnell really like Sara?

Before it all got way too complicated, Sara and Darnell had a late night heart to heart flirtation. Watch the C4 video below and see if you can work out who likes who!!

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BB9: Day 66 - Sara Flirts With Stuart

It's a twisted 'Love Triangle' that is doomed from the start after

Sara spent a lot of time flirting with Stuart.

After the housemates had been provided with alcohol following the success of the Superstitious Task , Sara hatched a plan to massage Stu and spent time with him at the smoking area.

She began by quizzing him on what he had said in the Diary Room, asking if she had got a "special mention" and what number she was on his list of favourite people.

Later, she got her necklace wrapped up in her microphone lead and went to sit on his chair so he could sort it out for her.

"You get that, camera," she laughed. "Check it out, it's a bit sexual."

She teased him that his tattoo was "cute but shit" before giving him a hug. However, she was outraged when he patted her on the back."Oh my God, you're not supposed to pat a girl!" she shrieked. "That's the worst insult ever! How embarrassing."Mohamed was unimpressed with Sara's focus on Stuart. "She's leading Darnell on," he told Rex. "Poor sod."

Later Sara told Stu that he does not show her enough affection as they sat talking in the bathroom. Stu said Sara needs to improve on her ability to cheer people up, prompting her to reply that she is good at giving compliments when they are merited.

Sara continued by smilingly saying that Stu is not her type as he is not spontaneous and does not cuddle her enough."I think you are a bit of a loser, that is all," she said, before changing her tune: "No, I don't think you are a loser, I just think that you don't entertain me. I think you could if you really tried, but you don’t want to."

Stu said he has been a little preoccupied over the past weeks, citing the divide, the task, his jail term, and being nominated as things which have been on his mind.

Having left the bath, Stu suggested they go to the bedroom and hugged Sara as they left the bathroom to display he was able to show affection.

Whispering in the darkened dorm, Stu told Sara he said in the Diary Room that she was "borderline insane", adding that he meant it in a good way.

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Friday, 8 August 2008

BB9: Day 65 VIDEO - Dale's Best Bits

Dale was evicted from the Big Brother house, much to the sadness of all his female fans. But he provided the nation with 65 days of entertainment, so here are Dale's 'Best Bits' - as seen on Channel 4.

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BB9: Day 65 - Dale Evicted From Big Brother

Dale became the eighth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house after losing the head to head eviction with fellow beefcake Stuart.

With 63% of the vote, Dale left the house to give his views of life within the BB9 house.

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BB9: Day 65 PICTURES - Superstitions Task

Stuart and Dale took part in the Superstitions Task, good old Big Brother - they made them run around in tight black pants. Here are just a few pictures of Dale and Stuart in action:

Stu and Dale getting ready for action

Getting close on the stairs

Dale puts up his umbrella

Stuart and Dale race towards the ladders

Stuart and Dale throw potatoes at mirrors

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BB9: Day 65 - Superstitious Task

In the Superstition Task - Dale and Stuart had to put superstitions to the test as the powers of good luck and bad luck went head-to-head. Dale and Stuart both faced eviction in this week's public vote.

Friday the 8th of the 8th month in the year 2008 is supposedly the luckiest date in the Chinese Calendar, but for one housemate it would spell the end of their stay in the Big Brother House.

Both housemates had to go through an obstacle course that included crossing someone on the stairs, putting new shoes on the table, opening umbrellas indoors, spilling salt, walking under ladders, stepping on the cracks in crazy paving and smashing mirrors.

The housemate who completed the most circuits of the unlucky obstacle course in 30 minutes could accumulate the most bad karma and be evicted this week.

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BB9: Day 65 - Darnell Heads Towards Final

Darnell is a a lot happier as this weeks Big Brother eviction looms, either Dale or Stuart will be evicted tonight and even though Darnell couldn't nominate - two of the people that don't make up "Happy House" are up for the chop.

As Darnell heads towards the final, he's in a more confident mood after listening to housemates discuss who would make the final six. Kat, Rachel and Michael are all set to make it and Darnell is more sure he will be there as well. If Dale is evicted tonight, Stuart, Lisa, Sara and Mo are heading towards relegation. Rex and Nicole will either walk out of the house or kill each other and that leaves Darnell in a good position for a three way final race for the £100,000 prize on September 5th.

Now you can understand why Darnell smiles when he sees people arguing - it increases his chances of staying in the BB9 house and maybe, just maybe he could have the final laugh and win Big Brother.

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BB9: Big Brother Eviction Viewing Figures Day 63 - 65

Big Brother 9 viewing figures continued to maintain 3m+ each night as the house continued into it's eighth week. Even after Rebecca and Luke's evictions over the past two weeks, viewers have remained loyal to the daily Big Brother highlights.

On Tuesday (Day 63) Big Brother had 3.3 million viewers and an 18% share between 10pm and 11.05pm, with an extra 246,000 on Channel 4 +1.

Big Brother came second in the 9pm hour with 3 million viewers and a 14% share on Wednesday (Day 64). A further 498,000 watched an hour later on Channel 4 +1.
Thursday's 9pm show beat off tough competition with 3.1m (15%) and 330,000 watched an hour later and rounded off another good week for Big Brother 9.

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Thursday, 7 August 2008

BB9: Day 64 VIDEO - Rachel's Message From Home

Rachel had to wait all week to finally get her message from home, but tonight Big Brother delivered her a video message from her family - with an added surprise that had the Welsh housemate in tears of joy.
Watch the C4 video and see what Rachel's family had to say:


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BB9: Day 64 - Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day:

As Sara was eating peanut butter out of the jar in the Living area, Lisa told her:

"You even look seductive when your eating peanut butter"

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BB9: Day 64 PICTURES - Dale or Stuart? You Decide

Who goes? You decide! It's the battle of the beefcake this week as Dale and Stuart both face the public vote in this weeks Big Brother eviction. Bookies put Dale as the favouirte to be evicted, even though Stuart is the more desperate to leave the BB house. The lads are also going head to head in the BBBS Poll and with just a few hours remaining, readers have already made their mind up who should be voted out.

Do you agree? Vote now!

Dale checks everything is in place

Stuart enjoys the sunshine

Topless Dale - a favourite with the girls

Stu and Dale go head to head

Stu and Dale work out together - but only one will leave!
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BB9: Day 64 - Mohamed Complains About Shoes

Mohamed asked for sandals and got them - even if they were bright pink with matching socks, but Mo is still not happy.

Big Brother has forced Mo to wear the shoes at all times around the house and he went into the Diary Room to have a rant.

"I'm not well," snapped Mohamed. "I need to take these shoes off. I feel like I'm gonna break my leg every time I walk in them and my toes are killing me."

"Have you asked any of your female housemates how they cope with strappy sandals?" asked Big Brother.

"I've got fat feet," replied Mohamed with a humph.

"Big Brother thinks they look very fetching," added the voice, before agreeing to help Mohamed out: "Big Brother will provide gel insoles and blister plasters." "Excuse me?" asked Mohamed barely able to believe what he'd heard. "How the hell can I make them more comfortable?"

"Have you considered an alternative walking style," asked Big Brother.

"Are you taking the ****?" snarled an angry Mohamed before laughing maniacally, audibly breaking wind and leaving the Diary Room in a huff.

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BB9: Day 64 - Rachel Buys Back Suitcases

Rachel's had a busy week as Head of House, even getting off the fence and making tough decisions. Today she showed her compassionate side once again as she bought back Nicole, Mo and Kat's suitcases as part of the Shopping Budget.

Costing £20 each, she told housemates they would be on a bit more of a basic food budget following the expensive purchase. Nicole smiled and rushed to hug Rachel: "Oh my goodness I'm getting my suitcase! I'm so happy! Thank you so much, Rachel." Rex also hugged the Head of House, while Mo remained lying on the sofas.

The suitcases will be delivered with the Luxury Shopping Budget later this evening.

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BB9: Day 64 - Stuart Sent To Jail

Big Brother has sent Stuart to jail for talking about nominations. Although several housemates have been talking about voting, Stuart was thrown into jail by Big Brother.

Summoned to the Diary Room, a severe sounding Big Brother re-read his comments

"You said 'Lise will be a target next week.' Later at 7.16pm you said 'I was thinking right, trying to desperately add up who could have gone for Lise. I thought you and me do not have enough. I was trying to work people out. I know Rachel would have done it for us. Rex, Mo would have done it anyway. Who else?'"

Stuart looked surly as he listened to his own words being read back to him. "I thought 'cause it's already been done though, it doesn't matter," said Stuart lamely. But Big Brother wasn't having any of it, and told him to proceed straight to jail.

"Oh for God's sake," sighed Stuart. "My last night in jail.. " Talking to Lisa he said, "I don't get how that's breaking the rules anyway, saying me, Dale, you and Sara are targets."

"That's probably because the other group's more cliquey, isn't it?" mused Lisa, thinking about the nominations. "They've formed a group."

"Even Kat said last night," agreed Dale. "Everybody knows, like." Dale and Darnell discussed Stuart's time in Jail saying he must be staying in the house because Big Brother wouldn't put him in Jail if he was leaving the house.

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BB9: Day 64 - Housemates Deal With Erections!

Darnell "it's this long" ..... honestly!
Dale rearranges himself during this weeks Shopping Task.

The lads in the Big Brother house have been talking about erections, as they have to deal with waking up each day inside the house unable to have sex or find much 'relief' with all the cameras around.
Even Rachel told Big Brother in the Diary Room how difficult it was to get the boys out of bed in the mornings because of their erections.
Darnell confessed to Sara that he kept getting erections after their long hugs, no matter what time of day it was. He said he was starting to struggle inside the house and told housemates, "I don't want to be walking around on TV with a boner." Sara offered Darnell some words of comfort, Sara assured him. "Dude, you've been in the House for nearly three months. It's gonna happen. Is this all it is? I'm not even shocked."
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BB9: Day 64 PICTURES - Housemates Jump Into Pool With Clothes On

Heavenly housemates decided to take a dip in the Big Brother pool but thought it would be better to leave their clothes on. First Sara got thrown in then Lisa jumped in and Darnell quickly followed behind. Eventually Dale and Stuart were in the pool fully clothed and persuaded Mo to belly flop into the pool.

Dale ended up taking his top off and screaming after the housemates joked a moth was on his t-shirt. The antics got more naughtier in the Luxury Bedroom as housemates whipped off Darnell's towel, only to discover he was naked underneath. The 26 year old had to pull down his t-shirt to save his dignity, although viewers got a glimpse of his testicles briefly.

Darnell with his 'ladies'

Mo in boxers does a belly flop into pool

Dale whips off top in moth scare

Stuart, fully clothed in Big Brother pool

Darnell holds Sara in a romantic moment

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BB9: Day 64 VIDEO - Nicole Cries - Is It Breaking Point?

No other housemate has had to endure the pressure Nicole has suffered in the Big Brother house. Entering the BB9 house on Day 57 has proved more difficult than she could ever imagine, not being able to talk about what she knew from the outside has been a breaking point in her relationship with Rex.

Following a string of events late into Day 63, Nicole was ready to go into the Diary Room and tell Big Brother she wanted to leave. Rex is on the other side of the divide and asking her not to go into the Diary Room. The C4 video catches Nicole and Rex in full flow............

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 64 - Darnell and Sara Flirt In Pool

As one relationship seems to be crumbling (Rex and Nicole) another has really blossomed. Darnell and Sara continued to grow together after falling out earlier in the week. The pair have been flirting non-stop and events got even steamier in the Big Brother pool.

The pictures reveal Darnell and Rex sharing some fun time together after passing the Shopping Task and enjoying a Take-A-Way meal with alcohol.

Just prior to their pool time romance, Heavenly housemates (apart from Rachel, who seemed to be sitting on the fence!) jumped into the pool fully clothed. Darnell put his arms around Lisa and Sara, telling the housemates he'd got two women.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 64 - Nicole Wants To Leave Big Brother (again!)

Nicole was at breaking point after another night of frustration inside the Big Brother house. Tensions with Rex reached rocked bottom as she told Rex she didn't want to make him look like an idiot.

Rex told her it was too late for that after she had questioned him about lying to her about going to Las Vegas. She told him, "It's not nice what I've had to put up with really." She told him that he should appreciate that she has stuck by him.

Nicole told him she wanted to leave the Big Brother house and Rex replied, "If you leave, I will leave too." The couple have been arguing ever since she entered the house and crying she told Rex, "I want to go home." He replied "You need to sleep, you're tired".

As the couple tried to make it up with each other, a sobbing Nicole said, "you've made me look like a f**king b**ch." As Rex questioned her, Nicole repeatedly said , "I'm not allowed to say".

*BB official website:

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

BB9: Day 63 VIDEO - Rex, Michael and Nicole Row

Rex and Nicole exchanged words across the divide as the Hell housemates washed up but it soon escalated into a heated row with Michael drawn into the middle of it. Sparks fly and chick peas get a good mention as Rex lets rip and Michael bites back. The situation led to Nicole's first round of tears for what turned out to be a very emotional night.

View the Channel 4 video below and watch Big Brother tonight for more details.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 63 PICTURES - Housemates Pass Puppet Task

It was hugs all round as Big Brother housemates heard the good news that both sides had passed this weeks Shopping Task with their Ping Pong performance and the Puppetry Theatre.

Big hug for passing the task

Sara and Mo put on a great show

Puppetry of Darnell and Sara in the luxury bedroom

Michael, Kathreya and Nicole produced the Puppetry Theatre

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 63 - Hell Punished With Washing Up

Yesterday Rachel was told off by Big Brother for washing up some dishes. They told her Hell were responsible for doing all the washing up and as Head of House, she washed up "at her peril".

Rachel had told Big Brother in the Diary Room to do do their worst as she was going to continue washing up. This evening Big Brother called her back to the Diary Room to read out the instructions.

"Right," said Rachel reading from the Laminate. "Big Brother would like to offer housemates from Hell the opportunity to win two hours of hot water."

"In the Store Room is a trolley full of dirty crockery," continued Rachel. "Housemates from Hell must thoroughly clean each and every item of crockery taking special care to ensure complete removal of the word peril."

As soon as she read the word 'peril' a look of damning realisation spread across her face.

"Well done Rachel, you're so kind," jeered Rex, clapping his hands. Nicole, Michael and Kathreya then set about washing up the shopping trolley full of dirty dishes. No-one gets away with trying to out smart Big Brother!

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 63 VIDEO - Mo and Sara's Ping Pong Task

The Puppet Task performance with Mohamed and Sara made entertaining viewing as they played Ping Pong in their attempt to pass this weeks Shopping Task. Watch the Channel 4 video and see how the housemates performed.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 63 - Housemates Discuss Who Will Win BB9

Dale, Stu, Lisa, Sara and Darnell spent the afternoon discussing who they think will be left as the final six housemates and who they want to win Big Brother 9.

Stuart said he wanted to go on Friday so he could watch the show and see housemates turn on each other as the £100,000 prize would cause friends to change as the final drew near.

Darnell predicted stuff would kick off as fewer people were in the house. He said he would like to see Rachel win BB9. Sara said she would love to see Mickey win, although she loves Kat as well.Stuart said he'd like Michael to win as he was funny.

Most housemates agreed that Kathreya was the favourite and Michael was second favourite. Sara predicted that Rex and Nicole would be in the final six. They also greed that they (Stu, Dale, Sara, Lisa) wouldn't be in the final but Kathreya, Michael, Rachel, Mohamed, Rex and Nicole would probably make up the final six.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 63 - Quote of the Day

Having just completed yet another stint as puppeters........
"That's a struggle," agreed Mikey. "Kat, you should do it with Nicola."
"I'm not Nicola!", replied an annoyed Nicole.
*BB official website:

BB9: Day 63 VIDEO - Rex and Nicole Fall Out (again!)

Rex spent weeks talking about his "Princess", wishing he could see her. Then his wish came true last Thursday when Nicole entered the BB9 house but it has not been a bed of roses as the couple have been falling out and arguing more and more as Nicole tries to adapt to life in the house.

Not only is Nicole still unhappy at not having her suitcase, she's having to slave for the Heavenly housemates and now Kat has told her to pull her weight. Finally, Nicole has to put up with Rex constantly asking questions. Today she wasn't in the mood for it and put Rex in her place.

Watch the Channel 4 video below and see how the yo-yo relationship between Rex and Nicole is unfolding.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 63 - Michael Almost Walked During Task

Michael told Kathreya of the time he almost walked out of the big Brother house. Being "interviewed" by Kat he said he'd thought about walking out after being forced to cycle through the night in the French Task a few weeks ago.

He continued, ""We were in Hell and that week in Hell was quite grim. We were lying in bed every day in the afternoon because we were low in energy and then we had to do this cycling. That was the first time I thought I’d had enough as there was no food, everybody was just starting to bicker and you could just tell that everything was going to kick off."

Big Brother had saved the day by providing packed lunches for the housemates until the shopping budget arrived.

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 63 - Rachel Rebels Doing Washing Up

Head of House Rachel was ready to get rebellious, defying Big Brother's request NOT to wash up. Instead she told Big Brother in the Diary Room to "Throw me your worst punishment!"

She had been summoned to the Diary Room for washing a few bowls. "They're just trying to wind me up," said Rachel as she returned to the Living Area after her telling off. "I told them to get my punishment ready, because I'm going to carry on," she added with a look of triumph. But some of the other housemates were convinced that Rachel defying Big Brother would have consequences for all of them.

"They said it's at my own peril, not you guys," said Rachel reassuringly, before curiously adding, "and they said the rules can change at any time." Will Rachel be punished?

*BB official website:

BB9: Day 62 VIDEO - Mohamed Wears Pink Shoes!

Big Brother has a wicked sense of humour as Mohamed found out when he went tried to do a trade off. Running low on footwear, Mohamed begged Big Brother for some sandals and socks and was even willing to trade personal items for them. Big Brother graciously granted Mohamed's wish.

What Mohamed wasn't expecting was a pair of silver, high-heeled ladies sandals (in his size) and a pair of fluorescent pink socks. See his reaction as he opens the box in the Diary Room expecting a nice pair of sandals in this Channel 4 video:

*BB official website:

BB9: Poll Eviction - Dale or Stuart?

This weeks BBBS Poll lets YOU decide who should be evicted on Friday. It's the battle of the beef-cakes, which will tear hearts as Dale and Stuart leave you to work out who should be evicted from the Big Brother house.
Vote now in our free poll on the right hand side of the screen and let us know which housemate you would evict - Dale or Stuart? Results will be revealed on Friday, ahead of the eviction programme on Channel 4.

*BB official website:
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