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Thursday, 7 August 2008

BB9: Day 64 - Stuart Sent To Jail

Big Brother has sent Stuart to jail for talking about nominations. Although several housemates have been talking about voting, Stuart was thrown into jail by Big Brother.

Summoned to the Diary Room, a severe sounding Big Brother re-read his comments

"You said 'Lise will be a target next week.' Later at 7.16pm you said 'I was thinking right, trying to desperately add up who could have gone for Lise. I thought you and me do not have enough. I was trying to work people out. I know Rachel would have done it for us. Rex, Mo would have done it anyway. Who else?'"

Stuart looked surly as he listened to his own words being read back to him. "I thought 'cause it's already been done though, it doesn't matter," said Stuart lamely. But Big Brother wasn't having any of it, and told him to proceed straight to jail.

"Oh for God's sake," sighed Stuart. "My last night in jail.. " Talking to Lisa he said, "I don't get how that's breaking the rules anyway, saying me, Dale, you and Sara are targets."

"That's probably because the other group's more cliquey, isn't it?" mused Lisa, thinking about the nominations. "They've formed a group."

"Even Kat said last night," agreed Dale. "Everybody knows, like." Dale and Darnell discussed Stuart's time in Jail saying he must be staying in the house because Big Brother wouldn't put him in Jail if he was leaving the house.

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