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Thursday, 7 August 2008

BB9: Day 64 - Mohamed Complains About Shoes

Mohamed asked for sandals and got them - even if they were bright pink with matching socks, but Mo is still not happy.

Big Brother has forced Mo to wear the shoes at all times around the house and he went into the Diary Room to have a rant.

"I'm not well," snapped Mohamed. "I need to take these shoes off. I feel like I'm gonna break my leg every time I walk in them and my toes are killing me."

"Have you asked any of your female housemates how they cope with strappy sandals?" asked Big Brother.

"I've got fat feet," replied Mohamed with a humph.

"Big Brother thinks they look very fetching," added the voice, before agreeing to help Mohamed out: "Big Brother will provide gel insoles and blister plasters." "Excuse me?" asked Mohamed barely able to believe what he'd heard. "How the hell can I make them more comfortable?"

"Have you considered an alternative walking style," asked Big Brother.

"Are you taking the ****?" snarled an angry Mohamed before laughing maniacally, audibly breaking wind and leaving the Diary Room in a huff.

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